I am oriented towards mono-diets = eating only one food at a time. I was thinking about choosing foods to mark positions within the 28 days.

For instance, maybe red foods during the first week.

White foods during the second week.

Blue foods during the 3rd week?

And yellow foods during the 4th week.

And then you would have to decide what day to intake green foods, since green is a primary color.

But my feeling is I need a deeper understanding of some deeper cycles in the calendar before undergoing this trek.

I really dont understand the nutritional theory of eating. I am convinced that we Americans overeat and make food a source of entertainment.

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  • use green foods every single day!

    then add the color of the day, i think the whole week in the same color it is too much!


  • I try to create harmony in my food choices, blessing each meal with the days kin and radial plasma and giving thanks. Sunday morning on overtone sun i made a new combination which was chopped pineapple, cacao nibs, baobab fruit powder and mung bean sprouts. I sat there in the sun and it felt harmonious to have made a new combination that was very enjoyable to eat and included lots of quality raw foods, to then flow through my body through the day. I made some Echinacea and Cranberry tea a while ago and it started purple and turned red. It gave me the idea to find a tea for each rainbow colour, cool them in the fridge seperately and then combine them into one drink that I could maybe take with me on an adventure meditating and exploring out in nature. 

  • I think you are missing the point. You use the calendar as a synchronometer, to put you into phase with multiple natural rhythms. Once you are in a state of harmony then your eating habits will also tend to harmonize. Look at the way food grows and the natural cycles associated with food cultivation. Imposing colour rules on food is nonsensical.
  • It seems that Rainbow Bridge meditations take place every 7 days, so I can just synchronize with them:


  • Wow. What a great idea. I use the calendar for things like this all the time.

    My intuition says "yes, you may need to gain some confidence w/ the 13 moon c. as part of creating a healthy adaptation." To assist let me share some of the applications of time cycles which I have made.

    My first notion to use the calendar in 'this' way was w/rt meditation. I do specific forms of meditation everyday. Usually, I vary things everyday, but at some point, I decided to repeat myself in sync w/ the calendar in order to learn (about the calendar, the repetition, myself, all levels - experiential learning is the only way :) ). I started w/ the smallest cycle (I like to be gentle w/ myself) which as I reckon is the 4 days of red, white, yellow and blue kin. Then I moved to the 20 days through the whole kin cycle. Then I realized I had skipped over the 13 tones. So I moved back into the 13 tones and started using it w/ things other than meditation, like fasting from certain things (funny never made the connection to adding positive things). After gaining some comfort w/ the whole process, I did one w/ the full 260 day trip through the tzolkin. I deliberately neglected to use the cycles which have direct correspondence in the 'other' calendar because I want to create conscious distance as a personal choice, but you may like using the heptad, or the 5 day cycle from the telektonon (which sort of corresp. to the 5 day work week, which is why I gave it a pass).

    The upsides of these activities have been numerous and often subtle. But extremely instructive. I love the idea of tuning one's diet to one's temporal rhythms. I am going to take this into my consciousness and see what germinates.


    • how does this work for you? have you noticed differences?

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