Earth Wizard

9677778488?profile=originalWe are being evolved into a new evolutionary type referred to as the Earth Wizard. According to the Law of Time, the formulation that governs everything is T(E) = Art: Energy factored by Time equals Art. Earth Wizards are involved in the process of transforming Earth into a conscious work of art.

  • Earth Wizards live in harmony with the Earth and have the capacity to practice celestial harmonics and the higher levels of the fourth-dimensional order of time. See: The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time.

  • Earth Wizards practice various levels of the synchronic order or “chrononautics”, navigating in time. Note: Entry into the Psychozoic Era coincides with our fourth-dimensional entry into the Green Central Castle (2013), when we will learn how to time travel and travel in space (no machines required). Practice of chrononautics is done through the fourth-dimensional tools.

  • The Earth Wizard emerges into multidimensional cosmic consciousness. When Earth Wizards are practicing the dynamics of time and the science of time based on the Law of Time they are practicing chrononautics.

  • The Earth Wizard is a biosolar telepathic time conductor. Life (bio) attuned to the star (solar) and resonant vibrations of the star (telepathic). The Earth Wizard is attuned to the electromagnetic field and is always receiving pulsations and registrations of the local star.

  • As a biosolar telepath, the Earth Wizard awakens his/her telepathic capacity. Each Earth Wizard serves as a time conductor chip to create a Galactic microcolony of biosolar telepaths that will replace the Internet. This is just a step toward instantaneous communication.

  • The Earth Wizard consummates all archetypes as one in his/her multidimensional being. These archetypes include: Primal Force, Spirit Essence, Dreamer, the Innocent, Serpent Initiate, Planetary Hierophant, Avatar, Artist, Healer, Compassionate One, Magician/Shaman, Sage, Prophet, Wizard, Seer, Pathfinder, Navigator, Yogi/Yogini, Worldchanger, Enlightened One and finally Hunab Ku: Magus of the Infinite (See Part 7).
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