I organize in order to target
Balancing Awareness
I seal the input of Flowering
with the rhythmic tone of Equality
I am guided by my own power doubled.

PsiChrono Unit:
KIN 53 Red Magnetic Skywalker (Quetzalcoatl)

When we evolve wholeheartedly into an art planet, with the realization of the planet as a work of art, then we will realize that we, ourselves - each and every one of us - are the artists that the planet is calling on to instrument evolution into the supermental/superhuman dimensional cycle of galactic consciousness. Art is the template of divine knowledge. It is how the divine intelligence shapes itself according to the ratios and proportions of our cosmic perceptions. ... each person, in whatever mode of expression chosen, is empowered to evolve him/herself as an artist. This is the natural state of the human as the supreme expression of the self-evolving art form. ~ José Argüelles-Valum Votan ~


blood-moon-full-red.jpg?width=260Today, as we are just coming out of our passage through yet another prophetic "Blood Moon Eclipse" and continuing our journey of redemption through the healing waters of the Red Solar Moon Year,  it appears as if we are living in a world that still doesn't seem to understand the inherent elusive and destructive 9676494252?profile=originalnature of war as a means to attain peace. But, as we have been  reiterating on prior posts, there's a deeper and more uplifting story unfolding "behind
the scenes" of the world of appearances. 

Yes... There may be a "war" against terror and a "war" against Ebola inundating the news outlets all over the world... The reality is that the war is ultimately a "War in Consciousness": It is a war for our Time and Attention and the battlefield is our Mind. The ultimate purpose of this war is to keep our focus of attention in an external world that is full of distortions, distractions and delusions, as a reality occurring outside of us, a reality upon which we have little or no power at all.... while in reality there is nothing farther from the Truth...  It is war for keeping Humanity enslaved to a decaying materialistic paradigm that is already exhausted. Humanity is now being kept in "FEAR" control mode and some people may be feeling so overwhelmed, confused or dis empowered that it is easy to forget "Who We Truly Are" and "Why We Are Here at this Time".


But as polarity increases and re-balances, there are also news of Peace! :D! Today, October 9th (Electric Moon 20, KIN 84, Yellow Rhythmic Seed) was a very special day for those of us who dream with a peaceful planet. It corresponds to the birthday of two artists who consecrated their lives and work for world peace: the British musician John Lennon (1940) and the Russian mystic and painter Nicholas Roerich (1874). Their invaluable legacy and indelible message of Peace through ART transcends today all cultural traditions and is the source of inspiration to humans of all backgrounds, nationalities, creeds and races... They represented key role models for Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan who helped him to conceive, believe and manifest "Peace through (Galactic) Culture", not just as an illusory "utopian dream", but as the highest aspiration and Vision of the entire Earth as a work of ART. Fortunately, Lennon was right: he "was not the only one"...

"The purpose and goal of art as the means of furthering cosmic evolution will be understood and elevated as the primary goal of all human life, with the end of transforming Earth itself into a work of art...

...The art of nature is the nature of art, ... for in nature, by divine design, all is a harmony of proportion, purpose and function. This is because all of nature is in conformity with the universal frequency of synchronization where the operative equation is: Energy factored by time equals art, or T(E)=Art [time is art].

In the human, however, the art of nature becomes conscious, such that the nature of art becomes a mindful enactment of the cosmic or universal program of existence." ~ José Argüelles-Valum Votan ~


By emphasizing the galactic nature of terrestrial-solar reality, we could begin to attune ourselves as a species to the fact that through our crisis and pulling together globally, that we were entering the first stage or becoming a Type I cosmic civilization, that we had graduated from the old nationalistic order of strife and competition, and were in a new era of cosmic consciousness and planetary cooperation. In line with the process of noospheric emergence we would begin to understand and see ourselves as a single planetary organism, no longer in need of committing suicide by violence and strife, but eager to heal ourselves. In this shift in mental climate resulting from our understanding the nature and meaning of our galactic citizenship, we could entertain a far more ennobling reason for our existence. For instance, a new, higher vision and purpose for living on this Earth could be provided by everyone being assigned a role in the care taking and custodianship of the Earth as a "Galactically Federated Planetary Park and Cultural Preserve". The principle here is that, once upon a time, our elders and ancestors all held the Earth to be a sacred realm, a divine playground, a garden of plenty..." 

"It's not a Biospheric Crisis, but a Noospheric Emergency"
- Envisioning The Regeneration of Planet Earth -

Position Paper, Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights.
Submitted by Galactic Research Institute - Foundation for the Law of Time.



9676568654?profile=originalIt was the visionary artist and mystic Nicholas Roerich along with his wife Helena, who, inspired by the devastating effects of World War I, introduced to the world the Banner of Peace as a universal symbol and emblem to represent the wish of humanity to raise above war. This banner has been flown globally, as a sign of peace through culture, since 1930, and even orbited our planet 144 times on a Russian spacecraft, becoming the first message of Peace outside the confines of the Earth.

