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In the face of the Red Queen's proposal of paying  attention to the Mayan Long Count, and  due to the Mayan vision of returning time to the sacred order, we initiate the adventures of the unification of counts:  to join the traditional maya Tzolkin-Haab count and the 13 moons and 28 days of Earth Wizards' count. At first sight, we check that 47 is the difference between both if we observe the measure and movement of the Tzolkin in each one of them. Both counts are based in the Tzolkin and when combined, one of them can be called Nagual Count and the other Tonal Count.  Together create a new matrix.  

In the collective imaginary of the ancestral cosmovisions, two very determined worlds exist: the visible world, tangible, objective and the invisible, intangible, subjective. In one, surely, two physic phenomenon happens and, in the other, reports in a creative way the imaginary world, which definitively is infinite.
In this way, Nagual is  every one's inside world, and the Tonal is reality that senses can feel, where physical phenomenon take place. Nagual and Tonal are the same simultaneous perception in our everyday's life and its nights, where physical phenomenon happen. The Nagual and Tonal are the same simultaneous perception in our day by day life and its nights, that happen at the same time above the Earth. Nagual is as time, with feminine gender. Is complemented and attracted by the Tonal, which is Space with masculine gender. Knowing about nagual and tonal is unifying inside and outside world.
The Tonal Count is so called in relation with the Galactic Maya and the new count of 13 moons, with which we define the Tonal action in the Third Dimension of the Space. Unifying counts, we unify the Time-Space in our consciousness.
We have, then, the Tzolkin of the nagual mayan count, which is synchronized to 47 kins of difference with the Tzolkin of the mayan galactic tonal count.
If we want to use the Tonal Count, we rest 47 to the Nagual Count:
160 – 47 = 113
If we want to know in he Nagual Count, we add 47 to the Tonal Count:
113 + 47 = 160
Humanity lives simultaneously in the Nagual and the Tonal world, as in between two worlds where inside and outside influences mutually. Is like the center of an sphere and its surface, which communicates creating two streams of energy simultaneously, from the center to the outside and from the outside to the center. The “inside” and the “outside” are influenced mutual and simultaneously.
Number 47 hides the code 4 equals seven (4:7), which is the prophet's key and the Law of Time.
(See dictionary of numbers)
The first impression of 47 is 20 plus 20 plus 7, which suggest the cycle of GOING (20) AND RETURN (20) plus the interval of lost time which is 7 (13+7=20).  Twenty is the totality of time.

In this mythical cycle of going and coming back there is an inflexion point between both. At this point we are in the Earth. The evolution can be seen as an involution of spirit in matter. According to the mayan believe, the spirit is, in its origin, pure energy being born from the center. In the evolution of the journey it gets densified until materialize more and more, arriving to the returning point, where energy is released or spectralizes  to get back to the origin.
When we unify counts and study the merging original matrix, that let us access to the power of the Fifth Galactic Force. Combining this matrix, appears the double matrix 13:20 nagual-tonal. In the combination of both cycles of 20, there is a difference of 7 unities, seals or solar energies. In this way, when we unify counts, we are using the mystical power of seven. In the union of both cycles of 13, after the combination of both matrix, it lyes underneath a mysterious mathematical code present also in the 7:7:7:7.
What follows is the code of the tones Nagual:Tonal, beginning by the tone 8, as in the Quiché count, which always celebrates the galactic spin (260 kin or days) of 8 Batz/Chuen, which represents, in its cosmovision the Earth Creation Day, Batz/Chuen is the thread of  of time in which hank are written all the events happened and about to happen, that is a sign of the cycle of going and coming back.

