Human Chakra System and Synchronometr

Human as a Resonant Number Model

"As above, so below. As inside, so outside".

The Emerald Tablet

This quote reminds us that there is nothing in the outer world that would not have been sealed inside the human. Everything that we do and all our ways of representing and describing the world through any system have already been imprinted within us.

As we know the human energy system is represented by the 7 main centers – chakras. Each of the chakras is a meeting point of energy flows streaming from above and from below. Each pair of flows (one flow from above and one from below) forms energy vortex called a "petal".

Each of the seven main centers characterized by specific number of petals. This determines the vibrational function of the center, a group of centers, as well as their relationship with the universal resonant number models (RNM).

Considering the structure of chakra system it is easy to see the numbers and number proportions typical of almost all of RNM – teachings, philosophies and systems of thought.

Three centers below the diaphragm (muladhara, svadhistana and manipura) have to do with the personal nature of man in three worlds. The energies of these centers are correlated with our phenomenal world, relationships and the formation of an integrated personality.

This group is represented by 20 petals (4+6+10). These 20 petals resonate, for example, with Mayan vigesimal mathematics, 20 amino acids that make up physical body, as well as 20 solar seals, fitted in harmonious rhythm of Tzolkin 13:20.

For Earth Wizards it will be interesting to note the combination, or sequence, of numbers 4, 6 and 10. This is the same sequence of numbers as in groups of wavespells in Dreamspell Genesis:
10 wavespells = Dragon Genesis; 6 = Monkey Genesis; 4 = Moon Genesis.

Heart and throat centers are located above the diaphragm (but not yet in cranium) and have to do through spiritual ascent. These centers are represented with 12 and 16 petals, respectively, for a total of 28. This resonates with the number of annual measure 13x28 and Telektonon board.

Thus, the ratio of the petals in the group below the diaphragm and the group above the diaphragm is 20:28 or 5:7. The same as Galactic Spin to 13 Moons and black keys to white keys in piano. The same as “People of the Down and People of the Book”.

Thus, we can see where Synchronometr is encoded in human energetic structure and “when calendar becomes Synchronometr”. Synchronometr begins only when it unites lower with higher in harmony. It is interesting to recall one of the names of the archetypal Votan – "The Lord of Winds and Waters". So we can say that “waters” represent centers below diaphragm and “winds” represent centers above diaphragm. It was Votan – Valum Votan – who brought not calendar but SYNCHRONOMETR!

So Synchronometr shows an inextricable unity of 13:20 and 13:28 rhythms, it harmonizes, balances and synchronizes the functions of the centers below the diaphragm (13:20 rhythm, foundation) and above the diaphragm (the rhythm 13:28).

Adjna or the third eye is the synthesis center, integrating the energy flows of five lower located centers and have to function according to heart center impulses, or commands (the key to understand interrelation of anahata and adjna is the order or 8 triplets, but it is not the topic of this article).

Initially adjna center is\was represented as 2 petals – and two hemispheres of the brain as their physical display.

After synchronization of 5 lower centers their integrated 48 flows (20+28) pass through each of 2 initial adjna petals and activate them. So 96 adjna petals is formed, 48+48.


Here is one important moment which have to do with
the Mystery of archetypal Bolon Ik.

Vishudha, the 5-th center, as we know, corresponds to 8 Galactic tone (sol) of the Wavespell. Adjna, the 6-th center, corresponds to 10 Planetary tone (la) of the Wavespell.

Between these tones is the 9-th tone (sol sharp, or la flat) – tone of Bolon Ik. Here is the throne of Bolon Ik! Throne of Bolon Ik is the foundation of the inner Rainbow Bridge.

This center can be described as the foundation of the Rainbow Bridge leading to the Sole Star. This center is like the lens and 48 lifting flows pass through it (before activating adjna) and double !

Here is. 48 flows are 20+28. Doubling they become 40 (from 3 centers below the diaphragm; 20x2 = 40) + 56 (from two centers above the diaphragm, 28+28 = 56).

As we know number 56 represent the archetypal cycle of Bolon Ik (see Major Arcanum, Throne).

(From this rise all aspects of the Mystrey of Bolon Ik: “Antahkarana” project; structure of current 56-year cycle (1991-2047), “Four Rings of Rainbow Nation” – 13:28 way of working with Destiny Castle and the Destiny Castle itself; Chromatics of Wisdom order and Telektonon of Wisdom).

Important to note the connection of archetypes of Votan and Bolon Ik. Votan brings synchronicity to 5 centers. And Bolon Ik – archetypal Votan’s patroness – keeps and saves clues of the Rainbow Bridge.


Thus, the six centers located within the physical body make up 144 petals. We know that this number is the foundation of nearly all resonant systems – the Mayan Long Count, Futhark Rune matrix, I Ching canon notation, Platonic year, sacred geometry, natural Pythagorean musical scale, science of Synchronic Order and many others. This means that each of these systems and all of them are intended to maintain the resonance of human microcosm with the macrocosm of the Universe.

And some words about anahata and adjna interaction.

Buddhist rosary have 108 beads. Many people and philosophies say about 108 laws of the Universe. Galactic Mayan flow is called GM108x. In the prayer of 7 directions we see “the harmony of nature (heart) and mind”.
So all of this is within us – heart and mind. 12 petals of anahata +96 petals of adjna = 108.

Finally Sahasrara – the only center located outside the physical body – is a gate into and out of our realm. It is presented in 1000 petals (+64+4).

These 1000 petals function as portals for the 144 of 6 inner centers. Hence the universal number 144 000. So the 13 baktun measure is the measure of human natural energetic structure.

Then "additional" 64 petals are bearing codes for 64 DNA codons, and another 4 petals, resonating with the 4 muladhara petals, 4 time atoms in the center of the earth and the 4 binary letters of the genetic code.

Below you can see the general overview of the current 56-year cycle of Bolon Ik.

It consists of two 28-cycles.

First 28-cycle - Telektonon of Pacal Votan.

1991 – Dremspell - Tower.

1996 – Rinri - Tower

1997 – 2013 =  16-year Cube

2013 – Tower. Reunion with Bolon Ik (Sole essence)

2013 – 2019 = “Antahkarana” project

2019 – Tower.

DooT 2019.  13.13.13. The code of Votan’s departure =

Rainbow Bridge to 28 Years of TELECTNON of WIZDOM



Matvey Krinin – Galactic-waka-Storm

PAN Alcyone

Sun Bioregion

Russia, Moscow 



Cycle of Bolon Ik 28+28.PNG

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