I just joined so hello to all my kin!!

Is anyone else having a strong desire to find/join with their clan??  I'm talking about in real world experience,such as within Crest13  Peace Garden or other sustainable communities?

I seriously want out of the machine paradigm more than ever, this is nothing new for me though. I am finding it more and more difficult to justify my participation in it.  Like many of you, the only reason I do at all is to feed clothe and put a roof over my head. But I feel as long as I am participating in it I am part of the PROBLEM. I don't feel good about working for big business anymore. I want to be part of the solution instead!

There are better ways to make a living. In conscious community for instance. I would much rather put my energies, efforts, blood sweat and tears, toward the benefit of the whole rather than the few. And actually enjoy life much more along the way. Who knows maybe even make a few friends!

Does anyone here belong to a sustainable off grid community? If you do or want to start one let me know please!! I would be more than interested in listening to your dreams as well as your realities.

Don't be shy here, talk to me, we are family and it's important to communicate freely.

It's good to be here! Peace



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Thank you W Paul Blakey, this is most helpful and I will take your suggestion seriously.


Hi Lynn......I know what a starbrary is....I am keeper of a starbrary....I facilitate crystal light healing...using crystals in healing and grids....Perhaps there isnt many here that use or know of crystals/minerals??..perhaps you are here to share of your knowledge too...love and lightx


Permalink Reply by Alex S on Friday

Personally, I cannot help but be frustrated by the lack of activity on this website in the form of direct, linguistic communication. That being said, there is plenty of beautiful art being shared here but I have found that hardly anyone is discussing in real-time. It could very well be that I have not found the social hub on this website, but I am getting mostly dead air. I interpret this perceived lack of activity as concerning and it makes me wonder at the use of a social network in which no one socializes.

Well said Alex S!@!

 This has been a common experience I have had on different forums.Sad really,all this modern communication wizardry and no one wants or knows how to communicate. My opinion is that the moderators of a given site are responsible for the flow and the providing of  support to users (donators) on their site, hence the "approval" So where are you? Inquiring minds want to know. I'm just about fed up. Quick someone start an ACTUAL forum where freedom of expression is a requirement, and it's the moderators roll to contribute in any way possible. Do these moderators even know anything about the law of time?? Calendar reform?? Or just how to accept donations??

Studies both individual and collective. All communities are in Operation Earth Rescue from lack of harmonic codes of cycling, healing, etc, its important to be collective. Cosmic History Chronicles is a foundation  (Foundation for the Law of Time) so much more is developing. The biggest equation is continue to set up structures and dissolve the old; for example most cities are developed from lower beings, freemasons, lions club, federal reserve, white house. Pan is evolving cosmic science, and will not spiral towards the red white and blue; but a renew through the Rain Bow. Crystals and mineral are what we are, in short term our livers are, what we store in our centers, foods, stress, determine the relation of being.

There is plans for developing communities in the Arizona and  Colorado areas, see sun-nation.org, we are looking a transition in governance establishing indigenous earth councils and congress etc..

sorry this is so long:  steps for taking unified action (found in native american culture website)

1. Respect each participant and appreciate each other’s diversity. This is the prime requisite for consultation.


2. Value and consider all contributions. Belittle no one. Withhold evaluation until sufficient information has been gathered.


3. Contribute and express opinions with complete freedom.


4. Carefully consider the views of others --- if a valid point of view has been offered, accept it as your own.


5. Keep to the mission at hand. Extraneous conversation may be important to team building, but it is not consultation, which is solution driven.


6. Share in the group’s unified purpose --- desire for success of the mission.


7. Expect the truth to emerge from the clash of differing opinions. Optimum solutions emerge from diversity of opinion.


8. Once stated, let go of opinions. Don’t try to ‘‘defend’’ your position, but, rather let it go. Ownership causes disharmony among the team and almost always gets in the way of finding the truth.


9. Contribute to maintaining a friendly atmosphere by speaking with courtesy, dignity, care, and moderation. This will promote unity and openness.


10. Seek consensus. But if consensus is impossible, let the majority rule. Remember, though, that decisions, once made, become the decision of every participant. After the group has decided, dissenting opinions are destructive to the success of the mission. When decisions are undertaken with total group support, wrong decisions can be more fully observed and corrected.



Define the problem clearly. Make sure everyone has the same understanding of what is being discussed. It may help to write the question or issue down where everyone can see it.

