The role of the Lightworker and the new experience of Humanity as Conscious Creators

The term ‘Lightworker’ came into my awareness a little over three years ago.  It came at the start of an amazing journey; a journey that has unfolded my imagination into places I never dreamed of.  This journey has led me on a quest to discover many different perspectives on spiritual matters, sciences, and conspiracy theories and so on.  What I’ve learned is there really is no right or wrong answer; no truth or untruth.  What you want to see is what you will see.  It’s almost as if we do not notice things that aren’t at the forefront of our consciousness, and what is predominantly at the forefront of our consciousness (current perspective) is what colors the ‘individuality’ aspect of our collective experience as a whole. 

During my awakening, which allows me to share this information with you, I was in a long term relationship with someone I’d known a third of my life.  He was exposed to many of the same things I was beginning to discover.  We’d watch a documentary together, or do our own personal research about science or spirituality or conspiracies.  Each time this happened, we’d each be left we an almost opposite perspective of what the information meant and the overall validity of it.  The new information seemed to trigger something within me and awaken a sleeping aspect of myself.  My partner seemed completely unchanged by any of it.  We were equally perplexed by the perspective of the other.  If I would have allowed the perspective and opinion of my partner, or others to construct my own, I would have missed out on many incredible experiences.  I’m really happy we each always walked away with a different idea from each other.  It helped me to understand that each human is programmed to experience life uniquely, and hold a unique perspective in every moment. Thus, there are many truths; it’s all just a matter of perspective.

The reason I share this story, is to bring awareness to the fact that everything is truly understood and experienced through our own perspective.  The information I share is based solely upon my perspective through the awakened awareness of my soul and my personal experiences through life and research.  We are all programmed to be triggered and open up to certain experiences, while others are not programmed to have these experiences.  There is no right way, or set of information that is going to resonate and trigger everyone.  I always knew I was very different than most people.  Three years ago my quest to discover why I was different I stumbled upon the terms: Starseed, Pleadian, Crystal Child, Rainbow Child, Indigo Child and Lightworker.  I must admit I felt some glamour and a boost to my ego realizing I fit almost all of the criteria of not being a human soul within my human body.  But, as my consciousness expanded the glamour of this wore off.  I realized that in short, a Lightworker is a very specific frequency of love, here with a very specific mission.  Here is my perspective on the Lightworker , may it trigger and resonate within you.

To help you understand my perspective of the Lightworker, I need to give a little background on the way I view reality.  I have already written about the law of attraction, destiny and free will, so I’m not really going to cover that here, but a basic understanding of Quantum Mechanics and the Law of Attraction is advisable to fully capture what I’m trying to present.  All things that exist, seen and unseen, are animated by the same life force energy that is the programmer of all of creation.  There are many expressions of creation, operating among vast frequencies within our awareness and beyond it. The left sides of our brains (logic and order) experience the tangible expression of this spiritual essence through Physics and Mathematics.  We can process this expression of spirituality through our physical senses – what we can observe with our eyes, therefore we believe is proven and real.  The right sides of our brains (imagination and creativity) experience the intangible expression of spirituality through energy and frequency.  We can process this expression of spiritual essence through our Chakra System – what exists outside the spectrum of what we can observe with our ‘physical’ eyes, therefore, most believe impossible.  The left side of the brain is what brings us into our physicality; the right side of the brain is what connects us to our spirituality.  Harmony is achieved when each is in balance with the other.

In my perspective, the human brain is a very highly advanced hard drive that operates the human body computer.  And, what powers this organic computer is the life force energy that animates everything that exists within creation.  Just as every snowflake is different, each being is a unique expression of the life-force energy that makes this experience possible.  No matter what your perspective of a person or event or experience may be, there is a purpose and place for it or it would not be within creation. You don’t observe or experience any situation or person without purpose and permission. To truly understand and appreciate that sentiment one’s consciousness need be quite expanded beyond the ‘programmed’ duality of right and wrong or good and evil. We are all here by purpose and all events unfold with purpose. 