Eight equates to three (8:3)
Nine equates to four (9:4)
Ten equates to five (10:5)
Eleven equates to six (11:6)
Twelve equates to seven (12:7)
Thirteen equates to eight (13:8)
One equates to nine (1:9)
Two equates to ten (2:10)
Three equates to eleven (3:11)
Four equates to twelve (4:12)
Five equates to thirteen (5:13)
Six equates to one (6:1)
Seven equates to two (7:2)
The resulting pattern is contained in the Cosmic Cell or Mayan Flower of Life, creating over-toned pulsars that connect the enchanted waves of going and coming back. In black characters we have five new PULSARS:
THE PULSARS of the Fifth Force.
Magnetic Solar,
Lunar Planetary,
Electric Spectral,
Self Existing Crystal,
Cosmic Over-Toned

The Nagual count begins by 8 Batz and means that it is possible to pull the thread of the galactic magic of the harmony and weave time with patterns that inform us from the Nagual and the Tonal. When we pull the threads of the ancestral time, we find that when is tone 8 en the Nagual count, is tone 3 in the Tonal count. So, it is created this pattern that gives us access to the feminine power of Fifth Galactic Force. Following both counts at the same time, we join present and past in the telecosmic now. In this way, it happens a synchronization between hemispheres, having the possibility to amplify wisdom and expanding consciousness.
Nagual and tonal meet throw breath. Breath is a cycle of going and coming back. In this way, the suggested practice is to inspire Nagual and expire Tonal in the daily meditation. This has direct connection with the imaginary kingdom, where lives our dimensional double: the focused consciousness goes together with the sensory and telepathic act of the intention. In the mental field of the imagination, we visualize seals of both counts; one when inspiring and the other when expiring. The imaginary is Nagual and combines with the conscious Tonal act of breathing.
Pacal Votan

“Seven katuns are there to follow me,
each one keeped by an solar witness looking at what you do,
each witness sealing your time with a prophecy
that will be known as the Book of the 7 Generations.”

The Planetary  Art Network already knows this code
thanks to the game of the prophecy:
7 equates 7 as 7 equates 7 (see book 7:7:7:7).
This code is in the combination
of the Seven Lost Generations and its tones
with the tones of the Seven Mystical Moons.
So, the number 47 it can be the seven days of creation plus two harmonic trajectories (1 to 20- Imox/Imix to Ajpu/Ahaw). This are two columns of 20 unities of the matrix 13:20 weaved by the Tzolkin, the cycle of going and coming back, the spiral of the past and the spiral of the future being entwined.  
Each  seven days we have the same solar essence, first in the Tonal and afterwards in the Nagual. The Seven Lost Generations are a book-code sent telepathically by Pakal Votan throw the Telektonon,  codified by the kins (tone and solar seal):
194 (12 Ix), first Lost Generation of the White Cristal Wizard
195 (13 Tzikin/Men), second Lost Generation of the Blue Cosmic Eagle
196 (1 Ajmaq/Cib), third Lost Generation of the Yellow Magnetic Warrior
197 (2 Noj/Caban), fourth Lost Generation of the Red Lunar Earth
198 (3 Tijax/Etnab), fifth Lost Generation of the White Electric Mirror
199 (4 Kawoq/ Cauac), sixth Lost Generation of the Blue Self-Existing Storm
200 (5 Ajpu/Ahaw), seventh Lost Generation of the Yellow Over-toned Sun, the Fifth Radiant Sun of the Aztec Prophecy. We are inside the cube, going on board in the Time-Earth Spaceship towards the Original Matrix.
And are seven the katuns of the Mayan Science of time plus seven years of the Mystery of the Stone which are charged and mature in the Seven Mystical Crescent Moons. This newsletter of the Fifth G Force is written in the first moon. This seven kins are the heart of the seven first Bolon Tikus. These are constructions of the imaginary. They are the 9 Lords Keepers of Time and Destiny, witnesses of the Solar Initiation who  keep the Seven Seals of the Prophecy. The seven trumpets of the Apocalypsis are our chakras sounding in unison while following a natural and unificated count of time: the synchronary of 13 moons.
The other two Bolon Tikus of this nine Bolon Tikus are situated in the center of the Earth and in the Noosphere. These imaginary creations are accessible throw the believe in two new chakras: our root of the root, the connexion with the heart crystal center of the Mother Earth, and the ninth chakra, our connexion with the Planetary Mind, Noosphere of Imaginary Earthly Unificated Field. Both chakras are needed to keep the electromagnetic field in its place when we connect with the axis of the eternal present. This imaginary line in which Earth turns, is comparable to the consciousness of our vertebral erect column in meditation or daily yoga practice.

