The final weeks of 2018.  

Uranus Direct, Early January 2019

what an exciting time!

liars are sorely pissed, embarrassed!

URANUS has been retrograde since August, but that’s about to end.

the Station and the end of the Uranus Retrograde transit is here and there will be a change in the flow of things.   I imagine that certain bad, disruptive and aberrant rebels in society will have to change their tune...for starters!

but what’s really going on?

astrology should clarify situations rather than create greater unsureness, otherwise it is just useless pseudoscience.

The most probable etymology traces the name to a Proto-Greek form *worsanós (Ϝορσανός) enlarged from *ṷorsó- (also found in Greek ouréō 'to urinate', Sanskrit varṣá 'rain', Hittite ṷarša- 'fog, mist').

The basic Indo-European root is *ṷérs- 'to rain, moisten' (also found in Greek eérsē 'dew', Sanskrit várṣati 'to rain', Avestan aiβi.varəšta 'it rained on'), making Ouranos the 'rainmaker'!

A less likely etymology is a derivative with meaning 'the one standing on high' from Proto-Indo-European *ṷérso- (cf. Sanskrit várṣman 'height, top', Lithuanian viršùs 'upper, highest seat', Russian verx 'height, top').

Of some importance in the comparative study of Indo-European mythology is the identification by Georges Dumézil (1934) of Uranus with the Vedic deity Váruṇa (Mitanni Aruna, god of the sky and waters,) but the etymological equation is considered untenable, in the opinion of...

Manfred Mayrhofer, Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Altindoarischen, vol. 2, s.v. “Váruṇa” (Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1996), 515–6. Edgar C. Polomé, “Binder-god”, in Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture (London–Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1997), 65.




  1. (especially of a position or view) not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection.

Well, for later, we understand what Manfred Mayrhofer considered untenable...the equation of the war of the gods to the Greeks of antiquity to the war of the gods of Dravidian antiquity.  I suspect dissemblage on the part of Manfred Mayrhofer and or Edgar C. Polomé, but that’s how it is in the star counting that astrology amounts to...there is always more. Every story is a developing story.

But we for now are discussing the aspects and power of the planet Uranus on our psychic selves...Uranus, the weirdest planet in our stellar circle in terms of its orbit and revolution.

Compared to all the other planets in our immediate circle, Uranus, named for the sky-father-god of old, lays on its side...emitting a different electromagnetic signature altogether than the rest of the planets with their relative vertical axes…

Also, Uranus the ice giant was in the headlines during its’ retrograde cycle relative to Earth in 2018.

To understand what Uranus retrograde meant in 2018 we must understand what Uranus direct means in the context of astrology...retrograde cycles are not necessary a flip in vibration... hot Mercury doesn’t turn into frozen Pluto while retrograde, and artistic and beauty inspiring Venus doesn’t turn into masculine and impulsive Mars.    During retrograde cycles, in general, the planetary attributes take on a meditative and inward focus…

The Finger of God and the Aquarian Age


Aspects are fundamental forces.

Subaspects are even more complex, the place in singular or synastric charts where two aspects form a third aspect.

Yod is one of the five major aspects called the quincunx.Yod, being the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet, represents the spiritual, all which is beyond the physical, yet it is said to play an important role, perhaps the most important rôle in the whole of Creation.


or Yod, Vav, Daleth. Yod means “arm” or “hand” (as in hand of Creator).

The Hellenic term “Iota,” it is said, is derived from the Phonecian yodh.

The letter Vav next to it is a continuation of Yod, beginning with the same shape, but elongated, as if reaching into the darkness (that) was upon the face of the deep, forming the whole letter, sometimes also called the hook of Creation. Finally, in the letter Daleth (also called the Doorway of Creation) the lower part, another Vav, makes the horizontal movement, thus adding another dimension. Thus when we pronounce the word Yod, the name of this letter, in it concealed is the whole scheme of Creation…

This letter has a beautiful and elegant shape, with a particular appeal to artists. The letter Yod represents the sephira Chokmah. According to the Kabbalah, the letters of the alphabet were used in the creation of the world; in other words, language develops at the same time as spirituality involutes into the manifestation. This is reflected in some key words and expressions in the Old Testament, for instance in the utterance:

Let there be light: and there was light (yehi-or vayehi-or)

       This, in itself, is a creative act.  

Yod is also known as inconjunction, an angle of 150 degrees, one sign short of an opposition, and one sign past a trine.

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