I'm curios about peoples experiences with their galactic compliment or hidden helpers...

I've had some really interesting synchronicity around people who fall under the sub headings listed on my galactic sign page via astrodreamadvisor.com. This may not make sense for many until you are familiar with your specific mayan astrology reading via this page: 


I am yellow overtone warrior, thus the 5 subheadings below are my specific attributes. If you fall under my specific attributes, say you are a yellow seed, white world bridger, blue night or red serpent etc, let me know... I am hoping to confirm an intuition that we may be linked in some way that could be beneficial to each other in perhaps serendipitous ways. 

When you find your sign you will read several sub headings which read in order:

Yellow Warrior is your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming.

Yellow Seed is your Higher Self & Guide.

Red Serpent is your Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper.

White World-Bridger represents your Challenge and Gift. With maturity and awareness this challenge will turn into a Focus. This is what you desire to learn in this lifetime.

Blue Night is your Compliment - something that comes naturally to you.

Now I have met a couple of people who fell under both my hidden helper and guide (red serpent) as well as my challenge and gift (white world bridger) and have wondered if anyone else has any experience meeting or interacting with people who fall under any of those sub headings. In both cases I mention above, I am also their hidden helper as well as the other persons challenge and gift. We are like mirror images of each other in terms of our galactic signatures sub attributes.

I have felt very drawn to people then found out their galactic signature was my subconscious self, and I was their sub conscious self... its pretty intense how we connected and I figured this would be a good subject to discuss. If this doesn't make sense to anyone, let me know and I will try and elaborate. I welcome all discussion about how our individual galactic signatures harmonize and blend and would love to talk with more people that share attributes with me. 

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I'm no Overtone, but since today is a Warrior day, I feel it is appropriate for me to respond!

I made my Galactic Compass today, and I was thinking about Lyra Silvertongue from The Golden Compass all night.

I took my telescope out to watch the stars and biked to a dead end that was dark enough.

After finding out that I left the lens-piece somewhere, I lay down and admired the stars with my eyes.

I prayed for a sign, and a star twinkled at me through the trees above, so I moved to where I could see it.

Unfamiliar with its constellation, I looked it up on my Android and saw "Lyra" 0_0

The star's name is Vega.

I began to think about Vega, and Las Vegas, and my trip to Las Vegas in which I had gotten very sick. I decided that I had gotten sick because it was a stark comparison to the Vega above.

I thought to Vega, "Please come get me. Please come get me. Please come get me."

Suddenly I saw a bright star above me blink and disappear. I was confused for a bit when it blinked again but somewhere else. I thought, a sign? I should follow it. It was a lightning bug.

I followed the lightning bug up to a fence, but I didn't want to trespass on someone's yard, so I went back to stargazing.

Another lightning bug (it could have been the same one) flew over my head, blinking as it passed. I got up and followed it immediately this time. Same thing, it went over the fence and to someone's yard.

By that time I wanted a bigger view of the stars, so I packed my bags and rode the bicycle a few blocks to the edge of Cameron Park. I found a nice spot with a good view, and I lay there watching the stars.

I checked my notifications on my phone, and an interesting email from Elizabeth Radajewicz appeared: "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft". I clicked on the video and listened to the song. I was blown away by it, and I began to call out telepathically.

Someone heard my calls, though no craft came to pick me up, and began a series of events.

The wind picked up in my fervent pleas to be shown the way.

A truck passed by, and then stopped down the road and reversed until they were by me. A girl called out, "Are you OK?" I said, "Yeah." "What are you doing?" "Looking at the stars." "OK. We just wanted to make sure you were all right. Hey, do you know where the Witch's Castle is?" "Never heard of it. Thank you!"

They left, and I went back to looking at the stars.

About half an hour later, the truck passed by going the other way, honking as it did. I waved. The truck stopped. The reverse lights came on. I sat up and watched them go backwards for a few yards and then turn down another road.

I resumed my stargazing.

Ten to twenty more minutes passed, and the truck came back. This time it stopped down the road a bit, and several figures stepped out of the vehicle. I continued to lie there, wondering what would happen next.