Keeping with the computer theme, think of earth as a program for intangible consciousness to experience physical tangibility.  It would be like a game programmer being able to physically interact with his game as if he were the entire game and everything in it. Though there are rules the game operates under (including cheats and secret passage ways) the creator of the game would get to experience the magic of his creation as a multitude of different individuals (characters) and a multitude of different objects, animals and so on.  Each aspect of the game has purpose, and every big monster to be defeated only allows passage to the next level.  The programmer would experience every possibility and character of his game, but his awareness within the game could not include a simultaneous experience of everything at the same time.  After every possibility has been explored and programmer returns to full consciousness, the programmer can then process the entire experience as whole, rather than separate and individual aspects as he initially did.  Every potential possibility for the game has already been programmed, just not yet experienced until the programmer becomes the game. The experience of Earth is only one program amongst many others.

The body in essence is the avatar that allows consciousness to experience its creation of the earth, through many expressions of itself, without being fully being aware of itself.  Each person responds to the programming within them – the programming they were born with and the programming they have picked up through the experiences of their life.  Insecurities and fears are just programs acquired through your perspective that has been shaped through what you’ve experienced and witnessed in each moment. This is a very detached way to view the experience of life, but I present it in this light to remove the drama and chaos from the events of the world and the events in your life.   There does seem to be an evolution in man’s consciousness and the way of experiencing self that is shifting within all at this time.  This is where the role of the Lightworker comes into play.  I want to keep this concept in an abstract view for a moment. The Lightworker is just a role, a character amongst an ocean of unique characters with purposeful roles to be experienced.  The Lightworker is just a character to play its role, but the Lightworker role is a quite special one at this point in time.  Not just any aspect of Source can animate the role of the Lightworker.

The Lightworker is here to enhance the game and upgrade it.  In a sense, the Lightworker is here more for ‘work’ than for the experiences that lead to growth and expansion.  In my belief system, the Lightworker has already experienced and completed the earth program prior to this incarnation.  They are triggered and awakened by experiences, rather than grown and learned by experiences. The Lightworker naturally vibrates and operates from a higher frequency due to the evolution gained in previous experiences within the earth plane and beyond it.  In essence, the Lightworker is more part of the programming of the game rather than a character freely moving around within it.  However, the Lightworker holds all the codes for secret passage ways and how to overcome every perceived obstacle within the game.  Think of when Alice meets the Cheshire Cat and she is lost.  She says, “I don’t know which way I ought to go.”  “It depends on where you want to get to” the Cat replies.  “Well, that doesn’t really matter” Alice responds.  “Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go” The Cat explains.  The Chesire Cat knows the direction every path that leads through the forest.  The Lightworker has the ability to see where all paths lead, as they have traveled them all like the Cheshire Cat.  The Lightworker’s role is to upgrade and enhance the game, while inspiring and uplifting the other players within it.  There are treasures encoded within everyone.  The Lightworker is programmed to unlock theirs and gift them to all of the world.

Who are these Lightworkers?  Chances are those who are reading this are consciously aware of their role as a Lightworker, or they are just beginning to awaken to their role.  It was around my 32nd birthday when things just seemed to start changing in my reality.  I find it quite synchronistic as my birthday is 3/2.  It’s interesting to me that some people know and are aware of their higher senses from birth, while others seem to awaken to this awareness, quite randomly at some point in their lives.  It’s as though some dormant code is activated and it truly starts to change everything.  Perhaps this quantum leap in consciousness at a random point in one’s life makes the Lightworker more relatable? If some random person like myself is telling you of my experiences, they are less real than someone telling you that is close to you and that believe you can trust.   Everyone is contributing to the creation of various realities playing out on earth at this time.  Everyone, Lightworker or not, has a very specific purpose and role to fulfill.  Everyone has the ability to achieve great spiritual enlightenment and vast expansion in consciousness.  Everyone is programmed to experience that if they choose.  But, I am speaking to the Lightworker role.  The Lightworker is specifically programmed to be that achievement in spiritual awakening and create a wave of expansion into the collect consciousness that is dimensional in proportion.  It is not programmed within them as a freewill choice as it is among humanity at large. The choice of this role was decided before incarnation on a much grander scale.  They are programmed and equipped with all the wisdom needed to navigate and upgrade the earth experience.

