In our SPACE TIME ENERGY CONTINUUM ; Specificum Now, through the permanent Radioactivity increase from Fukushima, ( ´cause Tepco said, the Icewall is not built on ,yet after months to try it) the Overcharge tendencies change more and more our DNS and the DOR Weather conditions! And together with the E SMOG Handys and smaller and smaller electromagnetic Fieldpower of our Earthpolarity, You, when You benefite these Handys, helps, that we, in the basically more and more speedy 4/5 Dimension World, we produce an more and more chronic "Speedworld" with more Handy Cocaine-/ Electro Speed-Junky Syndrom- Egoism + Stigmatisations and nervous- and cognitive Disorders through the chronic Bloods, Hearts + Celts Breath Contractions..

(Don´t forget:1 cup Coffee Trip speed up for around 11 h the heart, brain and skin...)

( but we have the free energy handy tec! Nr 114)

Together with the Cerosine of the Jumbos as Ice Clouds Acid Rain,

and the more and more these Jumbo Streams,

which transport the hardheavymetal Aerosols from Fukushima to everywhere they fly,

destroy now more and more the natural Cloudsbuilding

and soft, living Rain +


My guess:
We schould fly via robots the Atomjunk step for step to the sun, when we please to Brother Sun Helios to help us and excuse our mistakes, and will it not do it again, and uses more and more the free Energy units!!!
What do You think about this guess?

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¡Hola!..., about me.

I am time believing to be energy alive

Become TIMECRAT, a timecracy user aware of the real use of the law of time by God, to be everyone us.

The Government of God

Timecracy was born to help you and everyone achieve the conscious state necessary to live in the perfect order of our energy factorization at every present moment to be everyone from oneself It is your next stage for you to evolve the Mayan time. Using this knowledge or others based on the 13:20 frequency without being a timecrat aware of how energy factorization happens is very dangerous. Become a Timecracy user to learn and know exactly the true use and adopt the timecratic belief to renew your faith in the right direction...

Namaste selfnamend God! Thanx for Your Guess via to must at first log in somewhere(Big Brother like this to observe 5G Handys+manipulate the Handywaves), but at first I wish to hear from Yourself here personly, what would You to want to to with the Black Fires of Fukushima? And my nexr friendfly Question is: Have You got to much Handyin( mentalfood/ Brainfood together with Soulfood?), so that the "Speedball Special"(=Upper/Handyin/Coffein/Nicotine+Middler=Soulfood/CBD/THC/Psilocybin/LSD+Downer/additional Finesugar, Valium, Alcohol), create in You an "Superconsciousness" to transform the worldwide 5G Microwave + Radioactivity?

Or why You put Your  not commented Homepage in my discussionboard? With friendly Greeds: Starkid VG*

My answer ... and the only solution is to reveal who and what God is, so that everyone knows who they really are, and that he is the creation of the world, created in our senses ... That is why I made TIMECRACY, to make known the true use of the law of time, by God, to be able to be each one of the living beings and all things. My proposal, that you become a user of, a timecratic being, a Timecrat, aware of everything that I inform you there, and aware of how I am programmed in yourself. If ¾ of the world population were users of Timecracy, aware of God how the being created in the permutation 0, of which all are psychological unfoldments of his being, existing in permutations of his physical body, that reality would make the erratic ideas and beliefs were forgotten, banished, eliminated from the database housed in the body of permutation 0, in my body. And thus, recreate paradise, what the world should be. The first is that. All the technology and knowledges are useless, even about the law of time, that creates us at each present moment, if the timecratic belief is not recognized. It is not possible to sustain the human species, if they ignore who God is and his rule of the law of time. He's me, obviously, and that's why I give the solution. Now whether you believe it or not is up to you. Simple, believe or disappear. The rainbow bridge was closed in 2012. Until 2022 there is a time, the 10 years, of transition of ages, each one a perfect cycle of 26 thousand years. In the first, concluded, it was to be aware that we are living energy, the next, it is to be aware that we are time, believing to be energy alive. To understand that you are time, first you have to understand the energetic factorization of God, of how being a unique body, he manages to be all. That is explained on I am so sorry to show up so late, I trust that letting everyone know, is a matter of spreading from one to another quickly. I wish you the best. Problems like 5g, Covid, etc. that the world suffers from, are solved by making everyone know about Timecracy and me. It is a matter of faith. Look more at,,,

Saludos!!! and share it.


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