KIN 157, Red Magnetic Earth

"In the cube and Ka'bah are the keys to the temple of universal religion/remembrance (UR). The stone symbolizes remembrance of our cosmic origins and hold the memory of our capacity for self-perfection."    CHC, Vol. 6.



As we approach the Portal Date/Gate of Galactic Seed-Galactic Synchronization, wrapping up the 26 years of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, seems like we are reaching increasing levels of synchronization and harmonic pattern coherence (and convergence), probably as a result of the dissolution of old disharmonious structures and the emergence of harmony out of (apparent) chaos. As a complete recapitulated cosmology, the Law of Time operates like a multidemensional lens tool, a "radial mining head-lamp" that enables us to find "golden synchronic treasures" hidden in the fabric of Time-Space and dig the time tunnels between Earth and Uranus to reconnect our Cosmic Memory. These treasures can be then traced, recollected and re-organized in increasingly harmonic levels of coherence to connect larger aspects of multidimensional reality. Once the Synchronic Order filter is applied to every-day reality, rainbow layers of significance emerge with such clarity and elegance that our perception of reality gets irreversibly transformed. This is probably one of those times...

Today, as I write this post, is kin 157 Red Magnetic Earth. We are entering the Wavespell of Synchronicity with Lovers Reunion Celebration opening the Time Tunnels between Earth and Uranus one last time for the past 16 Years... Pacal Votan has emerged victorious from his last 16-day Mission of the last 208 moons... 16 Year Warrior's Cube of the Law ready to be completed. 208 Moons. 208 Journeys to the Center of the Cube to reclaim and proclaim the Victory of Prophecy. Earth Navigation Tower loaded.

On the 7:7::7:7 practice we also completed today the UR Earth 6, corresponding to Realm Crystal Earth of Lord Ah Vuc Ti Kab (7 Earth). We are also cubing the last Codon: Codon 48, "Reaching the Source" (the core of the cube.) A cube has 6 sides and 8 corners. Codon 48 = 6x8. :-)

So this Earth Wavespell is coming fully charged with the (New) Earth energies of Synchronicity, Evolution and Navigation in preparation for the launch of TimeShip Earth 2013. During these 13 days we will be bridging many cycles upon cycles of time into focus. Humanity is finally at the threshold of not only a new Sirian Cycle, but ready to enter into a very new "time territory": The New Galactic Beam loaded with new evolutionary programs. 7Night, July 25th, Day Out of Time shines at the core of this auspicious 13-day portal signaling the exact midpoint between the last 26.000 years and the beginning of the next 26.000 years of the Galactic Life Cycle. Time for us to bring Heaven on Earth!!!



From the Sacred Geometrical perspective, the Earth Element has always been represented with the Cube. Red Earth glyph translates to "Kaban" in Maya, while Ka’bah is derived from the Arabic word kab, and means cube. The Ka’bah is situated in Mekka (also transliterated as Makkah) and Maka (mah-kah) is Lakota for Earth Mother. So the cube/earth theme resonance element operates through a very interesting multi-dimensional and multi-cultural spectrum of words and symbols.

9676464100?profile=originalOn a recent post on 13:20 blog entitled "The Pope, the Cube and 7 Mystic Moons" Stephanie South already explained the significance of the Ka'bah within Cosmic History and our star origins:

"According to Cosmic History, the Cube signifies an interdimensional gate of time. It is the primordial thoughtform of creation. When you pass through you see another reality.

In the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time the vision of the cube was the vision of a 16-year time capsule (1998-2013)–it is all part of a time release program unfolded from the central control panel at the center of the Earth.

Black Cube and Ka’bah

[...] Ka’bah is derived from the Arabic word kab, which means cube. The Ka’bah is literally the “house of the cube” and the main shrine for all of Islam.

Within the ka’bah is the black stone that Muslims orient themselves to five times a day. Some believe the stone was a meteorite fallen to Earth.

