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I'm a new member in this forum, and in my first message I would like to share a synchronicity – not about me, but about a person whose life and spiritual mission may have been overlooked in all these years. This man has had a large influence on the work of Valum Votan, and was responsible for bringing back to daylight the Aztec Prophecy of the 9 Hells and 13 Heavens, and of the Return of Quetzalcoatl. It was also due to him and his calendrical calculations, that we had the Harmonic Convergence on August 16/17, 1987.

I'm talking about Tony Shearer.

I have always felt intrigued about this man, and it concerned me that I knew so little about him. So... I made my research, and my efforts were greatly rewarded. :)

Some time ago I sent an email to the Foundation for the Law of Time where I manifested my disappointment for the fact that Shearer's life was almost unknown, while at the same time asking if they had some biographical data about him so that I could see if his birth date (and Kin!) would hide any secrets. After all, he had a tremendous influence on the work of Valum Votan, so I was sure there would be something very special about him. And there was.

What Jacob (Red Rhythmic Dragon) from the FLT told me was that Shearer and Argüelles were very close friends, and Shearer was a Kin 222, White Magnetic Wind. For a start, this was pretty good. In the traditional Aztec calendar, the day "Wind" was ruled by Quetzalcoatl, the lord of life, light, wind and culture. This makes perfect sense, since in my opinion Shearer really was a type of Prophet for Quetzalcoatl. I made some more research on the internet, and I found out that Tony Shearer was born on October 27, 1926, Kin 222, White Magnetic Wind. This was the date I would study deeper and deeper. However, nothing prepared me for what would follow.

I have always been a defender of the Traditional Mayan Count still followed in many Mayan communities in Central America. In the past I was a bit harsh (well... a lot) in my criticisms about the Dreamspell Count and how it was never used by the Maya, until I understood that both counts are right. One is traditional, the other is not. One is ancient, the other is modern. However, both Counts work, and both have their value and can be equally valid at different levels. So with this thought in mind, I decided to use both counts in order to study the spiritual mission of Tony Shearer.

* * *

"I unify in order to communicate,
attracting breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a galactic activation portal... enter me."

* * *

The Psi-Chrono Unit corresponding to October 27th, Self-Existing Moon Gamma 10 (Shearer's birthday) is Kin 60, Yellow Self-Existing Sun – Pacal Votan's birth date. And according to Aluna Joy Yaxkin, who uses the Dreamspell Count but considers the New Year date to be March 21 (Spring Equinox), he was born in the year of the White Lunar Wind (Kin 2) – again a sign of Quetzalcoatl, the "Wind Lord". In the Dreamspell Count, he was born in the Red Crystal Moon year, Kin 129 in the Mystical Column of the Tzolkin.

And now let's turn to the Traditional Count.

Tony Shearer was born on (Long Count), 10 BEN (Tzolkin), 6 YAX (Haab). This means that in the Traditional Count he was Kin 153, 10-Reed or Red Planetary Skywalker. This is deliciously interesting, as this day has a strong energy of Tezcatlipoca, the legendary enemy of Quetzalcoatl in the aztec religion. In fact, the day ("Reed"), the trecena or wavespell (1-Seed or 1-Lizard in the aztec calendar), and the number (10) are ALL ruled by the many-faceted sorcerous deity called Tezcatlipoca, according to the aztec codices still extant.

Now... who would guess that Tony Shearer, who really was a Prophet for the "Quetzalcoatl Consciousness", born in the Dreamspell in a day entirely dedicated to Quetzalcoatl, would, in the traditional count, be born on the day of the ENEMY of Quetzalcoatl? Not only is this extremely ironic, but it also reminds me of another historical irony:

Prior to the Spanish Conquest, the Aztecs had a prophecy that their beloved white bearded god Quetzalcoatl would return in a year 1-Reed (Kin 53), carring a cross which was the god's sacred symbol. In 1519, precisely a year 1-Reed, there were boats coming from across the sea, where men carried crosses and were led by a white bearded man, Hernán Cortés. The fact was that this man was not the peaceful Quetzalcoatl, nor was he a messenger of peace. This "god" carried the cross of Christianity, he used the force to convert the native peoples, and even caused the disappearance of a great amount of information of the native peoples that, in fact, is what brings us together right here, right now – the wonderful Time-Science of the Tzolkin, the Sacred Synchronometer of Mesoamerica.

Some people say that Hernán Cortés wasn't Quetzalcoatl, but in fact Tezcatlipoca in disguise. Even José Argüelles / Valum Votan said this, in his wonderful book "The Mayan Factor". But... is it? Would this have been an ancient reflexion of the modern irony that made the Prophet of Quetzalcoatl to be born on the day of his legendary enemy? This is really, really interesting...

Who said that the Gods aren't playful? ;)

* * *

"I perfect in order to explore,
producing wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of birth.
I am a galactic activation portal... enter me."

* * *

In lak'ech a lak'in!

Luís Gonçalves

Red Self-Existing Skywalker
1 Flint Knife

* * *

Written on Yellow Galactic Warrior, Kin 216 (guided by Yellow Galactic Sun), July 23rd, 2016.
1-Dog in the Traditional Count: "shedding old skins", "celebrate the dead".

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