I have had the Telektonon board for a while but never used it. After talking with a New Time brother, about his using it as a means to get closer to the holomind perceiver, he mentioned that the Telektonon can be used with modifications for the current time. I am just wondering, if anyone would know by chance, if there would be more modifications besides the Gregorian days of the week that would need to be modified to bring it up to the current time? Anyone else practiced with the Telektonon, updated, made new kits or anything else?? Also I've seen worksheets for daily coding, each sheet was good for a heptad, chakra spiral, 7-day spin. I'm looking for tools to aid daily practice. Feedback will be greatly appreciated :) Thank you Kin190 ~ Robin Galactic Dog


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  • Hello,

    I've been using the Telektonon daily since it was first presented/revealed. I'm not sure what you mean by modifications for the current time, since the Telektonon is a perfect representation in 3, 4 and 5 dimensions of the 13 moon synchronometer. With the Telektonon and synchronometer you can see how the Gregorian calendar clunks its way through the year like a broken wheel.

    Start with the 13 moon synchronometer  as described in the 13 moon almanac of synchronicity.

    • Baisically there was telektonon mystery of the stone and then 7777 which were overlays for the succeeding years after the original template years had past. So this new overlay which I will post later is simply that. Its just a new overlay that brings new data for the upcoming sirius cycles. Its pretty incredible. But iv recieved a new 26×14 cycle which I wont release till iv recieved the full transmition. But its allowing me to find the true start date of the long count as well as a whole bunch of other things. I found it was also interesting how the new over lay was in a 26 section wheel which is pretty amazing. Baisically were taking the moon and making it into a galactic moon count that each day is actually 260 days. iv been recieving that the moon is too close to the earth this was done intentionally to create the wobble. So this new 26 day count called the auron is actually a pure light pulse coming streight from the hunabku. All this stuff came throigh on this past day out of time transmition. I know its vague but its vast in its scope and to write it all up on here would take forever. But its food for thought.
  • Yes totally. At the end of the book of the cube theres a new telektonon overlay. Displaying a time correction algorythm containing 26 units. Iv currently recieved a pure light pulse 26 day system I feel is deeply linked with this.
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