Begin to Think Noospherically

The first step to thinking noospherically is to disengage from that which disempowers you, as well as the opinions of others.

Begin to observe where your thoughts come from. Most people recycle the same thoughts over and over. Watch your mind.

Contemplate that it is not we, but actually the planet that has the mind. Our mind draws its thoughts from a Greater Mind, the global or planetary mind, also known as the noosphere.

This means that all communication actually comes from the noosphere, the thinking layer of the Earth, which is a microcosm of the Universal Mind.

Contemplating the Earth’s mind, the noosphere, and its nervous system or control panel, the psi bank, quickens and precipitates the mental/spiritual quantum shift in our consciousness and self-perception.

Imagine being able to perform all of the services provided by the internet through your own mind: communicating with anyone you wish, anywhere in this world or any other world at any given time; bilocation to any place you wish; and imagine having instant access to all of the astral libraries on any subject at any given time.

Thoughts that we think are new inevitably come from a higher intelligence. Is it possible to generate new thoughts to deposit into the noosphere? Does this higher intelligence live in a world that has a noosphere? What types of worlds have noosphere? Which do not?

Is it possible to think outside of the noosphere? How many noospheres are there in the Universal Mind? What does the reality of the noosphere mean for us on Earth? What implication does it have to know that the Earth has an actual “thinking layer” that is the sum repository of all thought?

What stops us from experiencing noospheric awareness or cosmic consciousness now? Why do we continuously recycle old thoughts? How can we clean out our mind?

Practice by Yogananda for night time:

Say: "I command my brain cells to change, to destroy the grooves of bad habits that have made a puppet out of me. Lord, burn them up in thy Divine Light." See the light of God baptizing you. Concentrate on communion with God. Night is the best time. Be with the Lord at night and He will take care of you in the day. Love and bless all and see God in everyone.

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