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  • also add to this list

    MIna Loy

    Dorothea Tanning

    Yoko Ono

    The "Dada Mamas" or "Mama Dada" list is fairly extensive.  Those not in the know might 

    submit their minds to the premature who stated that Dada "ended" with the emergence of Surrealism...

    such is far from the true case.  Dada continued to baffle and inspire, even after the exhausting birth of Surrealism.

    Dali never stopped being Dada, but his consummate skills led him of course to great notoriety...

    Dada walked step for step with the Womens' Suffrage movement.

    the 2015-2020 period can safely be celebrated as the Centennial of Dada as a specific artists' way of seeing.

  • Gabrièle Buffet-Picabia (often spelled Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia), (21 November 1881 – 7 December 1985) was a French art critic and writer, linked to the dada movement. She was the first wife of artist Francis Picabia.
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