Crystal 20, Kin 126 - White Solar Worldbridger

I pulse in order to equalize

Realizing opportunity

I seal the store of death

With the solar tone of intention

I am guided by the power of spirit

I posted on Facebook: "I am simply DYING to reconnect with friends. Anyone going to any big events involving music, crowds, and/or flashing lights?" This is so surreal. I wasn't even thinking about the Kin of the day when I posted it. I'm just now seeing the correlations. And to capitalize "DYING" on such a day, when I normally avoid saying anything remotely suicidal due to my having harmed myself in the past. 

Crystal 21, Kin 127 - Blue Planetary Hand

I perfect in order to know

Producing healing

I seal the store of accomplishment

With the planetary tone of manifestation

I am guided by the power of vision

My friend Nadia commented on the post a few times the next day, inviting me to a couple of events coming up. Nadia lives three hours away from me, and she is hands-down the most spiritually in-tune friend I have known in this lifetime. Ever since we met (at a former job for both of us; I was there for two months, she for a little longer) we've been incredibly close, trading wisdom and philosophy to each other. Synchronicity abounds when I am with her. Needless to say, I just knew I had to go to the concert that weekend.

Crystal 24, Kin 130 - White Cosmic Dog

I endure in order to love

Transcending loyalty

I seal the process of heart

With the cosmic tone of presence

I am guided by the power of timelessness

I drove to Nadia's that evening and met her sister Roxy and Roxy's beau Thomas, and then the four of us rode together to the Electro Trap Dubstep event. I will never forget that night. It was jam-packed, we were all dancing, I got so sweaty that Nadia told me to take off my shirt, and I did though I behaviorally desired to remain "decent." (Sometimes being a Fearless Warrior gets me places I wouldn't have even imagined.) The night did wonders to my self-worth. Thomas had been listening to the song "Sunlight" that day, and when it came up on the radio on the way there, wondered aloud whether they would be playing that song at the concert. Much to our surprise and delight, it was playing when we got there. That was one spectacular evening.

Crystal 25, Kin 131 - Blue Magnetic Monkey

I unify in order to play

Attracting illusion

I seal the process of magic

With the magnetic tone of purpose

I am guided by my own power doubled

The next morning Nadia invited me to a Buddhist meeting (Soka Gakkai International). We were a few minutes late, but as soon as we walked in, I recognized the documentary they were playing on the projection screen: Happy. I highly recommend this video to everyone; it's available on Netflix. If the only reason you cannot watch it is because you do not have a Netflix account (and do not wish to get one), please message me, and we will work something out. Anyway, it was my first time at any sort of Buddhist gathering, even though my first-generation immigrant Korean mother grew up as a Buddhist. There were many strong connections to the divine in the establishment, and I was introduced to some philosophies that I've been waiting my entire life to hear from somebody else. I knew it was the right place for me right then. After the meeting, the two of us wandered the bookstore for a bit, and the clerk Cheryl imparted much wisdom from her life to both of us. Nadia and I met Roxy and Thomas at Grand Lux Cafe, but not before we drove around looking for a "Grandma's Cafe" that had been misheard on the phone with them. After brunch, we went back to her home. Nadia's mother was there, preparing spaghetti for the family, and two younger men were sitting at the bar by the kitchen. We introduced, and I found Chris to be quite attractive. He challenged Nadia and me to a chess game, him against us, but Johnny was in a hurry to meet his parents. I found myself glancing over at Chris several times only to catch him glancing at me over the newspaper he was reading and the conversations he was having with the others. After the two left, Nadia's mother asked us to purchase some groceries for the meal, so we went to the store and bought the items. The dinner was prepared, but Nadia and I had decided to wait for Roxy and Thomas to join us. In the meantime, her mother went upstairs to sleep, while I wrote in my journal and Nadia shared pictures and stories with me. We started watching a documentary about a gymnast in North Korea, but we stopped in the middle of it and then didn't return to it. Johnny's girlfriend and Nadia's and Roxy's sister Mishu appeared for a bit before going out for dinner with Johnny's parents. We waited for a couple of hours, but finally we were hungry enough to start without the other two. When they arrived, we sat on the balcony and admired the upcoming super-moon. We were truly blessed that day.

Crystal 26, Kin 132 - Yellow Lunar Human

I polarize in order to influence

Stabilizing wisdom

I seal the process of free will

With the lunar tone of challenge

I am guided by the power of flowering

We stayed up late that morning, discussing spirituality in many forms, and I introduced Nadia to The Law of Time. We conversed for several hours, and we said good night to each other. The next day I woke up to Roxy and Nadia talking in the kitchen, and after resting my eyes for a few more minutes I joined them. Roxy left to go to a study session, and Nadia and I drank tea and then chanted together. Nam myoho renge kyo. Nam myoho renge kyo. Nam myoho renge kyo. By the end of the ritual my tears were flowing, I was thinking about the three human deaths I've encountered in life, a childhood friend in Panama, my dad's father, and my dad's mother's mum.

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  • To top it all off (I didn't finish this earlier because my brain was so tired), not only did the Lotus sutra guide us, but we also hung out with Nadia's boy Jason at his apartment complex, and out of all the activities that we could have chosen to do, we walked around and looked at and smelled flowers.

  • It is really wonderful to hear about your personal experiences, involving life and synchronicity. Thanks, cheryl, kin 2

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