Study and research of the 120 art modes in the Law of Time.

 What are the 120 art modes?

 How do we express these art modes in our lives?

 How do these art modes relate to the blending of the senses in synesthesia?

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  • Thank you for the presentation. The emanating point of creation is very interesting.

  • I'll be darned! I am already doing it, I just forgot over time what I was doing. This reminded me, thanks!

  • Thanks, I will practice this!

  • Thank you for sharing these graphics. I will study them carefully.

    I found the book. I'm going to order it. I understand its Jose's  first book!

    You might want to consider this with these graphics:

    Special Practice

    Each of the 7 sense field units of the four quadrants corresponds to one heptad, four in all for a

    perpetual 28-day creation cycle. The four heptads follow the same order as the four time dimensions.

    In the graphic, the fifth force frequency numbers are given as are the BMUs. All fifth force numbers

    are from 4-10, which add up to 49, 7 squared. 4 × 49 = 28 × 7 (196). Every 28 days you recapitulate

    the creation of the 28 phenomenal world sense fields (5 senses + mind (6) and analytical wisdom (8)).

    As with all synchronic order practices note the synchronicities with kin of the day, etc. (study graphic

    Perpetual 28-day Cycle, as seen on pages 244-245). Refer to master tables of 8 sets for meanings of

    daily codon pairs.

    Appendix - Galactic I Ching: 128 Codon, 64 Cell, 12 Strand DNA Page 250, CHC Vol. 6.

    They radiate out from the five senses to the seven days - 28 total with four quadrants. So it looks like we have both processes of quadripartite simultaneity and the daily sequence.

  • 2175989985?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024120 Art Modalities of MOAP Matrix, Planetary Manitou AC/CA, plus Vulom Power Grid

  • 2175990846?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024120 Art Modalities, Time Matrix, plus Vulom Power Grid

  • 2175989520?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024120 Art Modalities, Synchronic Matrix, plus Vulom Power Grid

  • 2175990128?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024120 Art Modalities   Space Matrix, plus Vulom Power Grid

  • 2175988857?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024120  Art Modalities Holomind Perceiver, plus Vulom Power Grid

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Galactic Modalities

Hiya! I found your Seven Rays image while googling my business Galactic Modalities. What came up was the 120 art modes on galactic spacebook. It inspired me to do my first Public art that I am working on! Many blessings, much love!IMG_0330.JPGIMG_0335.JPG

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