Six teenagers, three girls and three guys, came up to me. One guy (who I found out later is named Salvador) asked what was in my hand. I handed it to him, saying, "A Galactic Compass." "How does it work?" "It has several steps to it."

Another car pulled up, and the kids said something about the cops. I was already thinking about Lyra Silvertongue, and I immediately put the Compass in my bag and walked over to the cop car. A lady officer asked me, "What are you guys doing out here?" I said, "I was looking at the stars." I gestured toward the group. "They were seeing what I was doing." "The park is closed at night."

I started walking over to the group, and the officer followed suit. I told the others, "The park is closed at night, so we gotta go," before she could say anything to them. I put my things in my bag, and the cop asked, "Does any of you have an ID?" To the group I said, "I'll give her mine." One of the guys had his ID, and the others said they didn't have theirs.

A backup officer arrived, and we all stood there in a circle as the lady officer took our names and birthdays. One of the birthdays was very significant to me, so I knew something of synchronic nature was about to happen. And when Salvador's name was revealed, I looked at him for a good five seconds to make sure I remembered it.

We stood there for a while, and I noticed the officers simply observing us. The lady officer questioned us, and at one point I told her that she disappointed me. Oh, Lyra.

She noticed the bicycle on the ground behind us and asked whose is it. I raised my hand and said, "Mine." She looked at me, and I could tell she figured it was me. She asked if it had lights on it. I said, "I didn't check." "Your bike is illegal, if it doesn't have lights on it." "Did you see me ride it?" "No, but if you get on that bike, then I'm going to have to give you a ticket." "I'll walk it home, then." "OK, but if I see you on it..." I checked out of the conversation and looked to my right. That's when I realized why Salvador was my Salvador. "You guys have a truck," I said.

Finally, the officer told us we were free to go.

One of the guys put the bike in the bed of the truck, and I climbed in the back along with Salvador. The others jumped in the cabin, and we rode off. I turned to Salvador. "I wonder if this happens every time someone makes a Galactic Compass," I said.

I asked if he had ever seen The Golden Compass, and he had! I told him about how I was thinking about Lyra that evening while crafting the Galactic Compass, and how the constellation had appeared to me while I was at the dead end road. Then he told me about the time he had seen a space craft in the sky, and he had gotten four of his friends to come out and see it as well. He said it was spinning, like two pyramids joined together at the base, and it was gold. He said his friends saw it, too, and that it jumped through space while he was watching it.

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Do you know what galactic signature Salvador was? : )

Ithanks for the story... well done. Hummingbirds have pointed me in the right direction. 

A new lady friend (the red serpent I mentioned above) was talking about the golden compass just a few nights ago, maybe just before the supermoon or the weekend before.

She had discussed soul retrieval recently and I felt drawn to learning more about it. While we were out visiting on beautiful Whidbey island, I went to the local saturday market where she sells graceful images of animals she turns in to wonderful clothing and post cards.

There we met a man who was showing us what he called a healing Lyre... a hand carved instrument with dozens of strings, all tuned: E A D B...

As I wrote this I noticed I wasn't sure how to spell Lyre, so I googled "healing lyr" and the first link that popped up was of the "golden lyre"...

I clicked the link because it share both the golden of my last name and the golden of the golden compass... and it was for a  healer here in seattle, less than 1 mile from my home... and she does soul retrieval. 

And then the stars aligned...

I'll make an appointment, thank you. 



Yossarian, thank you for your story! It is inspirational as well!

The lyre has very healing properties, it seems. E A D B... Thank you for that. I will try tuning my guitar to these notes and see if it has any effect!

I told my brother today about my story and then I shared your story, and he opened up to me and began sharing with me all kinds of stories from his life! It was an honor to see and feel the grand tapestry of love unfolding right before me! Healing is eminent.

Thank you for bringing up this discussion about astrodreamadvisor!! I've been reading about the Electric Warrior... And it's been so enlightening! I would encourage everyone interested in furthering galactic consciousness to read their page!

Today has been a booming day for galactic harmony on my side of the Internet!

May your feet tread lightly upon the ground as you walk, as your spirit lifts high to the galaxy!

Love and light,

Electric Warrior

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