Cultivating Inner Resonance: Path of the Galactic Masters - 28-day Mini-Course


Cultivating Inner Resonance: Path of the Galactic Masters - 28-day Mini-Course

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Synchronic Course Description & Syllabus

Cultivating Inner Resonance - Path of the Galactic Masters
Call for a Unified Telepathic Exploration of the Inner Planes

In the 13-tone Wavespell cosmology, the 7th position is the Resonant Tone - the tone of attunement. It is the center point of the 13 Tones. Attunement is a quality of being centered, or "in tune".

On the body the Resonant Tone corresponds to the spine (the central channel) with six articulations on either side (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles) (6 + 1 + 6 = 13).

To stay attuned requires discipline of exertion on the inner planes. It is this discipline of exertion on the inner planes that is a chief virtue of all galactic masters, messengers, prophets, seers and seekers of truth.

In honor of all the galactic masters, and in honor of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Valum Votan (7.15), all are invited to a special study session of the inner realms for this Resonant Moon. Let the example of these adepts inspire us to cultivate our inner light as one telepathically unified noosphere!

Resonant Moon mini-course in Attunement and Inner Cultivation

Premise: "Don't initiate. Be initiated."
Reading: Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change and
Book of the Initiation, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume IV.

About the Reading:

Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of José Argüelles provides a detailed, living account of a true galactic master of our times. Author Stephanie South says that the life of Valum Votan (José Argüelles) is like a "synchronic template" - a pattern that can inspire andresonate with virtually any type of person, and perhaps within the narrative of his life, each person may find a unique magic key into their own inner journey of transformation and transcendence.

Book of the Initiation's special focus is on discovering the hidden side of things, as well as the cultivation of the inner light, or finding the hidden rainbow. This Volume also includes brief biographies of many galactic adepts of the past. As the fourth of the seven-volume Cosmic History Chronicles, the Book of the Initiation also represents the center! So during this Resonant Moon let us dive into the center within the center!


Throughout the course of this Moon, gather your will power to realize the divinity within you and do whatever is in your power to revivify your own spiritual practice — whatever you can do within your means to create that space wherein you feel that intimate bond with the Divine, Omnipresent, Galactic Source.

Since we are in the Resonant Moon we are aiming to create a noospheric resonance of clarity so that we may channel our own highest inner vision — of ourselves and of the universe. The more you put into this, the more you (and all beings) will get out of it!

From Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change:

"The following is an excerpt taken from Jose’s most recent journal regarding his thoughts on his spiritual practice and meditation process:

"Sometimes it appears the spiritual methods may be intense, excessive, zealous — but if they were not so, how could the habitual tendencies of the lower self be overcome? So you repeat prayers, precepts and mantras and examine yourself daily, you read holy books, wisdom texts and lives of inspired masters; you meditate, practice breath control and do yoga — so that slowly you build a life lived closer and closer to the spirit level-and farther from the animal level — that drives most of humanity in circles of self-reinforcing opinions and generally destructive habits and modes of life — through this process, one whose goals is to be rid of ego and become aware of being lived by another force, another element larger and more universal that the mere self with a given name and surname.

"There is a Holy command that you enter into and become the cosmos — the inexorability of the passing of the worldly life must be surpassed by the immediacy of an ever expanding spiritual consciousness — and to each who follows a path with whole hearted devotion and to the best of their ability, contains things that become revealed which may be totally unique to the configurations of that person’s soul and life mission and which may serve to even further set apart that spiritual order of existence from the rest of the ways of the world, and even from the ways of much of the spiritual world."


Following is the 4-week Syllabus of this experimental telepathic mini-course, coded by the powers of the four weeks, and the 4 Heptad Paths of the Resonant Moon.

Week 1 - Initiate: Heptad Path 25: Navigation synchronizes meditation
Enter the Labyrinth: During this week read Chapters 1-4 of Book of the Initiation. This culminates with a brief account of the lives of 11 different galactic adepts or initates. Also, especially absorb the attributes and precepts described on pp. 40-42, 45-46 and the Rainbow Ladder of Hierarchy on page 44. Read the Author's Preface and Introduction to Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change.

Draw your own labyrinth in 13 steps.