Looking upon my awakening process, I realize a long string of synchronistic events that led to the point of wisdom and understanding I currently exist within.  Though I do believe in the Law of Attraction and that our thoughts, feelings, and actions are the tools in which we construct our experiences and reality, I know that my unawakened self could have never manifested what unfolded for me.  As I write this now, there is a force that pulls me.  When anyone aligns themselves with the programming of their soul they begin to feel as if a force is pulling them.  For months leading up to 2010 and the first few months of 2010 I continually saw people along the sides of the highways and on the bridges that arched over them wearing black shirts and holding signs that read “Investigate 9/11”.  As many times as I saw this I never thought to look into the matter.  In fact, I didn’t even know what a conspiracy theory was at that point.  I believed the media and the vast majority opinion of others.  I didn’t know what a synchronicity was, nor did I connect any dots of events within my life to my personal thoughts and feelings.  I didn’t even realize my consciousness existed inside of a tiny box.

As the Universe would have it, destiny of sorts, I was already running late for work one morning (as I often was) when there seemed to be some diversion slowing down traffic ahead on the highway.  I had a long commute on a busy interstate, so this sort of delay frustrated me greatly.  After 20 minutes of creeping along, what was causing the delay starting coming into view.  It was four people, holding a big black banner over a highway bridge that read “Investigate 9/11”.  I flipped them off as I drove under the bridge.  I was so angry that these people had delayed me even further, especially with such a stupid thing as suggesting to investigate 9/11.  I complained about this to several coworkers throughout the day.  I complained about it to my boyfriend.  And lastly, I went to visit a girlfriend of mine that evening.  I was still feeling the need to vent about my delay in the morning.  She had quite a different perspective on 9/11 – different insight than what I had been exposed to.  I never even considered what I believed about 9/11 could be false in any way, yet, here were all these people for months, in my awareness, directing me to look into the very subject.  After receiving what my friend had to say in an open way, I did look into 9/11.  It triggered me and was truly my gateway into the awareness of my Lightworker role.  After I looked into 9/11, I never saw the 9/11 Truthers again.

As I stated earlier, my partner watched the same documentaries I did about 9/11, but his perception never changed about it.  My entire world and understanding of reality turned upside-down.  9/11 was my alarm clock to awaken me to my true self and reason for being here at this time.  It wasn’t because 9/11 was so tragic and I felt an urge to change the world.  9/11 triggered something within me and from there it’s as if I was led and exposed to everything I needed to be, in perfect order, to understand my role as a Lightworker.  Seeing the falsity in the official story of 9/11 opened my consciousness enough to allow other new insights in.  Some things that came into my awareness early on I wasn’t open enough and ready for.  These same outlets of information circled back around a couple years after I initially stumbled upon them and I was able to receive the information the second time around.

Those who begin to awaken to their chosen role as a Lightworker go through a plethora of emotions as they are activated and transformed.  Much of their known and familiar reality begins to fall away as they become online with their purpose.  This can be a painful and confusing process, but on the other side of it there is so much understanding and their individualistic perspective will have expanded into the collective understanding of wholeness and oneness.  Anything that falls away is only making room for something greater to further bring one’s purpose to fruition.  When one is fully in alignment with their purpose and role for this lifetime, there is fulfillment and bliss.  There are codes of abundance and prosperity written within each and every human body on this earth.  The coding within the body was written by the soul who occupies it.  Everyone is programmed for the experiences they are intended to have in their current incarnation.  The mind, the emotion and the action color and construct what perception each experience will be like.