Kin 201: Closing of the Baktun 13, another new count of 144.000 days to the awakening of the Wizards of the Crystal Cooperation
The kin Yellow Over-Toned Sun closes the Book of the Seven Lost Generations in the step 200 from the center of the cube, right the the day 28. The kin 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon, initiates a new harmonic trajectory: the column 11 of the Tzolkin. In this staircase towards the tower of magic, the step 201 is a landing where the dragon of Merlin keeps the time. It is a pause in the spiral of time, where Prophecy is solved: the Seven Lost Generations are redeemed by the telepathic and prophetical power of time and transformed in the Seven Mystical Generations.
As we say, in the count of the Wizards of the Earth, this group before to the kin 201 are the 7 kins which codify the 7 Lost Generations that recuperate, once gathered again, the seven Katuns of memory accumulated in the Galactic Maya Science of Time. In the step 201 is where 21st December 2012 happens. We call it Moon Out of Time. The 9th day of this Moon 6 it happens the change of cycle of 13 Baktuns. (4 Ahaw/Ahpu, 21-12-2012).
The nagual quiches initiate their new cycle of 260 days in the Tzolkin count  9 + 1 days before the closing of the cycle. The count starts with 8 Batz/Chuen and this day is in the count of 13 Moons the kin 3 Tijax/Etnab. Here takes place the celestial harmonic with which we begin our journey towards the Cosmic History throw this investigation in course. We write this report to the Planetary Art Network so we can play  together to the Ceremonial Magic of the Seven Ray. It is a synchrony that this terma of the Fifth Force is opened in the last day of this Fifth Over-Toned Moon (Power of Intelligence).

The galactic turn of 8 Batz happens each 52 years in the 28th day of the Fifth Moon. Eight Batz, kin 151 in the Count Nagual means: Galactic Magic and this day is in the Tonal is 3 Tijax kin 198, that means: Activate the Ceremonial Order. The count Nagual-Tzlkin initiates each 260 days its count activating the galactic magic: the power of the Galactic Feminine Magic activates in the Tonal the service of the ceremonial order.
Three Tijax/Etnab is the White Electric Mirror and its ORACULE of the Fifth Force is the heart of the Fifth Bolon Tiku in the meditation game of the 7 years of the Mystery of the Stone. In this way, the navigators of the Planetary Art Network  have awakened to the Nine Keepers of Time and Destiny.
The ceremonial order is the heart of the Supreme Golden Lady, the Fifth Bolon Tiku, the lady of time that offers this hank of thread with which we pull and weave. This kins, 151  and 198 are the kins Nagual-Tonal of the last day of the Moon 5, codified by the Yellow Over-Toned Sun, the seventh generation is remembered:The Power of the Fifth Feminine Galactic Force is the magic of the harmony that activates the ceremonial order of the Fifth Harmonious.

The Nagual power of the Fifth Force is  revealed in this last day of the moon 5 (4x7) 28 days of the moon codified by the seventh Lost Generation of the Over-Toned Sun (5:7). In this way the seven moons are completed before the closing of the cycle, that were dedicated to the remembering of the Seven Generations. The memory of the science of time Maya is the navigation of the pulsar of the Fifth Galactic Force.
The Sixth Moon is also codified by the kin White Rhythmic Mirror in the annual enchanted wave of the planetary service. This kin is a clear sign of the tomb of Pakal Votan: activate and organizes the ceremonial order of the Seventh Ray. This kin is the perfect analogue of the kin 201. In this so called “Moon out of Time”, in the day 19 is completed the first Nagual Uinal. Twenty days receiving and activating the ceremonial order of the galactic magic. In this way, the day 20 of the moon 6, logically begins the second uinal, cycle of 20 of the nagual count, and is opened this time with 5 Batz/10Etznab. It means: the magic of the Fifth Force is manifested with the ceremonial order, that is the information that we are receiving. The day 20 of the moon 6 is, in the Nagual count, 10 Etznab, White Planetary Mirror, kin 218; kin of the discovering of the Tomb of Pakal Votan, and a key part of the ceremonial order of the closing of the cycle and the discovering of the Law of Time. With the unification of counts, we can connect with the Nagual Kingdom of the telepathic imaginary.
Already in the same jump to this moon out of time, we were inside of the heptagon of the mind of the Original Matrix; the spirit and the matter unified, a perfect reflection of the Mayan Science of Time, getting purified in this powerful crystal center of the time-spaceship there are all the counts, all the days.