"This distinctive banner has three red circles within a greater circle in a white flag. The flag's color us a dark red or magenta to symbolize the color of our blood, which is the same for all people. The upper circle represents spirituality, which unifies the truth of all religions, that we can all join no matter what our beliefs are. The two inferior circles represent art and science. The circle surrounding the three circles represent culture, the unification of art, science and spirituality. Since then, the Banner of peace has been praised by various notable such as Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells."

The Roerich Pact states that the " scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions shall be considered as neutral and as such respected and protected by belligerents... without any discrimination as to the State allegiance of said monuments and institutions... use may be made of a distinctive flag (red circle with a triple red sphere in the circle on a white background)... which credits them to special protection and respect". This way, any cultural activity site around the world can raise this flag to "declare itself neutral, independent from forces of combat, and protected by an international treaty".

"Even though the Banner was created to protect the artistic monuments that are a part of humankind's heritage, it is today, more than ever, in the middle of the difficult moments we're going through, when the Banner of Peace incarnates its profound meaning, speaking to the consciousness of people to preserve, not only artistic treasures, but also spiritual values, that will help preserve life on our planet." Alicia Rodriguez ~ President of the Banner of Peace International Committee.


"The synchronic order, based on the prophecy of Pacal Votan, reveals the fourth-dimensional codes that unlock the mysteries of the world of appearance and reveals the golden thread that links past, present and future.

Daily application of these codes helps us to realign with our own nature as we ride the frequencies back to the Source of the Universal matrix. From here we can receive new visions of the cosmos. This path ultimately leads to the resurrection of the harmonic brilliance of nature's perfection. This is the Rainbow Path that unifies and harmonizes all previous paths of truth. This is the path of the Galactic Maya, a noble star lineage known as GM108X.

As of July 26, 2013, Galactic Seed, we have entered the New Galactic Beam of Consciousness. We are being called to birth not only a new paradigm, but an entirely new culture: galactic culture based on the principles of love, art and synchronicity - a zero waste society in harmony with the Earth. A global culture where time isn't money, but TIME IS ART!" ~ Stephanie South / Red Queen ~


The ultimate purpose of this report is then to uncover the layers of Truth behind the "untold story" of planetary redemption as a masterpiece Master Peace of Art, crafted with the sweat, the tears and the creative imagination of all the human beings, who, as Roerich, Lennon and Arguelles, have been able to exert their art fully into being, with the sole soul intention of overcoming the stigma of utopia and the spell of war and separation that keeps humanity derailing from its true Galactic Heritage and Destiny... These characters, flesh and bone human beings driven by the passion of their dreams and highest aspirations for the planet, have been some of the heroes of a sort of "Galactic Fairy Tale"....  Their lives dance to the same Symphony of Cosmic Harmony being played out from the center of our Galaxy and orchestrated by GOD a.k.a Galactic Ordering Dynamic...  weaving a sacred tapestry of Art and Purpose. A cosmic story woven through the magical invisible strings of Synchronicity that one day will dwarf all science-fiction stories from Dostoyevsky, to Jules Verne to Dawn Brown...Are you listening to the melody? As characters on this Cosmic Play we ALL are being invited not only to listen, but to dance to it and weave the story together... Wanna' dance the next piece Peace and experience "Symphonicity"?

symphonicity: n. Synaesthetic orchestration of historic events, connected, composed and expressed as a Work of Art, through the applied principles of Time Magic: Love, Harmony, Synchronicity and Telepathy. Evolved form of holographic Art that serves as a bridge between dimensions and realities.


If this story / Cosmic Play / galactic fairy tale were a Hollywood movie, its sound-track would be, without a shadow of a doubt, the song IMAGINE from John Lennon. IMAGINE is then the endless melody playing in the background of this report, and this story is not a movie, but the ACTUAL/FACTUAL holographic projection within which we are all actors. We call this projection 3D Reality... or sometimes we refer to it simply as "Life"

9676569292?profile=originalThe song has also a very personal significance for this writer as it was played at the end of Jose Arguelles' lecture at the 2010 Prophets Conference. At that time I was working as a translator for the organizers and had the unique chance to translate his message live from English to Spanish... It was January 24, 2010 - 7.15 KIN 186 White SelfExisting Worldbridger and his 71st Birthday... We all sang together at the end of the presentation and it was a very deep and transformative experience and my first contact ever with the Banner of Peace and the DreamSpell...

The song was originally recorded on October 8th, 1971, the same day of the last Blood Moon Eclipse, 41 years in the past. Even History Channel made a special announcement to celebrate the occasion:

9676569679?profile=originalLater that day, just hours before from Lennon's and Roerich's birthday, our star, The Sun unleashed 2 M Flares as if celebrating the Solar return of these 2 Peace emissaries.



Today, October 9th, as I write this report, Yoko Ono is on the island of Viðey in Reykjavík, Iceland, to relight "Imagine Peace Tower" in memory of John Lennon, on the occasion of his 74th birthday.

