Upon leaving the big sacred mountain of Shasta after a beautiful galactic synchronization ceremony with red queen and dozens of other kin, i decided to explore the town of Ashland, where law of time is based, and not knowing where to camp (and no cell phone or internet) i drove to the edge of town to see if I could find a place to set up a tent...nearing sunset, i decided to drive to a parking lot near the reservoir and watch the last minute of the intensely red sun (never had seen a sun that red before!)...and a guy comes running towards me and it happens to be my housemate from my coop house in Davis who happened to go to Ashland the same weekend and decided to watch the sunset from the same spot. i then was able to stay with his friend and meet a dozen open-minded young kin who I was able to share the 13 moon calendar with and decode them! All very receptive and excited to learn a new way of harmonizing. what a synchronistic way to begin the new era! telepathic powers already here! blessings to all of you! I am one with the earth...the Earth and Myself are One Mind!

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  • I feel the waves of energy flowing through the stories on the Internet. Keep them coming! Sunset sounds so cool. What a beautiful sunset, baby. (The iPod spoke the last statement for me while I was typing.) <3 in Lak'ech
  • The synchronicity has continted to flow,unfolding a sojourn, step by step, I'm sure all will be revealed, step by step.
    Heading for Hawaii...feel an energy shift, felt Shasta was quite scattered in its energy and as earth is my own antipodes, challenge, was like I was on low beam, with it, fuzzzzzzzzzy.. Always it is the people, the connections that I was supposed to make, rather than the place itself.
    ..and the synch goes on...

    I am so glad I attended the retreat, opening up now, what I need to encompass ans share on my return home, As the adventure Into the Dreamspell, living within it unfolds.

    Bless to all, a long and winding road, until we meet again ...
  • on Galactic Seed day after the ceremony my travel went quite well.  though i was hours late to catch my departing plane i was able to arrive at my destination at almost the same time for no additional fees.  i had accepted that i might not make it in time and was not stressed, but also not sure about the details and i very much needed to arrive in Detroit on time to get my daughters.  so, there were some nice people in the airlines who kept me on time. then,  i sat next to individuals on both flights with which i could have easily avoided conversation but decided to engage and listened to their stories and shared mine.  there were distinct points of potential conflict between us, but i was able to navigate my thoughts and words in a way that was respectful and may have created space for them to reconsider some of their own assumptions (one encounter was about respecting all the world religions, one about fathers spending more time with children).   We are harmonizing our collective human energy now.  It is the time we have been working towards!

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