When someone starts noticing they are seeing a repeating number sequence it usually starts with the noticing of 11:11.  Repeating number sequences aren’t just about what the repeating number means, it’s more so about how frequently one is noticing repeating number sequences.  It is statistically more likely for the numbers you notice to not repeat in sequence, especially throughout your entire day, every day.  When noticing repeating number sequences on license plates, clocks and so on, you want to open yourself to the magic beyond wandering what a specific number means.  The more you begin to take notice of repeating number sequences, the more you naturally draw and attract repeating number sequences into your awareness.  So what do repeating number sequences really mean for you?

The repeating number sequences started with me long before I had the awareness I do today.  My noticing started with 911 and that went on for several years before I thought to look up what the specific meaning 911was.  911 eventually turned into 11:11.  From there I started to notice a lot of license plates that had repeating number sequences 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888 and 999.  I found myself very excited because it really felt like it had to mean something.  I got caught up in what each individual number was supposed to mean and represent.  My girlfriend and I would find ourselves texting each other the current time we’d happen to notice (1:11, 2:22, ect.), at the exact same time quite often.  Anyone who had no notion of what repeating number sequences mean would think we were crazy.  Our texts would read: Me: 1:11 smiley face. Friend: 1:11 smiley face.  Me: LoL heart.  Friend: lol heart.  What were the odds that each day we’d consistently notice repeating time sequences on the dot, at the same time?  This became our daily and sometimes the only things we’d write to each other in our texts for days besides ‘good morning’ and ‘I love you’. 

Though I found myself noticing repeating number sequences all of the time, I wasn’t really quite sure what it truly meant.  Repeating number sequences of the same number happened all of the time.  But then, a number like 27, 44 or 717 would start showing up all over just as frequently. I found a fabulous website that gave individual explanations for what each number from 0 through 1259 specifically meant if you kept noticing it. It also had very in-depth meanings for individual reaping numbers like 1111 or 333. Initially, I found myself intrigued and excited to place labels and definitions on what each individual number was supposed to mean.  But, I had numbers like 27 and 44 popping up constantly.  The explanation given for these repeating numbers didn’t seem to fit as days of noticing these numbers everywhere turned into months.  I realized I couldn’t personally define what each number meant to me through the thoughts of others. I just felt like there had to be something more to it. I realized seeking the opinion of someone else’s known meaning of a number is a good place to start you on your path of understanding what repeating numbers personally mean for you.

I’ve come to understand that the Universe communicates with us in the ways we are open to receiving information.  Repeating sequences don’t just happen with numbers.  They can come in the form of an animal, a word, a color, a flower and so on.  When the same thing continually pops up in your awareness, the meaning of it is bigger than any other person’s theory or interoperation of what a specific animal, number or flower means.  Their theories and beliefs are unique to their perception and experiences.   And perhaps, they are only repeating what was taught to them by someone they resonated with. Before I came into the awareness I’m sharing now, I got into an argument with a friend over what specific numbers meant.  To him, 9s meant new beginnings.  To me, 9s meant the completion of a project or situation.  Endings and new beginnings are intertwined and a part of the same thing.  We were both correct in our interoperation of what the meaning of 9 was about; it was just a difference in perception.  Because of my friend’s belief system and unique connection with the Universe, 9s had always been a symbol of a new beginning on the way for him.  For me, 9s had always been a symbol of a completion and ending upon the horizon.  It was the 1 that prompted a new beginning was underway for me.

To truly know and understand what repeating number sequences are specifically trying to say to you is only something you can discover for yourself.  The fact that you are noticing them is a symbol of your awareness and connection to the Universe.  The way in which number sequences can appear is pretty amazing and magical. The more I put my focus on repeating number sequences, the more complex and unlikely the sequences became.  I’d look at the time on my computer and below the time was the date.   I’d always glance at just the right moment to notice the time read: 3:21 on 1/23.  Numbers began to repeat forward and backward.  I once saw three cars in a row, all with license plates having 717 as the number sequence.  This happened in a matter of 20 seconds or so.  What are the odds of that?  I was amazed because 717 had started coming into my awareness a week before this happened.  I’ve come to understand the meaning of repeating sequences of anything is personal to the person who is noticing it.  It is a unique and vibrational communication that you and you alone are sharing with the Universe.  How can the personal meaning of someone else’s unique communication with the Universe possibly define your own?  It can only help guide you towards your own personal and *unique* understanding.

Any number, animal or insect seems to have numerous meanings and messages depending on the source in which you are getting your information.  You will also find that the various meanings often conflict with each other.  You have to decide what resonates best within you as you receive the information.  You will ultimately discover there may be elements of truth in the perception of others, but you will never feel quite satisfied until you discover what each symbol personally means for you.  You define what 1s or 2s or 3s mean for you.  Only you know how you feel when you see a hawk soaring in the sky or what it means to you when a lady bug lands on you.  Often, if you just ask what a specific repeating number sequence means the answer will find you.  The personal answer and message that is just for you will find you because you’ve asked.  Despite the personal meaning, the noticing of repeating sequences is a sign that you are becoming consciously aware of the Universe and the Universe is giving you confirmation that it is also aware of you and where you are trying to get to.