The number 47

In 47 we have that 4 equals 7. These are the seven days of the creation and the four seasons of the two harmonic trajectories of the toroidal cycle of the now: the totality of the present.
Twenty unities of the Nagual matrix 13:20 is weaved by the Tzolkin, the Cycle of the future. The cycle of return is another group of twenty unities of the Tonal Matrix: the spiral of the past and the spiral of the future intertwined in the now. The power of seven is the key.
Each 7 days we have the same solar essence, first in the tonal and afterwards in the Nagual. The same kin minus a tone, showing a regressive count of time because it comes from the future. The Nagual Count creates this effect, because of that the lines of the harmonic lines of the Tzolkin go always in this sequence in its tones 1-8-2-9-3-10-4-11-5-12-6-13-7.

The seven mystical moons are seven rays of the creation, which are also the first 7 crescent moons of the new baktun, the moon cycles that open the new cycle are codified by the next 7 kins until the kin 201. The staircase of the magic of Merlin has 208 steps:
Step 202, Moon of the White Resonant Wind (7 Iq/Ik); White Seven Ray of the Ceremonial Order: Mystical Spirit of the Crystal Meditation. We enter in the Nagual Crystal Assembly of the Magic of the Seven Mystical Moons.
Step 203, Blue Galactic Night Moon (8 Aqabal/Ak'bal);Violet-Indigo. Sixth Ray of the Devotion: The galactic night of the Cosmic Creator Vision.
Step 204, Yellow Solar Seed Moon (9 Kat/Kan); Blue Fifth Ray of the Harmony: Strength of the Spiritual Solar Flourishing of the Unified Intelligence.
Step 205, Planetary Kundalini Snake Moon (10 Kan/Chichán); Green Fourth Ray of the Armony: The Vital Strength of the Earth and the Moon.
Step 206, White Spectral Worldbridger Moon (11 Kame, Cimi); Yellow, Third Ray of the Energy of the Active Intelligence: the connecting energy of the liberation of worlds, activator of the femenine power of the Fifth Galactic Force. Fifth charged rays.
Step 207, Blue Crystal Hand Moon (12 Kiej/Manik); Orange, Second Ray of Love and Wisdom: root connexion with he Fountain of Supreme energy Self-existing from where it merges the crystal healing.
Step 208 (13 Qanil/Lamat); Red first Ray of Free Will: Radiance of the Inside Sun of Each One: a Cosmic Star.
So we have this synchronization of tones of the Nagual and Tonal Count that is also reflected in the sequence of the 7 Lost Generations and the 7 Mystical Moons. The code that merges when we unify counts, the wave of synchronization of the nagual and the tonal, establishes a pulsar with the original matrix that connects the Space and Time: the Third with the Fourth Dimension. This matrix can be followed in the daily meditation unifying the two Counts.
 Next, the tones, seals and names of the kins of the Lost Generations, the seven mystical moons and the adding up of both, the line that separates the over-toned and the new pulsars of the Fifth Force:

 Twelve equals seven (tones 12:7), White Crystal Wizard
and the White Resonating Wind (seals 14 and 2)= 16.2
Thirteen equals eight (13:8) Blue Cosmic Eagle
and the Blue Galactic Night (15 and 3) = 18.8

