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  • I come from the 90s, a unashamed representative of Generation X.

    our generation (which is not "mine" but "ours") came up with the anagram

    B. I. T. C. H.  means Being In Total Control of Herself.

    hetero females would use the tag.  aware males part of scenes respected the tag.

    it's not OUR fault that misogynist blowback was so paranoid in its' intensity and fear of fairness.

    obviously, if we do not own our own sexuality we are at the mercy of pimps, traffickers, abusers, exploiters and systematic prejudice against female humanity.  the word sustainable wasn't used so much back in the days when Bikini Kill and L7 were first rrrrIoting, but, well, I saw the news today. oh, boy...

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