Reprogramming our Mind to a Higher Reality

Presently human thinking is no different from that of a computer. The average human is a composite of unconsciously orchestrated conditioned reflexes—chains of analphs set to shoot off on cue, according to primitive binary on/off intelligence. These analphs are imprisoned by the ego. To tune into the cosmic thinking layers, the human must first identify these conditioned thoughtforms through cultivation of a meditation practice. The meditation practice should then focus on disempowering and dissolving the ego (through clear seeing and submission); only then is it possible with conscious intentionality to activate and realize each of the different mental spheres. —CHC Vol. 2.

The key to these codes is learning to integrate them into your day-to-day life until they become your primary operating perceptual lens. In this way, you serve as a bridge from the higher dimensions to Earth.

Each time we practice the codes we are interacting with a living galactic intelligence. Feedback is received according to purity of intention.

But without the Dreamspell codes and the 13 Moon calendar you cannot enter. The whole galactic time science is a brilliant system based on a telepathic imprinting program.

In Cosmic Science thoughts are known as analphs. Unexamined thoughts and conditionings become rote analphs that create channels in the mind matter of our brain like a phonograph record with different grooves. This is why old thoughts continuously recirculate. So the more these thought channels are repeated the more they form grooves like in phonograph records.

At the time of the closing of the cycle, the collective groove in the phonograph record has become very deep, this is why we see the climax of different karmas playing out or being brought to the surface.

This karma or the ìissuesî that humans are born with trace back to the memory of something that occurred in the lost planets.

Only by exertion through meditation and new programs can we pick up the needle on the groove and move it to higher ground. This takes consistent effort as the hold of the 12:60 frequency is now reaching a climax.

The programs of the synchronic order and Cosmic History Chronicles activate dormant parts of our brain opening our mind to fresh perceptions. Now is the time that we must apply and exert doubly hard to stay focused on the new reality, the new world being born.

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