One equals nine (1:9), Yellow Magnetic Warrior
and the Yellow Solar Seed (16 and 4) =20.10
Two equals ten (2:10), Red Lunar Earth and
the Red Planetary Snake (17 and 5) =2.12
Three equals eleven (3:11), White Electrical Mirror
and White Spectral Worldbridger (18 and 6) = 3.1
Four equals twelve (4:12), Blue Self-Existing Storm
and Blue Cristal Hand (19 and 7)= 6.3
Five equals thirteen (5:13), Yellow Over-toned Sun
and Yellow Cosmic Star (20 and 8)=8.5

Each time we arrive in the Nagual Count to the gate of the Magnetic Tower (tone 1), that means, when we initiate the enchanted wave in the Nagual, in the Tonal count we enter the Solar Tower (tone 9). That is, while entering the Cosmic Cell of the Nagual Time, we enter inside the core of he Cosmic Cell in the Tonal: the last five steps in the internal spiral of Hunab Ku.
So we enter the magnetic Nagual gate, the imaginary propose,
activating the first of the five internal cameras of the cosmic cell in the Tonal.
The five external tones of the Nagual Cosmic Cell are in the down side
of the Cell.

In this way,  the pulsar of the Fifth Force is created “nagualyzing” the tonal
 because in the route of this cell, it goes down and up.
The rest of the positions of the enchanted wave unify the two counts throw the enchanted pulsar. This serves us to penetrate inside the power of the Fifth Force of the Galactic Matrix.


Twelve equals seven (tones 12:7): Resonating Cristal Pulsar of the spiritual magic of the ceremonial order in the Earth Center: Heart of the Eight Bolon Tiku: White Resonating Wind. “And by the Soul and its Perfection”.
Thirteen equals eight (13:8): Cosmic Galactic Pulsar of the creating vision of wisdom and love. The noosphere, resonating with the Cosmical Mind, introduces us to the pulsar of the Galactic Force: it is the Heart of the Ninth Bolon Tiku, keeper of the planetary mind: Blue Galactic Night. “ And by the Earth and its Expansion”.
One equals nine (1:9), First Pulsar of the Fifth Force: Solar Magnetic = proposal and intention unified.  “And by the Heaven and its Creation”.
Two equals ten (2:10). Second Pulsar of the Fifth Force: Planetary Lunar = Challenge and manifestation stabilized. “And the Night when it draws a veil across it (the world)”
Three equals eleven (3:11). Third Pulsar of the Fifth force: Spectral Electrical = Service of the liberation activated. “And the Day when it exposes it to view!”
Four equals twelve (4 equals 12), Fourth Pulsar of the Fifth Force: Self-Existing Crystal = It forms the cooperation. “And the Moon when she borrows light from him!”
Five equals thirteen (5:13). Fifth pulsar of the Fifth Force: Cosmic Over-toned: lost harmonious, intoning the cosmic harmonic 5 equals 13. “ And the Earth and its extension!”.
Yellow Over-toned Sun and Yellow Cosmic Star (20 and 8) = 8.5. These are the kins that codify the Seventh Lost Generation and are related to the Seven Mystic Moons. Adding up both energies  results the Yellow Over-toned Star, the perfect guide. “By the sun and his brightness!”
As we observe in the Map 2, the two first are joined by the over-toned pulsar and the resting five are the new  occult pulsars of the Fifth Sun. So we can say that 5 equals seven (5:7). The unification of counts resonates with the Heptade of the Mind of the Original Matrix, that was stablished as the Book of the Seven Lost Generations, and correspondes, by its fractal understanding of time , to the seven last Katuns of the Great Mayan Civilization where Mayan Science of Time was developed.
Seven are the rays of the rainbow that gush from the center of the cube of the space-time.
Magic is a question of will.
Seven are finally the rays of the rainbow that complete the construction of the cube of the Fifth Galactic Force:
Red color down in the cube. Root chakra in red color, conecting with the root with the nucleous of the Earth.
Orange color in the right side of the cube. Throat chakra in blue.
Yellow color in the left side of the cube. Solar Plexus in yellow.
Green color en the back side of the cube. Secret center chakra, (sexual) in orange.
Blue color in the front side of the cube. Thirt Eye chakra in the indigo.
Indigo-violet colour in the up side of the cube. Crown chakra conected with the Noosphere in violet .
White colour in the center of the cube. Heart chakra. Connected to the center of the Galaxy in all colours.