Extra study: To further refine your galactic lens, study the Appendix of Book of the Initiation. From page 246, pick one or more Chromatics (5-day cycles) to start tracking daily along with your 13 Moon calendar - take note of your experience…

Week 2 - Refine: Heptad Path 26: Meditation reflects self-generation
In this week, refine your galactic lens with chapters 5-7 of Book of the Initiation, kicking off with a treatise on the creative power and its capacity to tame the lower forces, followed by a full chapter on the life of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky  (HPB) and culminating with a chapter on the GM108X as the grand unifying hermetic stream...  Study this along with chapters 39-41 of Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change.

Extra fun: Find your own unique way to amplify your creative force, while taming your habitual tendencies… If you feel inspired to share with the other participants email us photos, videos or recordings of your creations and we'll create a special Page on to house your art!

Week 3 - Transform: Heptad Path 27: Self-generation catalyzes enlightenment
Chapters 8-10, Book of the Initiation. Chapter 35 of Time Synchronicity and Calendar Change.

Activity: From page 146 of Book of the Initiation, choose two of the Ten Doors Opening to the Mysteries of Nature, one from the upper half ("literate") and one from the lower half ("symbolic"). Study the doors' description on pages 147-151. Create a ceremony, art piece, essay etc. to synthesize your reflections and experience.

Week 4 - Ripen: Heptad Path 28: Enlightenment illumines navigation
Chapters 11-12, Book of the Initiation. Read the Afterword of Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change.

Hold a ceremony of Planetary Initiation - realizing that it is YOU who is being initiated - using the invocations from chapter 13 of Book of the Initiation.

Congratulations! You've made it to the center of your labyrinth! This is a collective, experimental exploration, so although the most important point here is the inner cultivation, if you feel inspired to share anything that came as a result of this study, please post it here on the Cultivating Inner Resonance Group on galacticSpacebook.

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Started by Cronocracy May 24.

28 day training cycle begins today

Info on what to do each week of the cycle is posted in the "syllabus" section here:…Continue

Started by Terrence Brannon Mar 6, 2014.

"TODO ES PERFECTO" Laberinto Ideal - Mandala de la Perfección. 3 Replies

Total de Unidades : 365 = 13x28+1= 169 + 169 + 27 = (13x13)+(13x13)+27MOSTRANDO LA ESTRUCTURA BASICA 169Y SU RELACIÓN CON LA PROPORCIÓN 4:7::7:13"contemplando el espejo"Contempla la magia numérica de…Continue

Started by Rey Alarcón Mayarey Titiritero. Last reply by Ana Isabel Santalla Feb 6, 2014.


Este poema ha sido creado en el día de mi Retorno Galáctico. Y aunque la energía que lo ha inspirado me ha sido regalada en mi cumple-kin, Mago Eléctrico Blanco, Kin 94, igualmente desciende esa…Continue

Started by María Teresa Rodríguez Feb 5, 2014.

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Comment by Cronocracy on July 13, 2021 at 1:55am
Comment by Marquis A Vazquez on January 16, 2018 at 7:10pm

Hello all brothers and sisters.  I'm new to the galactic spacebook and am working on the Galactic masters 28 day mini-course. I purchased the Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change book but it hasn't made it to my house yet.  I was hoping that someone could email me the Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change readings for week 1 and week 2 of the syllabus. 

Thanks and In Lakech.

Yellow Planetary Star, Marquis Vazquez

Comment by Christina Jeskey on October 24, 2014 at 1:06pm

Is there one of these mini-courses every moon? I do not have the books yet.

Comment by Moi Kahumoku on July 7, 2014 at 3:02pm

yes. As One let US Enter de One Spine of WE. 

Comment by Ana Isabel Santalla on June 15, 2014 at 4:35am

He realizado varios intentos de cargar los documentos... pero parece que no lo conseguí junto con el cuerpo del mensaje .....  Ahora parece que sí...  si van repes, pues disculpen !







Comment by Ana Isabel Santalla on June 15, 2014 at 4:24am

En la Ola del Retono Galáctico

Clave 45 en la Sincronización Galáctica

El Poder del 9

In Lack'ech Kines planetarios, compañeros en el proceso de "ser Inicados" que estamos compartiendo...

Hoy Kin 227, hace 127 días desde que empezaba con el "juego mate-magico" al finalizar el curso de la Luna Resonante ¿recordaís?

