13 Moon Calendar Galactic Mayan 13:20 Open House Study Group

Weekly study group every Seli evening at the start of the fourth watch (gregorian Friday, 5-7pm) - at the office of the Foundation for the Law of Time in Ashland, Oregon.

Come join us in grounding the New Beam! This study group is available to all on a donation basis - no one turned away.

Contact +1 541-488-0714 for more information!

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  • Lets get google hang out working, who is online and standing by? 

  • Thank you for accepting me :) in lakech
  • Sounds like a good idea, does it have call to call with video or not for I have some document to share; let me know what you think -Wiz

  • Here's the Google Hangouts link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/hangouts

    I have used it in the past but not extensively and have not used it lately.

    We can experiment with it and learn to use it together?

  • We should look into setting this up, I am not sure how to use google hangouts; though this is key to change the time, change the calendar to a harmonic standard that is core biology instead artificiality of the mechanical clock timing.

  • Hi, I'm new to this group. I agree with the above 2 comments about teleconferencing. Google+ Hang Outs would be a great place to do this.
  • I, too, would love to join a teleconference study group.... :)

  • A tele conference online would be great any idea how we can get this going? Thanks

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Dreamspell, Telektonon programs, originals, complete sets trade or sell.

I love Jose's vision, but his methods do not suit me.     a local friend has a copy of his Telektonon program, I purchased a copy of dreamspell, and also purchased the 13:20 app (beautiful app).  The app opened the calendar for me  and helped me realize that this is complex system. Studying it is pulling me away from my real work.  Same for my friend, so we would like to release these two systems to serious students of this path.  Asking for $100, free shipping, in US. or  $50 separately and…

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Open house study group tonight!

Hi All! If you happen to find yourself in Ashland Oregon today come on by the FLT office (223 Fifth St) around dusk to join the study group! All are welcome and we can study deep into any aspect the group desires! Donations are gratefully received and go 100% to the Foundation for the Law of Time!

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