1.320.000 of humanity Awakened

Each moon i zip to the http://www.worldonenesscommunity.com/ and check up on the latest stats for awakening of humanity and we indeed got Amazing numbers yesterday > 1.320.000 < people awakened , Love the Sync Love the message.

Also amazing that the stats came out on Soltice/Equinox.

Also 273 days (gestation period + 13 days) since 21 dec 2012.

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  • Worldwide, over one million people have shifted into permanent states of Awakening and/or Living in The Presence. Here are the latest figures of those who are Awakened, in Awakened States, experiencing The Presence or Living in The Presence.

    • People Awakened are over 1,432,000
    • People Living in The Presence are over 1,712,000
    • People in Awakened States are over 630 million
    • People experiencing The Presence are over 850 million

    Nice numbers again , 1.432 = 132 = lunar Human in the Monkey wavespell

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