Identify the human values or spiritual principles which are related to the issue. It can be helpful to think about both the principles and values which should be part of the solution and the values/principles whose violation has helped to cause the problem.

Gather information which might help you make a good decision. This information may be held as common knowledge by the group members and merely needs to be made explicit. Other times research may need to be undertaken by consulting relevant literature or talking to various kinds of people (both “experts” and ``ordinary citizens``). Do not try to make a decision or to evaluate the information while you are gathering it.

Make sure everyone in the group understands all the information that has been gathered.

Give everyone the opportunity to express their opinion about what should be done, based on the guiding principles which have been identified. Everyone should have the opportunity to speak once before anyone speaks twice.

Avoid taking offence at the point of view put forward by someone else. It is out of the clash of differing point of view that a creative solution is found. In the same spirit, avoid speaking in ways which will be offensive to others.

 Don’t hold on to your point of view. Once it has been given to the circle, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. You don’t have to keep defending it.

After all the participants have contributed their ideas; the facilitator (or any other group member) should try to synthesize what has been said into a course of action which everyone can agree on.

Anyone who feels that an important point has not been taken into consideration in this synthesis should be given the chance to speak again.

Steps 5 to 9 can be repeated several times until a consensus is reached. If, during this process, it becomes evident that a vital piece of information is lacking, be sure to get it before proceeding.

Use a majority vote as a last resort if complete consensus can’t be reached.

Once a decision has been reached, it is important for everyone to support it wholeheartedly, even if you are not in full agreement. Through this type of united action, any flaws in the plan will be revealed and can be remedied without hard feelings or conflict.





Step One – Prayer

Each, in their own way, asks the Creator (or however we designate a Higher Power or source of inspiration), for guidance and direction so that this Higher Power may guide everyone involved in the election process. Pray enough so everyone at the election meeting is truly connected heart and mind with their Higher Power.

Step Two – Consultation

Discuss the qualities of good leaders, and particularly those qualities needed in leadership for this time and situation. Do not discuss individual names – only the qualities a leader should have.

Step Three – Reflection, Prayer and Meditation

Reflect (think deeply) about the qualities needed in those chosen for leaders in the situation. Then think about whom best combines those qualities from among the circle and community; consider everyone. Without the least trace of prejudice and with an open and loving heart, ask the Creator to guide you to make the best choice.

Step Four – Vote

Write down the names of the people for whom you have been guided to vote. Do not discuss your choices with anyone before or after the vote. Your choice is between you and the Creator. The number of names you vote for should equal the number of positions on the council. If your ballot has less or more names it will not be counted.

Step Five – Count the Vote

A special committee of four scrutineers (vote counters) is chosen by those at the election meeting. The scrutineers count the number of votes each person receives. The people with the most votes are chosen. This is called a “plurality vote”.

For example, if the election is to choose seven council members, then the seven people with the highest number of votes are selected. The person with the most votes has the responsibility to call the first meeting of the council. Beyond that, it is not important how many votes each council member received.

If there is a tie in the voting for the last position on the council, then a vote is held to break the tie. The vote is between only the people who tied. For example, if the election is to choose seven council members and there is a tie between the sixth and seventh number of votes, then a vote is held to break the tie. If there is a tie between the second and third, or fourth and fifth number of votes, no vote is necessary since it is clear they have been selected.

Step Six – Acceptance and Support

Everyone in the community must now give their whole-hearted and unreserved support to those that are chosen. No one should speak secretly against those elected. Rather, everyone should now rally behind the council, pray for them, share their best ideas and insights with them
and cooperate to insure the success of everyone in promoting the healing and development of the people.

Step Seven – Servant Leadership

The newly chosen council members should show the utmost humility at all times and should approach their work in the attitude of loving service to the community. They should actively solicit (ask for) the views and opinions of community members, and work very hard to insure that the real leaders are the people and the council, their servants.


Newer is not always better. More complicated does not mean more effective. An Indian would have said all that in one sentence. Respect the Earth, love one another and honor the Creator.  I guarantee no Indian said all that.


simple is SO much easier to remember

good to have a well-thought out, fleshed-out idea and then condense for simplicity o yes ♥♥♥ 

also, some people need like video instruction - can't simplify too much for the thick-headed people ha ha i'm just kidding {winks} 

Thinking is greatly over rated and over emphasized in western culture. While Being is under. "well thought-out" is an oxymoron. Nothing can be well thought out, only well lived. No kidding.

very good to feel right on ♥♥♥ 


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