Hello Kin,

I wanted to share this link with you all because of the profound impact it had on me and my own spiritual awakening a few years ago. I always think of David as a "homie", in that as spirit he is helping to enlighten those who are aware of the illusions produced by our government and also by more aggressive and deceptive beings. Anyways, the first article I read on his site is entitled "Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order", it's great stuff and David has a wonderful way of breaking things down into sections of information rather than one enormous glob of transcendence.

happy reading and any thoughts ?

Divine Cosmos

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  • If folks were really awake and enlightened to some extent, why wouldn't they integrate the 13:20 / 13:28 into their lives and culture on a larger scale? If DW does know about the 13:20 and 13 moon count, why doesn't he integrate? It takes a deeper level of thinking and action to assimilate what the 13:20 can do for the self and culture. I assume most known personalities are too caught up in the temporary truth of their 3D lives that the current 12:60 system is too powerfully in control of them. No matter how much knowledge someone shares, it's no match for the events and synchronicity that will add up when the 13 moon count and sciences gets adopted by the masses.
    • If Nazi Germany had access to extraterrestrials and their technology,

      why didn't they apply them for good and humanistic purposes?

      Because they were Nazi Germany, and doing Good and humanistic things...

      that was never their team.   And so...

      I think it's a mistake to ignore David Wilcock and where he's coming from,

      even if he us mixing up hidden truth with a "relax and trust the mililtary" perspective.

      he's not the be-all, end all and i don't see him as the really responsible conscientious sort of person,

      but the kind who will bias a message to protect Bad People in military government, you know,

      someone who likes money more than they like people.

      but there are quite a few people like that,

      and they want the future to be like the past,'

      rigidly ruled by men with guns more than voting,

      and of course, no sustainability, but more oil, nuclear toxicity and the same old same old, even

      as humanity stretches out to Planet Four,

      where there is no ACLU or Greenpeace...

      i am really skeptical, and i KNOW fascist want to rule the future.


      i have watched fascists infiltrate antifa scenes, impersonating.

      damnedest thing. i didn't figure it out until after the fact,

      via hindsight, while it was going on

      i was baffled, dazzled...that's what i see when i see Wilcock and Goode..

      friends of fascism posing as enlightened types.

      they laugh too much.  it's really serious, the way they talk about Nazi Germany and Operation Overcast,

      and they laugh and laugh and joke...nothing funny about the Third Reich.  that's what I don't trust 'em.

    • WOW, David, how you wrote that is so spot on, thanks for chiming in!

      Yes it is curious that if he did know about the 13:20 why is he not using his platform to educate and inspire them towards the 13 moon time count? He could even simply put links up or something right?

      Just something very simple yet that would affirm a lot.

      *I keep re-reading what you wrote and it is so true.*

      I agree that it potentially has to do with pre-occupation of the 3D storyline and such.

      It certainly takes commitment to maintain the 13:20 frequency, and, in my personal experience: I can only drift so far before synchronicity and a deep inner urge draws me back. 

      That being said, the magnetism of this material is strong, and if DW was as attuned or "woke" as he says he is (dream recording for 20+ years plus other higher self connection he talks about) then you'd think he would have found the LoT by now...

      Plus he seems to be super "science" heavy (havnt read any of his books tho) so you'd think he'd be all about true Cosmic Science...

      my only hiccup is that people's private practice is indeed a private practice. He very well could be using the Dreamspell regularly and it's just that he is committed to utilizing his 3D position, networks and influence to support and publicize what he sees will bring the greatest good/change to humanity..?

      But again, that's his own (3D mind) choice right? Or how we, on the 'outside' perceive and discern his stance and approach?

      I agree whole-heartedly that we all can follow synchronicities and our soul/Hunab Ku guides us to where we are meant to be, to ascertain the lesson or fulfill the purpose of a particular moment in time/space. If what he says about his practice and self-discipline is true, then obvs his path led him to where he is now right?

      Stephanie South is set up to meet with the UN in 2020 right?

  • Well everyone, it's the middle of winter but things just keep heating up in so many 3D realms of Velatropa 23.4.

    David and his Disclosure crew have released the new documentary "Above Majestic", I haven't made the time to watch it yet, but I found a link for free streaming it (never be hassled for streaming anything online in case your worried about gov/ISP tracking and shutting down your internet!) here: https://www2.solarmoviex.to/watch/above-majestic.1rlyv/6pokmp

    Also, Bob Lazar, someone who worked on ufo's supposedly near Area 51 back in the late 80's has returned to somewhat of a spotlight with a documentary as well: https://5movies.to/movie/bob-lazar-area-51-flying-saucers-89287/

    I did read two recent articles however:  Discussion of David’s Critical New Disclosure Film — #1 Documentary

    and: Groundbreaking Area 51 Insider Bob Lazar 30-Year Anniversary: Alpha...

