Hello and good day LOT community. 

I am new to GSB but have much to contribute regarding personal explorations in the system. I've run almost a 100 different birth charts, practice the daily matrix, and am working my way up to Synchronotron mastery. 

I invite those of you who have familiarity with these tools to add me, either to tell me knew things or to ask questions. I am a channel for much of what I find and believe I have a great way of doing a few things you all must do.

I go by  the nickname The Diamond Hawk for I have calculated my first and then my equivalent maya-types as the Yellow Rhythmic Warrior and Blue Galactic Eagle. Make a warrior out of a bird and you have a Hawk, the messenger bird. Here are my messages for you about ways to make the LOT information for more fun and stuff:

First of all, I play the Tzolkin like Pokemon. I have a 260 matrix copy printed out and whenever I find a person in an analysis I have never found before, I check the box that they are in so that I can one day 'Catch'm all'. This puts a lot of flavor into the process and gives you a clue as to the possible fullness a completed Tzolkin might offer one energetically. I don't know if I will use this site for catching unless I have direct and personal communication. I consider adding you like bringing you on the team. Below is an invitation I sent to Jacob the forum's admin. Basically I think that everyone on the chart is a part of my wave spell for a galactic Earth-Ship. Therefore, everyone gets 'Half' and we split the earnings of our solidarity fairly.

Next, I am using a calculation method for the matrix of 9 cubes in a way that I believe everyone may enjoy immensely. Much to my joy, I have found that the Alchemy of 9 dimensions model from Barbara Hand Clow gives a perfect latter for ascending the 9 cubes in a way that becomes accessible to everyone. A brief overview of the 9 dimensions is in the upload below. The full book however is even better and I recommend everyone read it for a huge primer on how the 9 may be utilized at a whole new degree of synergy. 

Quick Break down-

1 is the iron crystal core of the planet.-Samadhi is therefore a perfect fit.

2 is the Telluric realm of elementals- This actually is a fair way to picture the higher mind for we are the higher mind to the body of cells in ourselves. Therefore, before ascension occurs, there must be a descension into the matrix below, hence why people meditate in caves for enlightenment. 

3 is the physical world-the realm of synchronization since every other dimension reacts to and is affected by things that occur at this place of cosmic interaction. 

4 is the collective mind with the archetypes that come forth as the next layer up from 3d reality. Since we are facing archetypes, the practice of channeling is necessary to ground and guide the archetypes to their proper place that is within us.  

5. The dimension of pure love, that is the dissolving of the observer with the observed in a state of Samadhi so that there is just pure universal oneness. Since Kuali (love) is the 5th again we have a perfect fit. 

6. The Sixth dimension is a Syrian level of morphogenetic field interactions with the sacred geometry of probability. The manifestation waves at the 6th correspond to the process of Light becoming anchored in at the 5th level. I forget the name of the light in LOT (law of time), but it is something like 'Duar duar'. Therefore another fine match. 

7th is the place of sound vibration. This is a pretty key level to work within in both levels since sound literally creates the geometry below. In the LOT of this 7th level is 'Codes of Galactic Life'. I have found that attuning to the 7th is akin to getting directions throughout the system for 7 is the sacred number. 

8th. The Waves of light that are the bands of the Milky Way arms. These light beams that rip through and hold us together with the Supermassive Black Hole in the center of the galaxy. In this layer are the counsels of light where all power is directed from. This matches with the LOT galactic codes of harmony since power is only best directed through harmony which becomes absolute power if fairly used. 

9th Dimensionally we see the Black Hole at the center of the universe in the Alchemy book as the LOT's center layer, the portal place of the universal cosmic core. 

Using these positions, I do daily calculations to suggest where in the 9 dimensions is the best place for alchemization through attentive invoking and evoking for the 9 positions that may exist temporally, spacialy, synchornistically, and for the Master TFI-BMU etc. 

Other benefits of the Hand Clow book, it works with the best models of math available to show how there are sciences corresponding to each level with magnetism being the first, the 2nd being biology, the 3rd physics, 4th overmind, 5th quantum field, 6th morphogentic fields, 7th 8th, 9th I forgot....??? 

The science shared often draws upon quantum physics whose postulate now arrives at 11 dimensions. To explain these last two, and arrive at a complete model of the dimensions, even by LOT's standard that is filled with 11 as the center number, she says 10 is the container for all the other dimensions and that 11 is the channel that connects them all, the vertical tube one uses to go up or down. 11 is like an elevator for the ones between them are like two arrows. One could go up, the other down. Therefore 1+1 as 2 explains the polarity 11 and the best way to maximize its use.

I also have studied number immensely. What follows are observations about number that are a part of a book I am writing. I won't make you wait for the book but if you want to read it is called "FOOL'S TAROT". It is a whole book about Tarot cards shared with various candy bars as the sign posts for each of the 22 major archetypes, a system that has often found parallels in the LOT's 22. 

0 is the basis for 1 for 1 is a 0 on its side. 

1 is the number of connection and illusion. There also is a balance between 1 and T for if you turn T upside down you have the basis for 1. This I take as affirmative evidence for the 1 Truth that is the Ultimate Reality. 

2. This is where cyclical consciousness enters. Like 11, this number contains polarity for it shares a hook, a design of the circle, shared with a straight line. This forms a sort of arrow and shows how 2 is a vector. The hook may indicate how even though there is a vector, ultimately everything returns to itself cyclically. 

