Overview of the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

“Considering Earth as a whole system, we must now take responsibility for the thoughts we create that charge the mental field or thinking layer of the Earth with the actual causes for everything that ails us and the planet today. Not only must we take responsibility for our own thoughts, we must also realize the relativity of our thinking and our assumptions in relation to everybody else’s thinking and assumptions – and perhaps rethink our whole program.

—José Argüelles, “It’s not a Biospheric Crisis, but a Noospheric Emergency. Envisioning the Regeneration of Planet Earth"

Earth is a living being. The noosphere is Earth’s mental sphere or thinking layer. Just as each of us has our thoughts, so does the Earth; though the Earth’s “thoughts” or intelligence is superior to ours.

Presently the humans, as a whole species, are not aligned with the noosphere, the mind of the Earth. For this reason, we continue to pollute, make war, cut down trees and poison our water sources, the rivers of life.

Everything is interconnected. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves.

We know that everything from population, to information, to technology is now exponential. If we look online at worldometers, we can see how fast everything is accelerating. It is a law of nature that what goes up must come down; this is a premise of the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The biosphere is the unity of life on our planet and its support system. The noosphere is the mental sphere or thinking layer of our planet.

The biosphere-noosphere transition theory was originally put forth by Russian geochemist Vladimir Vernadsky and was expanded upon through the work of José Argüelles/Valum Votan (see Manifesto for the Noosphere and the Noosphere II Project).

The biosphere-noosphere transition ultimately represents the transition of a particular thinking layer on our planet. In other words we are being rewired from within as old thought structures and conditionings give way to cosmic perceptions.

In this context, the 5,125-year Great Cycle is but an instant in geological time giving way to a new evolutionary stage, the noosphere.

According to the Law of Time, this transition is the result of humans as a collective reaching the climax of living in artificial time, drifting further and further from nature, both inner and outer. As a species we have become disconnected from Source. So all attention is focused outward, as epitomized by the cybersphere.

The cybersphere is embedded in the technosphere and is like the electronic prototype of the noosphere, i.e. the internet.

The technosphere is Earth’s artificial industrial technological sheathe based on machine consciousness, marketing and money.

According to the Law of Time, the noosphere is the universal telepathic field made collectively realized, i.e. the cosmic internet.

The point is, we have all come to rely on many things that distract us from who we really are. When the shift point reaches its final climax, what will save us is knowing how to rise in consciousness to “switch dimensions.”

The transition from biosphere to noosphere also corresponds with the phasing out of one galactic information beam in 2012 and the phasing in of a new one (2013).

What is ultimately changing is our thought structures and patterns of perception. José Argüelles/Valum Votan viewed the advent of the noosphere as “the mental disclosure of a new cosmically generated holographic field fractal, one that will replace the old one.”

We are now being given an opportunity to re-envision the world.

Time and the Technosphere describes the noosphere in the following way:

Noosphere: Earth’s mental envelope or field, discontinuous with and above the biosphere; unconscious until the discovery and application of the Law of Time; activated by registration of the human biomass in correct 13:20 timing frequency via universal adoption of the Thirteen Moon Calendar; description of transformed state of biosphere, coincident with the end of history; condition of universal telepathy subsequent to collapse of technosphere and application of the Law of Time; functions in tandem with programs from Earth’s octahedral core.”

Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

The entry into the biosphere-noosphere transition is a precisely timed and profoundly evolutionary moment in which the spiral toward full spiritual evolution is universalized. The immediate consequence of conscious realignment with the Law of Time and the autoregulatory mechanism of the biosphere, the psi bank, is the magnetic stabilization of the species and biopsychic triggering of the circumpolar rings defining Earth’s electromagnetic field.
Dynamics of Time, postulate 5.10

Geologists say that there have been five mass extinctions in Earth’s history, the last one being about 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs were wiped out. But these extinctions all happened from natural causes, like a meteorite or volcano. This is the first time in the history of the planet where a species, the human species, itself is changing the environment. So this is the first time mass extinction is happening because of one of the species.

Our way of life is disrupting the bio-homeostasis of planet Earth. Humans have altered nearly half of Earth’s land mass over the past 150 years and the amount could rise to 70 percent within 30 years, according to the United Nations. These alterations include farming, logging and urban development.

The key at this time is to realign our mind and heart with the Earth and learn how to “raise up” our consciousness at will. As we align our thought frequencies with the mind of the Earth, the noosphere, then we help stabilize and uplift the frequency on this planet.

The Law of Time states that the only solution for the regeneration of our planet is a collective shift in consciousness.

“The day will come when this Earth will be substituted with a new Earth, and also the Heavens, and everyone will be brought before God, the One, the Supreme." —Quran – 14:48 (1448 = BMU 125, Kin 148)

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