    Some very interesting "science" in the first article about solar flares and 'ascension', the imminence of disclosure and consciousness shifting towards love by 2039 followed by ET 'removal' of those who are not matching the spiritual/energetic growth of the planet, the sun, and our solar system as a whole.

    For a long while, and even now, after DW was praising the QAnon folks for validating disclosure all the while QAnon is totally a white supremacist supporting org and I am totally not on board with any of that.

    I think especially now, there is risk in assessing all these dis-jointed reality clashes as some gov or cabalistic psy-op - these people are real and if they are convinced they are dedicated.

    But, like wtf??? obviously so much shit in the world is going (or about to go) sideways and it's all the more reason to only be involved in affairs when there is some virtuous or moral motive to gain for our own growth, for those we love, the planet or a community in need. 

    Some of my friends who I have known and done energy work with for 5+ years are actually starting to get close to these circles of 'disclosure folk', and they say it's a trip. One of them was a 'ghost hunter' in New Mexico probly about 20 years ago and through those networks has been able to get closer to these more 'well-known' peoples to where he got invited to a huge conference in march of this year. Anyways... we've talked for a few hours over a couple meetings recently about the implications if what they (DW and crew) are saying is true ,and there is age-regression and memory implantation tech: then how can we even trust that this 'disclosure' isn't also apart of some long-con of global control??

    Obviously, all this is operating 100% 12:60, and all of us, as adepts of the chronicles of Cosmic History see at the very least the glimmer of the 'path beyond technology'. I, as a clairvoyant, I am constantly seeing my truth and the ripples of this materials mentation waves going beyond my own reality and into others. It brings me comfort and understanding and peace reminding me that no matter how twisted, convoluted or paradoxical things become that for all the chaos, there is order as well.

    I don't know if DW is aware of the Cosmic History Chronicles, in one of the articles he says something that amounts to: "people come to me or send me info about things that they think I am not aware of, I am aware of them, trust me."

    This reminded me that for everything being as crazy and nonsensical as the 12:60 is, it's ok. We incarnated in this life into the 12:60. We all made that choice on the soul level. And we, here, are choosing to shift our frequency to 13:20 and to aid in the healing, shifting and spiritual growth of the noosphere off this planet; we are choosing to no longer operate in the same way: in a way different from everything we have known in this life beyond our continuous awareness of synchronicity and our purpose.

    Sometimes the crazy shit is just from another time, literally.

    Also shout out and recommend a book I read recently that i found really entertaining and had a great narrative about time sychronicities, et contact, trickster gods, and even had some accurate descriptions of culture clashing: its called Gods Without Men by Hari Kunzru

    Sooo, if anyone is in the Oakland/East Bay area and sees this and wants to meet up in a couple weeks to watch Above Majestic on a projector with some like-minded folks send me a message! I'm waiting to watch it until my partner to comes back from Mex around the end of this month, she's been visiting family down there. 

    In Lak'ech with love, be well and protect your minds!

    • *** LOL i meant to write Velatropa 24.3! shows ya were I'm coming from I guess hahaha :D

  • I have a lot of thoughts.

    W Paul has echoed them, or had them at the same time.

    So since the exo-issue is developing,

    i am waiting to see if he turns around.

    I wonder how much integrity he has...

    where ya been Luke?

    • Been a while since the gravity of this situation pulled me here, so unfortunately I have literally 'lost the thread' waiting for me to turn around on what my friend?

    • ayee wassup my friend, Been shifting in my own exo-issues lol

      Wanna give you a shout out Malaclypse for the Pleadian Perspective pdf, that really got me back on the right track again.

      Thank you friend.

      Just to start it off; read recently the Corey Goode "Mega Update" article he posted. 

      Found it interesting, and yeah, i agree that the overlap with the MIC is waay to deep. I continually am questioning the "un-conscious psy-op angle": though I did have a major synchronicity after the Opening ceremony of the Planetary Seed year with the Red Queen at Mt Shasta concerning the Sphere Being Alliance.

      But dude....

      In one of his posts, DW goes off about how the Trump organization is a hand of the "alliance" ????? wtf, makes no sense whatsoever.

      Definitely made me take back 99.99% of my bets and hopes I had for him to be accurate.

      An "alliance" with the Trump org at the head?? no thanks.

      hope yall are doing well, thoughts?

  • Wilcox is a lot of B.S. He has too much doom and any day disclosure info pushing. We are working out too much karma for the ruling families for them to want to ruin it by ending society prematurely. Also in no way does Alien disclosure give joe everyman the right to explore and evolve reality on his own, the way that he should be able to. 

    Galactic historian Andrew Bartzis is a much better source to find than Wilcox. 

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