Hub of communication for all of our globally synchronized meditations through the 13 Moon calendar to strengthen the noosphere and on behalf of the evolution of planetary consciousness!

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  • ommmmm

  • Over the past five years or so I have been experimenting with a group of ceremonial magicians, using the law of time information to create rituals that incorporate the various archetypes of the galactic tree. I was able to complete an entire series, including one ritual that helped to manifest Tollan and anchor it in Yesod.

    At the moment I am mediating the Journey of the Archetypes in the hope that I will be able to create a new Galactic Tree of Life to step beyond the Qabalah into a new matrix of understanding.

    It's a big project, but worthwhile I feel. Hopefully this group will help.
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Syncronized Meditations

I invite all members of this group to report meditations being done, especially the Rainbow Bridge Meditations on Silio days.  Several kin from around the country have been meditating every Silio by free conference call at 12:15pm EST.  If any of you are also meditating on this day, let's try to synchronize all the meditations from your respective areas or join us on our call.  The conference call number is 605 477-2100, Access Code 184562#.  Please post. InLaK'ech, Self Existing Wind, Akuah

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