For me, I’ve noticed that more I focus my thoughts and emotions in a love-based and gratitude-based vibration the more often I notice repeating number sequences, and the more exceptionally rare and complex the sequences become.  I view my noticing of repeating number sequences as positive confirmations to the way I’m going about living my life.  I also consider what the number itself has seemed to represent for me personally in the past.  If you don’t know what a number has represented to you in the past ask the Universe.  As I’ve said, the answer will truly come to you.  There are unlimited ways the answer can come to you.  You may find that your answer also changes over time.  You will only receive what you are able and open to receive in the moment you ask, which leads to the moment you receive your answer.  A friend could casually mention something to you about the very subject.  You could randomly stumble across a youtube video or blog on the internet.   My point is, when you’ve asked and you are seeking an outside confirmation for the answer, your answer will be given through another person, somehow, someway.  You do not need to go to Google and type in your question about the meaning of any number.  That is not allowing the answer to come to you.  Ask, trust, believe, and you will always receive.  There is a far more profound feeling and sense of knowing when you allow the answer to simply come to you.

There are many truths and there are many theories.  Essentially, all we are doing is seeking that in which we are a vibrational match to.  This is why there are so many varying religious beliefs with many followers of each belief.  They believe so deeply because vibrationally they resonate with the teachings of the religion.  They resonate with the teaching because it encompasses their current state of seeking and satisfies the questions they have asked.  Some people stop at one truth system along their journey.  Others move from one truth systems to the next.  The only thing that seems to be consistent is there is no one truth and no one meaning for anything that will be agreed upon by all.  Every moment you’ve lived you have experienced it through your personal truth and set of belief systems.  As you’ve grown you’ve noticed your personal truths and beliefs shift and change.  Your expectations and belief systems constantly changes as you experience life. 

The meaning a repeating number sequence has for you today is not going to hold the same vibration of meaning for you in a year from now.  As your awareness grows and your consciousness expands, you become much more attuned to the essence which you are, which is Source.  In my current belief system, the act of *noticing* repeating number sequences is the *meaning* of repeating number sequences.   The magic and unlikelihood of noticing, along with it becoming your everyday, all day is something pretty spectacular.  What is in your awareness is what you have attracted to yourself.   The more you become aware that you are noticing repeating number sequences, the more they are going to appear.  That alone should inspire you because it is proof of your ability to manifest specific things into your reality.  It is physical proof of the vibrational dance you share with the Universe. 

You are an unique essence of focused consciousness, that comes forth from a collective whole, to create  and co-create through elements of contrast and colors of love.  If you can will the unlikelihood of consistent repeating number sequences to dominate your awareness and reality to the point of ‘normal’, what else do you think you could will to yourself by focusing on it, and getting excited and inspired by it, and by allowing yourself to feel the sway of your dance with the Universe on the matter?  Repeating number sequences at their basis are merely a reflection and confirmation of this dance.  They are a reflection of your own alignment to that which you are seeking.  What is your favorite repeating number sequence?  For me, it’s 777 and when I’m really onto something this sequence will start to show up very frequently.  Look at the numbers and feel which number you best resonate with.  The Universe will consistently bring you this number sequence in great abundance when you are joyfully on your path, letting go of all resistance and fear.

Even though anything can repeatedly show up in your awareness there is something very special about numbers.  Numbers can be put into mathematical equations and there is an equation to define everything within the Universe.  The Golden Ratio is found everywhere in nature. The Golden Ratio is found within you. Numbers are an alphabet.  The equations they create are words and sentences.  Therefore, numbers and mathematics are the Universal language. Deeper than this, they are a coding system that directs energy into vibration and form based upon an equation of specific frequency.  When you are beginning to notice, or frequently notice repeating number sequences it is so much more than what a number means.  You are noticing the very building blocks that vibrationally construct the reality you are experiencing right now.  To me, that is bigger and more satisfying than 7s being lucky or 5s meaning change.  The greater your intent, the more you will notice.  The more you delight in these synchronicities, the more complex and unlikely they manifest. Eventually, odds won’t mean anything to you.  When you are completely tuned into your vibration, you are plugged into the Universe.  From that platform you realize that the meaning of repeating number sequences changes from one moment to the next.  You are ever-unfolding and ever-changing; therefore, the truth or meaning of any one thing is also ever-unfolding and ever-changing. Repeating number sequences is only one, of the many subtle and personal ways the Universe will engage communication with you as you flow through the curves of your vibrational experience of this reality. 

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