About the Synchronic Codes

The Earth is shifting frequency, its motion, patterns and the movement of its energy flow.

We are coming into a New Time and for this we must bring to consciousness a new presence of mind, through the cultivation of the inner dimension of time. This means we turn our attention from external orientation to internal orientation.

The codes of the synchronic order, inclusive of the Cosmic History Chronicles are a systematic manifestation of an extraterrestrial or interdimensional stream of knowledge. These codes are a gift of the Galactic Maya to assist us to align with Earth’s frequency shift.

The synchronic codes serve as a bridge between the human realm and our star family. When applied with right intention, these codes align our vibrational frequency with higher intelligence.

All the teachings of the synchronic order are based on the tomb of Pacal Votan, which unfolded through Valum Votan like a galactic time-release program over a 20-year duration: From the Dreamspell (1991) to Synchronotron (2007-2011).

The Dreamspell offers the basic mathematical codes of “fourth-dimensional time,” and is the basis of the harmonic standard of the 13 Moon 28-day Calendar (= synchronometer = measure of synchronicity).

The Synchronotron refers to the practice of the 441 cube matrix system, which can be thought of as the Mothership of all code frequencies. The point of Synchronotron is to imprint the basic cosmological components of the 441 cube matrix into the mind and brain to create a new mental organ: the Holomind Perceiver. This work is integrated with the codes of the synchronic order.

Each practice is a fractal that can take you to the whole. Each time you focus on the galactic information you are making a registration into the noosphere in the creation of a new internal architecture, which will eventually be manifest in the 3-D. The practices also serve to increase your continuing consciousness and help elevate your mind from conceptual thinking. With each practice that we do, it is like investing our thoughtforms into the new reality.

All synchronic code practices are leading to the activation of the Holomind Perceiver, the new (sixth) sense organ; it is also from the Holomind Perceiver where all the codes have come from to begin with. They were pulsed backward in time.

Within this matrix all the codes of the synchronic order, including the 13 Moon calendar, can be found – everything is contained in this matrix. This will be further explained in the forthcoming: Accessing your Multidimensional Self: A Key to the Cosmic History Chronicles.

The fourth dimension is the sphere of lifetrons which can be perceived only through the sixth sense of intuition. As your senses become spiritually refined they become intuitive, and you become more conscious of that other world. And where is that other world? Many people think it is far off in the skies, but this is not so. The fourth dimension, the astral world, is just behind the gross vibration of this physical plane. —Yogananda

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