Please...don't let galactic spacebook become a "zombie forum"

6. (U) Zombie threat summary:
a. (U) CON PLAN 8888 is designed to address the following types of zombie threats:
i. (U) Pathogenic Zombies (PZ):
1. (U) PZ's are zombie life forms created after an organ ism is infected by a virus or bacteria or some other form of contagion
ii. (U) Radiation Zombies (RZ):
1. (U) RZ's are zombie life fonns created after an organism is infected by a extreme dosage of electromagnetic and/or particle radiation
ii i. (U) Evil Magic Zombies (EMZ):
1. (U) EMZ's are zombie life forms created via some fo rm of occult experimentation in what might otherwise be referred to as "evil magic"

CONPLAN 8888 - The Pentagon

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  • thank you for this great guide on fighting the plague of zombification!!! 

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