Build the cube around you:
The white light merges from the center of our heart, our heart is the heart of the Earth. This white light extends along the axis of the Earth. This channel or rotation axis is our erect column. The white light merges from the center of the cristal heart of the Earth and, as a rainbow, activates the planetary mind throw the circumpolar rainbow.
This Heart Chakra is the center of the spiral that connects the other seven chakras unificating them in one. We enter in resonance with the cosmic center and we do a vibrational  offer to the center of the Earth. In this way, the planetary mind gets activated from the inside of each one with the energy of the original matrix.
Current investigation:
What this information suggests us is that we can carry out a meditation synchronizing both counts and  surfing this pulsar that merges in their unification, so we connect Nagual and Tonal, the past with the future in the present.
In our Cristal Court we pulsate the realization of a little game with this information in order to be able to transmit the message of the 13 moons and the 21 mayan tribes of the Mayab. Also, we visualize the connexion between people of the Book and People of the Dawn in order to reach the Galactic Synchronization in the Extasis of the Liberation.
We are a  people, we are a time, we are an Earth and we go towards the original matrix, all at one.

Exploration of the Cosmic History Group.
Agents Galactic White Mirror and Red Solar Dragon
Comand N.S. Nagual 9.11 Tonal 19.4
Sinchronic report of the code:
N.S. kin 233.  Cristal Skywalker 12 Ben.
First mystical moon of the Wind.
Long Count: 2
Red Week: Heptagone of the Mind of the Matrix : Recovering the Mayan Science of Time. Note: Court of the Cristal Prophecy of the Wind. We are redacting a report with this information and more graphics.  
We carried out addings in the kin 237, Electric Red Earth and the kin 238 White Self-Existing Mirror.  

ANNEXE Map 4: Cosmic Cell of the Flower of Life
The 13 tones in the spiral forme a Cosmic Cell, which has the Solar-Cosmic Core, from tone 9 to tone 13, indicated in Yellow-Green the 5 unities.

When in the Nagual Count we enter the Magnetic Gate,             

tone 1, in the Tonal Count we enter the Nucleous of the Cosmic Cell,
the Solar Tower, Tone 9.
Both are situated  at the Blue West of the Magic.
The Nagual count creates the pulsars of the Fifth Force
and the first 5 tones which are in the down side of the cell,
indicating the movement of the Nagual towards the Tonal,
in the tone 3, the South Pole of the Cell activates the entral planetary Cosmic Electrical Axis.
In the Tone 5 of the Nagual, at the Red East of the Dawn, we are at the same time in the tone 13 of the Tonal, that is, the inside of the Cosmic Cell. So when synchronized to the Fifth Galactic force in the Nagual with the Cosmic Center of the Tonal in the inside of our heart chakra, the magical fly can be entoned in the nagual. From this magical fly between Tonal and Nagual 8 Galactic OverToned pulsar. In the Tonal Count we enter the Magnetic gate of the enchanted wave throw the tone 6 in the Nagual, creating an Over-toned pulsar Rythmical Magnetic, and in this way the propose is organized from the Nagual. With the Lunar tone of the challenge in the Tonal we can access thanks to the Nagual Tone 7 to the Resonant Crystal Cosmic Axis, North Pole, top part of the Mayan Piramide. The journey continue towards the center of the heart of the Cosmic Cell. Explore atemporary imaginary space of the Cosmic Cell of time...

nucleo celula cosmica maya nagual tonal 1-1.jpg

siete genaraciones misticas siete rayos.jpg


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    • Kin 207 (December 21). - 4 Ahau. Ceremony at Palenque Mayan elders led by Grandpa Don March Yuk Quetzal, unifying the Mayan Long Count with sincronario 13 Moon in fulfillment of the prophecy of Pacal Votan (see the letter below).

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