Hi, I'm a yoga teacher and on overtone moon 2 yellow electric human I was thinking about life while lying down on my bed, when I went into a relaxed yoga posture with my knees bent and with the right leg swung over to the side one over the other. After some time in this position it occurred to me that where i was feeling the sensation was also the galactic tone of that day the right hip! This gave me the idea to activate the galactic tones through various yoga postures to further engage the energies flowing through those places each day... Now I feel like I should share this with people so I made a chart with exercises for each galactic tone. Most are pretty simple and can be meditative... I wonder if you would like to use these exercises, and would like to know how they work for you... thank you all for all the good work we are doing together, blessings and peace...

galactic tone asanas.png

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  •  I appreciate you ♥ Thank you for this ♥

    can you please explain the overtone solar? i feel as if its an arm side stretch however i am not certain. perhaps you could share the hatha yoga pose names with each example? ♥

    • for the overtone and solar poses you stretch your arm up over your head like you're reaching for the sky and then you bend your forearm down behind you...

      most of the poses dont have names but the ones that do are :

      magnetic cosmic are a lot like half lotus, you can actually do half lotus and it would still activate those ankles, i just chose to have the leg stretched out so that you would be able to focus more on that particular ankle

      the second pose for electric spectral hip is pigeon 

      self existing and planetary one is called vishnu pose though sometimes it looks a little different

      then rhythmic and galactic one is called side plank

      the others dont have names that i know 

      well i hope this helps and thanks for practice (: ! :)

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