Dreamspell, Tzlokin and Haab (HELP)


>Here< you can calculate your Dreamspell, Tzolkin and Haab, but I never saw anything about this before, I thought that Tzolkin and Dreamspell was the same thing, but in this website, they're different.

Can someone explain this to me?

What is Dreamspell, Tzolkin, Haab and the difference between them? Where can I read more about them? Didn't found nothing at Law of Time.

>And here< you can calculate your Tzolkin (they call it Sign) I don't know if it is trustable.

I was calculating a lot of kins, and found a pattern, but this pattern doesn't keep going after I keep researching... Well, hope you guys help me, I'm a little bit confused.

Love and Gratitude. :) 

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