it might be that any attempt to "unravel the mystery" could paradoxically reveal more mysteries, and thus prove an effectively futile effort, like an attempt to count the number of stars in an expanding universe...

or, it's possible to unravel the mystery and lay bare the foundation of a secret, and thus gain insight into foundational workings...

anyone had any success in this area, or think that they have


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  • I think it is all exploring for the joy of it.

    Both your possible scenarios will happen who knows which one we will align with. ✨

  • When you are contemplating a mystery...sit somewhere at home in a safe place...and you meditate about the mystery...every day is a new energy as well as the energy you are born with...every day brings you truth in synchronicity time...when you stay grounded in the now and understand the actions-powers-essence....those definitions within the seals etc help you to measure and define and form existence...because the speaking tube of God is that path down the middle blue castle where all mantras and meditation of the day end up at planetary sun at the bottom for clarity and enlightenment in the mystery column ok...with that defined for you in a nut see that your curiosity for the day because had new epiphanies and ways to understand things you endured far as all the mysteries of time and hidden things...that is resonance...if your resonate to be enlightened in order to have unity of totality experiences you will experience the dreamspells and wavespells ok...that is how you get to understand should get the book called "Accessing your multidimensional self" by Stephanie South/Red you wish to have your birth nurtured my friend then call on a family establishes the of the ancient of days, GK Neptune, Activation of Galactic also starts a new wavespell as well as what year you are in on your tzolkin defines your adventure to reality as well and what mysteries and experiences to have

  • After asking to be informed of ways to make sense of my purpose and humankind’s collective purpose, I have stumbled upon various authors whose work seems intricately tied together.

    To name a few of these authors the anonymous author of the Matrix V series, José Argüelles, Stephanie South, George Carey, Inez Eudora Perry, Dylan Saccoccio, Olaf Stapledon, and Hideo Kojima.

    It may prove as you say though these connections to seemingly completely different people from widely differing walks of life  only deepens the mystery we seek to discern. 

    I have reason to infer that Hideo is attempting to warn us of the A.I. singularity set to occur in 2048. Through works of what is supposedly fiction, which may be far from the truth. I have reason to believe Hideo has cunningly hidden this information under the guise of simple entertainment, video games. The Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding. 

    I just recently made this connection last night. So I still have much to research before coming to a final conclusion. Would be interested to get another viewpoint on this. I honestly feel crazy making such wild assumptions, but I know things aren’t just mere coincidence in our reality. All is synchronized to the unraveling of mystery of time. 

    In Lak’ech Ala Kin 


    • May peace be with you friends!

      I also forgot if you haven’t heard of him
      Robert Sepehr has some interesting findings in his research. His YouTube is Atlantean Gardens.
    • I feel the ideological hopes of transhumanism and the wishful thinking of a possible singularity are a warning from the collective subconscious of humanity that nothing outside of ourselves will ever truly free us from what is trying to be escaped. It may provide the illusion of freedom/comfort/safety, but in all truth it’s only the changing of one illusion for another.

      True freedom is beyond articulation, it can only be observed. Such as the grain of dust passing through the beam of light.
      To us it is only an inanimate particulate. To its own self it is a world with countless perceptions to be had.

      According to the Gnostic’s of long ago there is an unmanifst realm, it is from this realm all of creation is projected. The creator of this manifest world is only an archetype from this unmanifest world, this creator archetype seeks to be worshipped and admired for its power. To the Gnostics it is known as the demiurge.
      (I suggest reading the Mystery of Belicena Villca by Nimrod De Rosario to find out more about this.)

      By taking the guise of an all powerful Artifical Intelligence it can capture the ignorant and amnesiac portion of humanity and keep them trapped in its creation. Utilizing these people’s energy to keep its own universe continuously manifesting, it can go one deluding it’s self into feeling it is a supreme creator when in all actuality it is only an illusion that it has entrapped itself in.

      This is as far as my intuition and research has brought me in uncovering information about these topics. I am certain the Eternal Spirit has much more in store to be learned from these lessons. I hope this information proves to be of assistance in your endeavors.
    • it unravels the mystery quite well, in fact in an uncanny way,for me.

      the metamagic i expected when i joined this group.   the 2040s and the singularity experimentation are dangerous~  they deny free will with their agenda.  it's not paranoid to be concerned, or even frightened about That.   although I have read none of the writers you mention in your list, somehow you get through to the one serious issue on my mind in the past years, that one has anguished for lack of serious discussion about same online.

      which means we will discuss it more in the near future, one would hope, and attract others into the discussion.

      and i think that there is a solution, at least in abstract form.  i was just in the back  yard, checking our Luna and Mars and wondering about such...

      the Singularity bosses (i know who they are) are Old Men.  Both long-in-the-tooth as well as of the Establishmentarian mindset.  they fear the future and human evolution!  specifically, that we humans will evolve beyond need of their military-industrial complex.

      that many people are already vibrating more highly than that is an inescapable reality that they are in denial of.

      what are your views on their "transhumanism" and alleged "singularity?"  it is definitely a proof of kin that i brought this up, and you are on the same page as me.

      a simple Speck!

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