Quantum Mechanics has taught us that the act of observing, the perception of the observer, is what will take a particle out of functioning as a wave of possibility, and places it in a fixed state of being.  As more and more individuals observe various events and movements playing out on earth, their observation of these events is received through their unique perception, thus, creating many truths.   Five different people can observe the same event and all five will have different observations, ideas and perceptions about what they experienced.  The Lightworker has the ability to see through all five different perspectives, without ever choosing one of them as their own personal ‘truth’.   What one experiences through the observation of their current perception is their truth.  What they see is neither real nor fake, it is what they expect it to be, what they want it to be.  The Lightworker’s role is teaching those who choose how to hold all five unique perspectives in the same respect to one’s own.  There is only expansion of awareness by allowing oneself to see through the ideas and perceptions of another, without the need to judge as right or wrong; true or false; good or bad. Or, to own it as if it were their own.

Lightworks are the right side of the brain teachers to humanity.  Scientist and Physicists are the teachers to the left side of the brain of humanity.  To experience humanity is to experience physicality and spirituality in a simultaneous way.  Most people, Lightworkers included, choose to exist on one side or the other, disputing the importance of either side.  The truth is, if there is such a thing as truth, there is no right or left side.  There are only dimensions and layers of experiencing reality.  Physics and Spirituality are the same thing in essence.  The Lightworker experiences this in a multi-dimensional way and therefore can see how to transmute it and change it.  The high frequency of vibration each Lightworker holds, acts like a virus to the current programming structure of the earth experience.  This is part of the Lightworker role.  Their vibration of energy starts tearing down and rebuilding very outdated and old programming.  It is time for a new experience on earth.  As other observe this, they make the free will choice to also consciously create a new program for the earth experience.  And thus, the age of humanity shifts and new evolved race of humanity is birthed over time.

The term ‘Lightworker’ blankets many titles: Psychic, medium, empathy, healer, starseed, astrologist, Indigo and so on.  It even pours into science and the genius minds within its field. Not every Lightworker has the same tasks in their roles.  There is far too much flavor, color and possibility abundantly existing within the life-force of creation, to ever have any one aspect of itself exactly the same as any other.  As more and more Lightworkers have awakened to their roles and successfully completely them over the course of many lifetimes, the collective frequency of earth and its entire species has risen as a whole.  Thus, many Lightworkers are awakening today and they can enhance and upgrade the game in openness.  One hundred years ago this was not easily possible.  As we have evolved and expanded in consciousness as collective whole it has made way for very high vibrating aspects of Source to incarnate among the earth plane.  Many of the children being born today are naturally psychic and hold other special abilities seemingly dormant in the vast majority of the adult population.  These children are extraordinary and brilliant.  I highly recommend looking into this phenomenon if you haven’t already.

These evolved children I like to think of as the next race of humanity as the old one falls away.  I don’t believe there is some catastrophic end all that wipes the earth of its entire species.  Perhaps in past versions of the earth experience that is how the game was programmed to be enhanced and upgraded.  I don’t see that happening in the now.  The coding within me does not speak of dealthful destruction in a physical, catastrophic way.  Every version of the earth experience is unique, as is each aspect of Source experiencing it.  One hundred years from now the earth experience will be quite different as more and more of these upgraded humans are being born.  The fact that this is happening is proof the Lightworkers are responding to their programming and completing their roles with success and achievement. What you feel led to do is exactly the programming and the role you are intended to have.  Following that passion only leads to fulfillment and joy.

I recall feeling confused during my awakening – wondering if I was truly awakening to my spiritual self or if I was potentially just losing my mind.  For me, it was as if I had been perceiving everything backwards and opposite of the true laws and nature that govern the earth experience.  Logic only attempts to label and make sense of physicality.  Imagination constructs the intangible, which ultimately is what creates the physicality for logic to organize and understand.  The human body is a highly sophisticated organic computer for intangible energy, to experience a reality in a tangible way.  This energy is a unique aspect of Source, wishing to have an experience as separate from the whole of all that is.  The earth experience is where that unfolds.  Most who are incarnate at this time are dominantly programmed to perceive the earth experience as the dualistic, separate from all, experience it is has been for a very long time.  As I have been explaining, Lightworkers are specifically programmed to reach beyond the perception of just one, therefore remember their part as the collective whole. Within everyone is this coding, but for the Lightworker it is their sole/soul purpose for this incarnation.  They are here to tear down and create space for the new programming coming online – all of the amazing children being born today.

