Planet Art Network EARTH GROUP on FB EARTH - website on FB PEACE PACT/Foudation for The Law of Time Kin 227: Blue Rhythmic Hand (1 spin from the first Mystic Moon). FEDERATION:Consciously aroused program of universal intelligence resulting from compact of telepathically evolved stellar spores; based on laws of matrix and following goal of universal transcension, the Federation guides, catalogues, and monitors, but, true to its mission of the attainment of galactic free will, does not actively intervene except as a form of fulfilment of the law of karma (universal cause and effect); member star systems include: Arcturus, Antares, Sirius, Pleiades (Shining Anchor), Procyon, Aldebaran, Vega, Regulus, Fomalhaut, Altair, etc.–The Arcturus Probe/Jose Arguelles
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