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Hi so iv been working with the 441 cube system for about 5 months now and I have a few questions. First what are the external space flows representing. In the space matrix we got the 4 MOAP zone but wgat are the numbers around them representing? Kin corolations or what? What iv been doing is taking each matrix BMU and plugging them into the HMP if I say land on a -8 spot iv been taking the Master coordinating frequency and counting -8 down and using that kin code to breath into the BMU spot on the HMP. I realise this is a living system so there might not be a right or wrong way. But im mostly curiouse as the what the external space flows are corrolated too. Also curiouse as to how others have been using the space matrix to procure a MOAP code. Ivdiscovered 1 way but am aware of a few other methods of procuring a MOAP code that seems to jump around depending on the method used. Thanks:)

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  •  A Labyrinth of numbers follows a path from quadrant to quadrant then through the vertical and horizontal  part of the space matrix to the center - 441 I don't know what it means but the flow shows a pattern.2175985750?profile=original

  • If you notice the direction that the numbers on the outside of the four main quadrants of the space matrix are going, they are in the same direction as the superconscious 5th dimensional flow of the holomind perceiver in the outer time dimensions, or the green 1 to 13 around the sense matrix in the outer time dimensions of the hmp. 

  • ....external space flows......the permeable membrane of the bubble of autopoiesis...

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  • Try memorizing the HMP into your head, & rehearse that memorization often, eventually that saturation will avail meanings' meaning... it will probably be wordless, it will most certainly flesh....

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  • My advice is delete the need to understand. This is multi-dimensional information and most of it is incomprehensible to the 3D mind. Approach it from a 'time is art' vantage point and see what patterns arise and how and when. Whatever you do will be right for you. 

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