Ya le he puesto un nombre: "Ola de Retorno Galáctico"

Y también han pasado 131 días de mi cumpleaños Solar... ¡en el centro! Y con la Onda del Viento a mi favor. (y con 89 kines en el grupo!!) ... creo que es el momento de compartir el trabajo realizado, una Gran Sopa de números !!... Sí !! Todo es número y cada uno de nosotros es una matriz de codigos númericos que nos codifican al tiempo en que ocupamos este espacio en la Tierra y nos identifican con el arquetipo correspondiente al proposito y/o misión para el que estamos aquí.... así, que a cada uno nos resuenan ciertos números más que otros, y cada uno es el mejor interprete del significado personal que traén y por eso seguirles la pista y ver con que otros se relacionan es una meditación individual, al tiempo que colectiva y galáctica. Espero que si entrais en ellos sea para investigar y disfrutar; ese es el motivo de su envío.

La Clave 45, se refiere a la consciencia de que entre los dos anillos (Kin 164 y Kin 209) estudiados, allí donde aparece un intervalo cero (que siempre se debe a una sincronización con el Banco Psi) se encuentra como contraparte un intervalo igual a 45. Por lo que deduzco que en ello hay una clave del momento de la Sincronización Galáctica en el que estamos.

45 es el trianglar del 9; 4+5=9 9x5=45 inverso 54 ¡¡El Mago Lunar!! y es dificil no asociarlo con el Cubo Espacio-Temporal . Ver Boletin Rinri III, vol.4, nº1.

En mi ayuda, he sido guiada a encontrar un esclarecedor escrito realizado en 2010, por una Kin 24 titulado "Poder del 9" . Muy agradecida, con su permiso lo comparto, pues creo que en él estan muy bien expresados los significados que dan la pista a la aparición del nº 45 como nº clave en este contexto.

Es de dificil ejecución para mi extraer algo con sentido de las númerosas notas tomadas en el proceso que dibuje el fascinante mapa de orden y perfección que he ido percibiendo, pero si puedo decir que ha sido de gran ayuda para ordenar en mi mente un auto-aprendizaje de la Ley del Tiempo acelerado y caotico... Ese ordenamiento me ha aportado una mayor consciencia, comprensión e integración de las enseñanzas del cielo cósmico que contiene el legado y obra de Kin 11, ValumVotan, además de un gran placer y disfrute .

Sea en beneficio del conjunto.

Saludos de paz, armonía y amor galácticos

Ana, kin 191

Comment by Bob Minea on April 22, 2014 at 9:56am

Thank you, Valum, for Earth Day!

Comment by Ana Isabel Santalla on April 10, 2014 at 1:41pm

There is a  two numbers mistake, (that I have found  !!)  on my last pdf doc 

Hay dos errores de números ( que he encontrado !!) en el último pdf documento que envié, en el parrafo:

Otra observación recientemente consciente, en Kin 145 y 146 (LUNA SOLAR) y
(que invito a experimentar) es la siguiente:
El INTERVALO entre: la SUMA de intervalos – la SUMA de intervalos invertidos = es SIEMPRE igual a un múltiplo de 9 (0 y 1 incluidos) ¿ con un cierto ritmo secuencial?
De Kin 143 a Kin 155 la secuencia de los múltiplos de 9 obtenidos es:
9 x .... 1, 3, 7, 0, 4, 3, 3, 8,   3,  3, 4, 7, 10 (último día Luna Solar) 

Correcto es:  9x..... 1,3,7,0,4,3,3,8,  0,   3,4,7, 10

Y en:

Ejemplos de la operación propuesta: 
día 9.18, Kali, Kin 145 Serpiente Lunar 
(factor (+1) del 3º Aniversario Valum Votan)
SUMA tripleta Kines = 441 .... UMB 441  
SUMA intervalos: 35+64+29=128 (64x2)

SUMA intervalos invertidos: 53+46+92= 191 
191-128 = 63 = 9 x 3

Correcto es

191-128 = 63 = 9 x 7

Comment by Bob Minea on April 8, 2014 at 2:26pm

This is something to just keep playing with, over time it begins to amaze!

Comment by Ana Isabel Santalla on April 8, 2014 at 2:21pm

Thanks Bob, 

It´s just what on this practices is coming out much more clear and other acounts and maths ralation.. (facilita ver mas relaciones entre los números implicados)

On the other hand we are just going on ... a traves del  punto de inflexión -sincronización- del inicio del Gran Ciclo de Retorno,  arent we?  a biggest fractal, I think

Sorry, I'm not good on English writing.


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