An awakened Lightworker may be aware that they have an important mission to complete, but they are not sure what it is or how to make what they know unfold.  There are many roles to be animated within the Lightworker spectrum of Source.  The way you are to go about your mission is written within you like your own personal road map.  Everything seems to unfold in perfect divine timing as well.  You may be sensing that something is supposed to be happening or unfolding, even though it may seem as if you are standing still.  Nothing, no matter how much you try to manifest it, will unfold until you are ready and have reached vibrational alignment with it.  Just as it can take a while for a computer to boot up after it has been shut off for some time, it can take you quite a while to fully come into awareness of your true self, your mission for this lifetime and to reach vibrational match for all you are seeking.  Your destiny propels you along and provides you all the triggers you need to achieve this. Aside from this, everyone has a spiritual support team that helps navigate them along whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

Aside from the mission of the Lightworker, they are also encoded to experience humanity in a very empathetic, compassionate and non-judgmental way.   They are programmed to see beyond the dramas and chaoses that span across the globe at this time.  Their understanding has to be far more expanded than the norm in order to construct the new experience of earth.  Lightworkers are the grownups amongst the children, the evolved essence of the ascended masters.  The Lightworker comes in many forms and can be found in a vast array of professions and places.  The Universe can interact with any person at any time.  Most do not realize when the lifeforce energy is working through them, with them and for them.  The Lightworker is programmed to experience this interaction on a very conscious and personal level.  Everyone has the ability to unlock all the wisdom of the Lightworker within themselves at any point they choose, but the role of the Lightworker is something earned over the course of many lifetimes.  It is not a role for the freshly learned or the inexperienced. Thus, the amazing children being born today come programmed to construct and live the next experience of man, but in conscious creator way.  They will become the majority, whereas the Lightworkers (the teachers of this new race of man) of the past and today have been the few.

The hype amongst extremists and the media is always speaking of change as some dramatic catastrophic, world ending event.  While I do agree that some dramatic events must unfold to stun us into change, I do not believe the evolution of the human experience is quite so rigid and dramatic.  It’s an organic process that unfolds within cycles of time that we don’t fully understand.  The collective of humanity is just beginning to sense, feel and believe on a higher level that we are all a part of something much more than ourselves.  If we are all energy, operating and experiencing through frequency and vibration, then surely this signal that is waking up the masses of humanity is coming from somewhere.   There is so much positive change happening in the world that the media does not cover.  The experience that earth has been locked into for quite some time has been very low frequency based, painted in darker undertones of Source.  Nothing happening or experienced within creation is out of place or does not belong.  As hard as that may seem to grasp, that is the truth and you understood that before you ever decided to incarnate for this life.  The aspects of humanity and the choices that are offered in the human experience that bother you and upset you are the programs you are coded to enhance and upgrade.

The events or people that seem to irritate, upset and contradict our belief systems are not bad, evil or wrong.  What triggers us isn’t about the person or event, it is about how we respond to such stimuli.  If someone is really upset about something, their bottom line is usually because they feel they were wronged, or what is happening is wrong.  Though these are truths on one level, on a different level something else happening entirely.  This brings me back to perspective. Contrast is what grows us and allows all shades of perception to be mirrored back to us.  The role of the Lightworker isn’t to change any one person or their belief system.  The role of the Lightworker is to enhance and upgrade the programming of life so that the next experience of man can unfold.  In essence, every being you know today will have the opportunity to incarnate for this next evolution of the experience of earth.   No matter how dark, unawakened, mean, evil, nasty, hateful and so on any one person may seem, all of that only stems from the role they came to animate and all the programs they have picked up along the way.  They are still a unique aspect of Source, obeying the programming written within them as does the Lightworker and everything else in-between.  Everything within creation is governed by the same laws.  Understanding these laws (Physics and the Law of Attraction) helps anyone become an active conscious creator.

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