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  • chronocracy.com

  • 13 moon calendars and beautiful  holographic flower of life stickers


  • Hello all this is a site that has a very in depth view of cosmic conciousness I have stumbled upon. Different but visually stumulating and informative from one of the many perspective


  • the calculator i found years ago can calculate almost every constant you input :  http://pauahtun.org/cgi-bin/gregmaya.py.

    you can research every aspect of the Mayan calendars and get a list of planetaire seals that will take you on a ride and will help you make a horoscope that goes beyond what the Dreamspell shows you.

  • Romelia Mariño Bahri / Sol Espectral Amarillo Kin 180

    Nodo Cultura de Pax

    Facilitador de la ley del tiempo. en Red de Arte Planetario - Biorregion del Humano Amarillo - Venezuela

  • www.timewaves.org

    My website providing daily transmissions of evolving consciousness through the tzolkin lens via Rhythmic Monkey...

  • hi ,ola, salut

    i just send m internet site


    few information bout the 13:20. we are one, we are unity.

    a friend of mine who draw all the 20th mayan kin.

    enjoy yourself

    in lak esh

  • Of Our Own Design.

    My site, featuring daily Quantum Meditations and other postings.

  • Cada 13 días pongo la Onda Encantada que escribo. También tiene mucha información sobre la Ley del Tiempo.


  • Http://www.fieldwerks.com
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