The "IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is an outdoor work of ART conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon located in Iceland. It, symbolizes Lennon’s and Ono’s continuing campaign for world peace – which began in the sixties, was sealed by their marriage in 1969 and will continue forever. The artwork was dedicated to John by Yoko at its unveiling on October 9th 2007, John Lennon’s 67th birthday. It is composed of a tall shimmering tower of light that appears every year and is visible from today, October 9th (John’s birthday) until December 8th (the anniversary of his death).IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is a Tower of Light which emanates wisdom, healing and joy. It communicates awareness to the whole world that peace & love is what connects all lives on Earth."



Send your wishes to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER by Twitter, email or post @ http://imaginepeacetower.com/light-house

The tower is turned on each year on Lennon’s birthday, October 9 and is turned off on December 8, the day he died in 1980. Some important synchronicities to note here are:

  • Yoko One was born on February 18, 1933, Galactic Moon 12 - KIN 186, 4 Worldbridger. PCU (PsiChrono Unit KIN144 ~ 1 Seed)

  • Their son, Sean Lennon was born also on October 9, 1975 as his father.
  • KIN186 4WorldBridger was also the galactic signature of Jose Arguelles on his 71st birthday at the 9676525485?profile=originalProphets Conference in Cancun, where he finished his lecture with the song IMAGINE. Days after this presentation (as KIN 186) he was honored with the highest award of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace, NonGovernmental Organization of the United Nations: THE NICHOLAS ROERICH MEDAL, presented by Alicia Rodriguez (President of the Banner of Peace International Committee).
  • December 8, 2014, the 34th anniversary of Lennon's death will fall on KIN 144 Yellow Magnetic Seed, completing EXACTLY one perfect 260-day galactic spin cycle from the 3rd Anniversary of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan departure on March 23, 2014, marking the start of the "144-days to Star Remembrance". Again, note that KIN 144 is the PCU of Yoko Ono birth date and the Key
    Number in the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan
    as the
    year-bearer of the 9676571474?profile=originalfirst year/day of Prophecy and as fractal of the 144.000 days of each Baktun count, as well as the number of "the Temple" and the number of "the elect" in Biblical Prophecy.
  • December 8, 2014, also corresponds to the Feast of the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of the Virgin Mary and will fall again on KIN 144 1Seed, after 52 years. Talk about symbolic clues!
  • February 18, Yoko Ono's birthday, is written 2.18. KIN 218 corresponds to 10 Mirror: Opening of the Tumb of Pacal Votan on June 15th, 1952.
  • Thanks to the 2 M Solar Flares from late October 8th, Northern Europe and Iceland are now experiencing Auroras!!! The raw solar-plasmatic energy to build the Rainbow Bridge and connect the North and South Poles of the Earth.



While all this is happening in Iceland, in Oslo, Norway (not very far away from there and also under the effects of the aurora rainbow lights) the new Nobel Peace Prize was announced today (October 10th, Electric Moon 21):


OSLO, Norway -- Children's rights activists Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India and have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited the two "for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education."

"Showing great personal courage, Kailash Satyarthi, maintaining Gandhi's tradition, has headed various forms of protests and demonstrations, all peaceful, focusing on the grave exploitation of children for financial gain," said the Nobel Committee.

The Committee lauded Yousafzai for showing, "by example that children and young people, too, can contribute to improving their own situations," and noted that she had done so "under the most dangerous circumstances."

Even though the Nobel Prize Academy is still part of the old decaying system and holds now very low respect and credibility in comparison with past years/decades, the announcement was significant, since contrary to recent years, this year the prize was awarded to individuals who really seem to deserve it. Specially one being still a child and a female. Malala Yousafzai with only 17 years became today the youngest person to receive the prize, as a clear sign of a generational shift taking place...  A silent announcement to the Catholic Church and other corrupt institutions with ties to child abuse. Their time is up...


Born on July 12, 1997, Malala's Galactic Signature corresponds to KIN 30, White Self-Existing Dog, representing the embodiment (form) of Love and the measure of the Heart. Its perfect Guiding Power on the Destiny Oracle is 4WorldBridger, KIN 186. Yoko Ono... It is also the code frequency of King Arthur and the exact day (July 12/Cosmic Moon 16) that the "Arcturus Probe" Epilogue was finished in 1992.

On part 2 we will explore and understand how these events are just part of a larger synchronic tapestry weaving together the 4 Blood Moon Eclipses from 2014-2015, the Regina Prophecy of "The Prison of the Moon" in Mexico and the Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl. The quest for the Galactic Holly Grail is on... and we are part of it! The Galactic Masters are watching us... and there is probably a smile on their faces...

Transmission in progress...  More "Symphonicities" on Part 2... Stand by...


AG113 + AG222

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  • I think ignoring the Mass MEDIA and their call for War, Chaos,  End Time and living PEACE in every days life and in little steps is essential. My daughter Lara is Kin 186, she was born on Fullmoon and Mothers Day. I can definetely say that it`s amazing what you learn from your children as a father. The daily message is: Be HERE and NOW. Use authority but a peacefull one. Use your imagination, all is possible. The world is what you make it :-)

  •  i was there in cancun in the prophet conference and seat together with red quen and i remember i was crying in happiness listen to the imagine  song, thanks ruben for bringing that beautifull  memory in this moment

  • excellent post, thankyou , will take time and go over all this many times ;) blessings

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