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  • Hello to my fellow Yellow Humans!
  • Hello, I am kin 232.
  • I wish I was a yellow hueman
  • Everybody has the right to do what he wants. (Earth: Zone of the Free Will)(... after realizing this in a higher state of concious) Then he only wants to do what is right.

    unknown ZEN wisdom from the book "The TAO is silence" from Raymond M. Smullyan

  • Blessings! Yes" Free Will? & communication! And embracing the gift of being a Human. Lifting the veils to shed the Truth upon ALL! I'm still in the process of re-membering my gifts: )

  • welcome. Let`s work around the "Free Will" ... :)

  • Hi! Nice to meet  Yellow Humans here :)...Interesting can aura color be as well similar between us? Anyone get some special gifts, experiences that defines our type of people?

    Thanks 2175983724?profile=original

  • LOVE to ALL!!!

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