Time is Heart!

Time is Heart! means for me that we should follow the rythms of our Father MilkyWay, Mother Earth, Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Of course that we have many cousins planets and star systems but let's make the life easier :). So my perspective is when we allow ourselves to be guided by the milky way, earth, sun and moon, then our Heart will be balanced and we will start to acept all the daily messages that the universe is sending to us.

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  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for sharing!

    Personaly, I feel that being aware of the Moon, Sun, Four Winds is the first step like learning to write with letters a,b,c... The same with writing that after a while we are writing without being conscious on the individual letters, we will also live from the Heart without being conscious on the Moon, Sun and so forth...since we learned the Art of acceptance of the Heart through time... Time is not a cage trap, Time is the Heart beat of the universe expansion...
  • Agreed dear one!

    When we are in sync with the fundamental archetypes of life here on Earth, we are in sync with creation, & in sync with heart. As you began to elaborate though I think there are many more facets to the connections! Earth, Milky Way, Sun, Moon, are an essential foundation though, almost like the four pillars or four directions. Anyway enough rambling. Thank you for the reminder loved one!

  • Great poem Lahun! Somehow it triggered on me an old Zen say that we usually only see the Golden Windows of our neighbors and forgeting our own Golden Windows that perceived by the neighbors in the moment that we change our reference from observer to being observed. What I want to say is that the Gold that Glitter is the Gold of our Soul, and since everyone comes from the Soul, then all Gold is Gilttering.
  • 2175990401?profile=original

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.
  • Dear Chief, Desperation is a duality in itself, but common to all of us. Desperation is a manifestation of stress, and stress is like a steam cooker ready to be burst:). So in our duality world we have two options, allow the burst, as Bonanza will come after the Storm, or reduce the flame of our ego and allow the universe to help us...No matter the choice it will be always a valid path...
    • Very well said friend. I do find a cycle that I repeat thinking the more steam the bigger the dream...I know better...My desperation is sustained by self doubt...Awareness is the first step...Maintaining awareness another never ending step....Thanks again

  • My mediated perspective I find in the reflection is that you are both right and humbling me and uplifting me...this creates a great resistence for quantum leap in thoughts for me... Aaron I agree and apologize for spewing my personal observances of my own path...These things can definitely cloud things for others and still do for me as well...so I appreciate the reminder... Please know my only intention would be to have a few others carry me in their thoughts on that day so I can focus on the idea that others on focusing on me...This would draw energy from enough multiple sources within myself to help me in the manifestation of a home and shelter and food for my family... I have tried to assimilate to this monetary system and was caused severe physical distress perceived as seizures.... My family has helped me heal...my wife brought the law of time and has been helping me find conciousness again... Litterally spoon feeding her 38yr old husband back to reality every day....I have been healed thru Hollis-Tic methods and the Law of Time .... I need to support my family as they have done for me....I come with equal exchange of info in hopes of global change that includes my Family, Friends and ALL Relations.....The numbers and all the excess you are very right...these are mine....I could have simply asked....Would my friends and rainbow bridgers please focus a few of your thoughts on my family on Monday in hopes we find a means of sustainable INCOME-ing energy...This I humble request of any and all would be willing to join me...Many thanks to All who come to read my these words...Blessed be to all on their in-divide-dual-ity journeys.  

  • My last entry in GSB was in 2013:), but should I complain GSB or law of time for not giving me all the answers of Holy Grail of Life? Please use the GSB or my answers or a book that you are just reading only as a possible directional sign for your own path! You are your own Master! Better them humanoids or automatas, we are like Avatars:). So don't consider we as human as low ranking intelligence because our channels to higher intelligence galactic beings are widely openning:). In fact that false sense of separation vertically towards the Gods and horizontally towards our human fellows and natural beings is a cause of deep suffering in ourselves that it is rippled in all our humankind...Love bless all sides!
  • Remember the Human has the same codes; though everyone has a different set of tones and codes the make up there being. If  I shared every numberlogical connection to my daily life (codes) then many people would get confused with there own self oracle of remembrance to the divine; thus why I do not share these connection for they are my own self oracle for remembrance of the creator, when I first found the law of time and GSB people would post similar numerlogical connection of there own self oracle and I found it really annoying for people to evolve from for there numbers and codes are different from the person trying to project there own projection of there being in the synchronotron 441 matrix. There is not a collective date base of people on GSB, The more I see posts like this and the more I read non-sense related to the law of one or natural law; the more my Jaguar are calling back to the Jungle so I can learn from a new birth and be taught by the spirit of the animal, for I am one with my creators.

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