I just joined so hello to all my kin!!

Is anyone else having a strong desire to find/join with their clan??  I'm talking about in real world experience,such as within Crest13  Peace Garden or other sustainable communities?

I seriously want out of the machine paradigm more than ever, this is nothing new for me though. I am finding it more and more difficult to justify my participation in it.  Like many of you, the only reason I do at all is to feed clothe and put a roof over my head. But I feel as long as I am participating in it I am part of the PROBLEM. I don't feel good about working for big business anymore. I want to be part of the solution instead!

There are better ways to make a living. In conscious community for instance. I would much rather put my energies, efforts, blood sweat and tears, toward the benefit of the whole rather than the few. And actually enjoy life much more along the way. Who knows maybe even make a few friends!

Does anyone here belong to a sustainable off grid community? If you do or want to start one let me know please!! I would be more than interested in listening to your dreams as well as your realities.

Don't be shy here, talk to me, we are family and it's important to communicate freely.

It's good to be here! Peace



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Come on people, don't let me down. I truly hope this discussion group isn't like some I've belonged to in the past, where the over-riding theme is non-participation. Or worse yet trolling.

Agree or don't agree, relate or can't relate to what I'm saying, but please don't be afraid to contribute, PARTICIPATE, care enough to share. Do you have time for even a few words?

Participation is a vital aspect of a truly free society. Maybe I just struck the proverbial nail on the head? Come to think of it, Perhaps this is a fundamental reason why we have become enslaved.In this case participation can be a significant part of the solution.

I've suggested some things here that I'm curious about, is no one else here interested in sustainable,balanced living? Or participation? I find that difficult to swallow. We all have opinions and they're all important. Peace.
This is a shout out to you MODERATORS webmasters creative designers... your participation is important and VALUED to this 13 moon community. Don't be invisible, share. What say you??

I started by getting rid of the Gregorian calendar, literally banning it from my house. I have used the 13 Moon Synchronometer since 1995 and still see this as the meta-tool for disengaging from 12:60.

Allow the synchronometer to guide you and you will find that time does indeed become art and that your desire to live in a conscious community will become a reality. You can start right now by tearing up every Gregorian calendar in your house. Download the synchronometer from lawoftime.org and begin right now.

You will find, if you haven't already, that the synchronometer acts as a useful litmus test of your friends. If they get it, they will tolerate and support what they probably see as your eccentricity; if they don't get it they will ridicule you.

In this way you are directed to like-minded peoples.
Hi and thanks for the reply! I agree. I have already been practicing the synchronometer for about a year regularly everyday. I like working in the Futhark runes as well as daily vinals and codons. Along with geomantic meditations,and 441 matrix holomind perceiver contemplation. I also study cosmic history, I wouldn't be without these practices now, it helps me be present minded not to mention telepathic. It's very empowering to be totally grounded and fully aware at all times.

But I have not to this point (except for this group) attracted other like mindeds' into my experience. And to be quite honest it's getting a little weird basically keeping this knowledge to myself. Not that I keep it a secret. Because like you say it's considered eccentric to most people if not downright strange. I sometimes think the only place I will ever fit in is at a crest13 or peace garden environment. I would definitely like to have the privilege of the experience anyway. Maybe someday I will, I am open to it. Thanks for sharing.
Well I would try bringing up your interests in the simplest possible manner with some of your friends - don't jump immediately into cosmic history but try starting with the 13 moon, 28 day concept. The point for me is not to retreat into a monastic type environment but to bring the law of time into your own life and see how it expands out naturally into the world.
That is exactly why I'm here. You are my new friends, if any will understand the situation it is you folks. Are there any living in 13 moon community here? I am not seeking to withdraw from society but gain more knowledge in order to serve more effectively. Personally I learn much more readily in and from a shared group experience in real space.

I would think that 13 moon communities to be the training centers and source of the most practical "synchronometric" learning and teaching. Including sustainable earth-wise living practices. The most effective method of learning is through imitation and practice. Thanks.

Hello, I just found this forum and am just learning about the Law of Time and the 13 moon calendar. I have always disliked the Gregorian calendar but never really knew why, it just didn't make sense. I was lead by the Universe to a You Tube video about the second book of the Cosmic History Chronicles. I am gathering everything I can to learn about all of this but it is soooooo confusing!

I understand your desire to live in a community that supports this way of living. It is so different from how we have been conditioned to live. I too wish I could find more people around me that understand this way of thinking so that I could fully grasp the ideas presented. I feel like I need a "class" with a teacher to help me. I think I read one whole chapter that I just could not grasp.

I hope you can find a community. I do to, but I came here hoping to connect with people who understand the Law of Time and maybe that would help me.


Hi Lynn!
Yes it seems a daunting task! But most important I find to remember is that you need NOT fully intellectually comprehend everything immediately. It will make your head hurt! It is more important to set your attention on how you FEEL about the information. As long as you are resonating with it just relax, go with it and keep an open mind, your subconscious is recording everything,and it does understand! Keep in mind this is my experience only, something else may work for you.

I agree about the Gregorian. It seems like no more than a piece of paper with numbers on it, compared to the elegance of information one receives at a glance of the 13 moon. I think we're all blown away to begin with, but understanding does come with time and patience.In due course we make sense of it, it is a process, you can't force it. Thanks for stopping by!!

Thank you for your encouragement! I feel like I am learning a new language with all the details, but the concept is something I have felt resonance with for a very long time. Maybe because I am female and have felt more connected to the cycles of the moon. I will keep on going and trust that it will all fall into place.

I've found that the friends I share the 13-moon calendar with are very receptive to it, because of certain things such as immediate synchronicities that they notice while looking up their galactic signatures, etc. Perhaps it is my way of explaining the system to them that they find it as intriguing as I do, but I'm not sure. I've taken the time to figure out many of my friends' signatures and inserted them into my Galactic Seed year Almanac, and when I have a friend over I show them their page and talk to them about their signature. It's a learning process for all of us, and I find that the more time I spend in these pursuits the more I understand and can help others understand.

My mind is a very rational one, and I have had little to no luck being hypnotized. I've tried psychedelic mushrooms twice now, with no distortion of my perception. The closest I come to visions always happen during my sleep in dreamtime. But the real world is connected, and I find synchronicity almost constantly, from people, from television, from the sky. I wish to understand more about this universe, and I wish to use that information to enlighten all with whom I come into contact. For me right now this means sharing enlightening messages from others on Facebook, and little by little I see my friends opening their minds and eyes. I believe in the power of small. Which is appropriate since my given name is Paul, which means small. :)

If you would like, connect with me on Facebook at Paul David Mabbitt (Pleiades). Even though there are many miles between us, the electric connection of the Internet can make the distance seem much less. ^_^

I hope this helps.

Kin 16, Yellow Electric Warrior

I too...like Lynn....am new to this forum and the Noosephere etc....I have been interested for a couple of years now,...I havent applied my mind to learning all about this....perhaps by joining Galactic Spacebook...we will ,learn what we need to know...hopefully with the help of our Kin here....In lakech..

Isn't this cozy! THIS...is what I was talking about! Sharing. There is plenty to learn from each other as well as teach. We are all both simultaneously.

One of the greatest sources of learning Cosmic History combined with fascinating entertainment that I have found is "Michelvec" youtube channel. It has to be seen to be believed.

Something I find amazing right now is that I see sustainable living systems on the verge of merging into a global whole. The Zeitgeist movement w/Peter Joseph, The New Earth Project W/Sacha Stone, The Venus Project W/Jock Fresco, And Yes 13 Moon Calendar Reform Movement too With our own lovely Stephanie South! Comments?



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