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Let me preface this with... I hate money. It is entirely unnecessary and is a hindrance to the evolution of our species.

Yet, a majority of people are still under the delusion that Time = money.  Working as drone slaves for fake paper is engrained and considered necessary by a majority of the populous, because they can see nothing better.

In my personal view, I think it goes deeper, into what most would view as "conspiracy". Money was created as a form of mind control by a certain group to disillusion and control people.

I am curious of everyone's opinions on here about crypto-currencies as they are decentralized and not regulated by any governing body.

Granted, no money through a gift economy or through the theoretical resource based economy would be preferable, but I think the shift into Bitcoin and other alternatives is a step in the right direction.

What do you all think?

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  • Agreed...on all counts.  Check out the alternative currencies throughout the world--especially the Swiss, for example.  Many people are awakening to the money control issue--finally!  Currencies can and should be local so that individuals support their own area--farms, stores, etc.--and based on contributions to your community through the use of your own innate abilities: construction, music, cooking, cleaning, etc.....doing what you love.

  • Just to roll this a little...

    My understanding and 'processing' of the concept of money evolves as I go along. I wish to add my support to the notion that money is a deliberate form of mind control. It's difficult to see this clearly, you have to research the history of its evolution quite carefully to be able to entertain the notion. But if you look, you will find that the aspect of money which turns it into such a vicious thing is interest-bearing 'loans'.

    With issues like this there is a great difficulty in presenting such conclusions in a short format. The whole question (of money) has been abused and obfuscated by the abuse. But if you research carefully, it becomes clear that there is a long standing intent present on this planet which has used interest-based loaning to control larger populations. The people doing so were quite aware of their actions, but the intent which brought this notion to them appears to be off-planet and 'ageless'.

    Will bitcoin matter? Only until it is coopted by this intent. That is why there is no obvious attempt to stop it. The forces which are enslaving and debasing humanity are the perfection of 'passive agressive'.

    etcetera etcetera.

  • I think if you take on the idea that Time is Art, then time is money becomes part of the art form of living, neither good nor bad, simply a part of the artists palette.
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