3. This is I believe to be an extension of 2 for by drawing a hook below you realize another 3. 3 is also the trident's top, a matter that receives further explanation in Fool's Tarot with an explanation of Qabalah and the sephora Da'ath that is the middle place between 3 and 4 as the Trident has 3 top plus 1 points in total. 

4 is a number that indicates the outgrowth of three and 2  for it actually has a triangle and a vector, maybe from two, to show how it comes about. 4, when flipped upside down, is the shape I use for making the & symbol in my normal writing.  See if you can notice how 4 and & have a mystical relationship.

5. is the number of balance for it coordinates 1-4 and 6-9 in the whole single digit integer system. It is written as V in roman numerals for it is the wedge that separates as well as unites at the ultimate level. 5 also is 'Phive' for its symbol, the * is drenched in phi. 

6 is the sword of the Tarot-Zain for it is love and love is always a matter of loving one's reflection for that is really what love is. The reflection is cutting sharp like the razor of a sword yet this is where beauty comes from. 6 is unique among numbers for it is the doubling of the trinity, perhaps for its own reflection. It is the only number to have its factors 1x2x3 be the same as its 'additives' 1+2+3. Therefore, with 6 we see the changes of X with  + and how it is a universal rotating number.

7 is an angel number for it is literally an angle. 

8 is the number of revolution for after 7, the number of mystic completion, if you go any farther you have to start over again. This is the harmonic that goes in to cycles of chords that may ascend or descend. 

9 is the hermit therefore the number of speed as it is 'heads and shoulders above the other numbers'. 

10 is where I stop breaking down the number significance since I hold that 10 is a number of fortune and this when you have to figure out what everything adds up to. 

the rest is still in the works and very tarot related. 

The last cool thing I will share. 

Every person's maya archetype shows the property of always having a tone that ascends into the next. 

I have for example Blue Galactic Eagle. This power of integrity for examples rises up to the identity of 9-Solar for once you are completely integral in a way, you may rise into self-awareness, a force that has always been likened to the sun of the morning dispelling despair of night. I tend to see people staying in the solar archetype yet rising up in the cosmic tone. For me that is Blue Solar Eagle, a factor I find compelling as a worshiper of RA and Egyptian lore.   Even so, I take each of the following archetypes as a clue for stepping stones on wards and even give readings for people to have all 13 archetypes of their wave so that they can understand how any number manifests best in their life.  

If you know how each fit together, you can access your 13th cosmic tone for the entire system is a cube and therefore is extremely connected always. 

1 for example magnetically attracts in order to to stabilize and prepare for 2.

2 polarizes so that it may engage in the service of 3, electricity's charge.

3 is electrically zipping up to the definitions that are self-existing form, they push the envelope to become a master of form. 

4's definitions are for the empowerment indicated at 5. Whenever you define, do so with the empowerment scale next up the latter in mind, i.e. mine as Blue Self-Existing Monkey defines in order to play with Yellow Overtone Human's Command of Wisdom. 

5 is the center of the universe and it is from this place of center that one aspires to make a rhythmic balance for that is the coordinating function of 5.

6's rhythm is to get into the flow of 7 for channeling requires the harnessing of rhythm.

7. When one is fully attuned, they may become so integrous and aligned that they are 'Galactic'8.

8. Galactic people are thoroughly what they are as as they reach the fullness of their expression they realize the identity of 9, solar. 

9 is solar for the sun is a galactic beings showing us who we are. Hence the 'Realizing' power.

10 is the Perfected total for 10 is 1 and 0, all possibility and a clue for who you are a total person.This is the 'power house' for it is the container.

11 is the Spectral elevator that comes from completing your perfection. Now it is 11 for Your connecting point that goes thoroughly through, below, and above everything. It is used to go back down from 10 to 1 so that perfection may be radiated throughout. 

12. Once the connections of 11 are made, one becomes crystalline for now everything is working in cooperative order. the Spectral is the glue of your Wave scale. Mine is White Spectral Mirror for example and therefore it is about ordering, cleaning, and reflecting the subtleties and unique factors of each 9 dimensions. 

To work with the crystal field, consider using 1, your magnetic, with 2, the Lunar tone. This is a crystal frequency for crystal power is the ability to multiply (x2) or divide (/1) to stabilize and create.

13 Then as total cooperation is achieved, the transcendent doorway opens up and the emergence of the cosmic comes. Even so, cosmic has been apart of the journey all along.  Maybe there is a cosmic presence shared between the 1, magnetic, and 3, the electric to be found. 

By finding your full wave, you can discern how 7 for example is the resonating frequency for the other numbers. or your galactic essence at 8. Or your perfection as 10 in wholeness. Or how you get around with 11. 5 also is useful for finding your center essence. 13 is always good for a contemplation of final destiny. 

These are my findings for the LOT system. I am cardinal and I establish the directions for those who want to follow these clues. I am the Pathfinder and I am the Seer. I am the Diamond Hawk and I shall guide accordingly. 

Add me for friends. I want to talk to those in mastery with the Synchronotron or anyone else who has questions about whats been said. Also cool people are welcome too. My vision for life, and the Earth, is to transform all society into a paradise garden. All the technology and theory necessary to realize the best is already there, people just need to wake up to it 333. 

I look forward to finding and sharing with you on these matters.

I'm out to do the daily totals. Have a good day,

-Jeff C. 




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