New Sirius Cycle 1 (1987-2039)

9677014661?profile=originalAs shown in the table, each year of the 13 Moon calendar is coded by one of four year-bearers: Wizard, Storm, Seed and Moon. The year always starts on 26 July (Magnetic 1) and completes on 24 July (Cosmic 28), with the Day out of Time being 25 July. “NS1” indicates New Siriuc Cycle 1, the years are numbered NS1.0 - NS1.51 for a total of 52 years. The count begins in the upper-left corner with the year of the White Galactic Wizard (Kin 34), numbered NS1.0 – this indicates that 0 years have completed since the start of New Sirius Cycle 1, hence NS1.0. The last year of New Sirius Cycle 1 is the year of the Red Resonant Moon (Kin 189), numbered NS1.51, after which will begin New Sirius Cycle 2 (NS2).

To learn more about the New Sirius Cycle see Book of the Cube.

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