The cube has 6 sides, 8 corners and 12 edges. According to Shi’ite cosmology, the 12 edges represent the 12 Imams; the 8 corners are the eight supports of the throne; and the 6 sides are the 6 days of creation.

Quranic cosmology says that on the day of resurrection eight angels will support the throne; an angel at each of the eight corners. On the day of resurrection the 12th Imam will reveal him/herself–and the CUBE will be manifest spiritually. For now the 12th Imam remains hidden or “occulted” until the Day of Resurrection.

Red Adam of Maldek

In the Kabalistic tradition, the original Adam was Adam Kadmon, the “red Adam”. In the interplanetary cosmology, this red Adam originated on Maldek, place of the original Garden of Eden. The sacred stone was a remnant from Maldek that fell to Earth after the planet was destroyed. In this regard, the stone signifies a memorial fragment of the catastrophe of Maldek, the karma of which everyone on Earth is now living out."




If we give our attention to the silver structure that holds the black stone at the Ka'bah in Mecca, we can easily recognize the shape of a Yoni/Birth Canal. And this is exactly what this Galactic Synchronization is all about: The Birth of a New Evolutionary Species on Earth. The "Redeemed Adam" is emerging from the Cosmic Yoni as the Homo Noosphericus: The next evolved model of human, the superhuman, characterized by cosmic consciousness and radialized sense perceptions.


But the Ka'bah is not only the portal and grounding anchor of our cosmic memory. It happens to be also the perfect Golden Mean point on the surface of Earth:

9676467274?profile=original9676468456?profile=originalFor a complete and detailed description of these Phi ratios please watch the video below.



According to Wikipedia, Mekka coordinates are 21°N 39°E.

21=7x3 (7+7+7)     39=13x3 (13+13+13)

13 and 7 are the key master numbers of the 13:20 program and the 13:7 Wheel of the Law of Time. Once again
KIN 137 is 7Earth, known as the "Ah Vuc Ti Kab" - "Our Lord at the center (7) of the Earth" - code of the
consciousness dwelling in the Earth's core.

As we can appreciate, this combination of synchronic and sacred geometrical ratios "interlocks" with the cosmological, geomantic and spiritual energy streams that are focalized into this unique geographical point on Earth, confering the Ka'bah a very important role within the process of Planetary Resurrection.



Within Cosmic History, the AA (Arcturus/Antares) Midway Station (also referred to as a Mothership) is located interdimensionally above the planetary midpoint between Jupiter and Maldek (Asteroid Belt) and refers to the location of the particular unit of the Galactic Federation assigned to monitoring the star system Velatropa 24.3, scene of the final dramas of the Free Will experiment:

9676469453?profile=original"According to this [Islamic] tradition the Al-Bait Ul-Ma'mur is the "House of Allah" located above the 7th Heaven. This is where Muhammed went on his night flight accross the universe into the light universe beyond the seventh heaven - the universe that is projected to this universe. The Al-Bait Ul-Ma'mur is an interdimensional alignment directly "above" the Ka'bah." CHC Vol. 6.



Why is it important to make this conscious now? Let's refresh our cosmic memory: the whole 13Moon-28Day Synchronometer is a Sirian program calibrated to the heliacal rising of the star Sirius at the Northern Hemisphere. Its July 26 start date is also based on 52-year cycle synchronized to the 52-year orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A. July 26 marks the first appearance of Sirius in the sky at the powerful tetrahedrical 19.5° N Latitude after being "hidden" behind the Sun for around 70 days.

"For many ancient peoples, including the Dogon and Egyptians of Africa and the Maya of Central America, the great star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, was the galactic marker. The heliacal rising of Sirius – July 26 – commenced the Egyptian year, and established the 1460-year Sothic cycle - the return of Sirius to the same place in the sky. During this same time, the .25 extra day per year accumulates for a total of exactly 365 days, or an additional year. Hence, the full Sothic cycle is 1461 years. Note that the Sothic measure is fractal as well. In other words, every four 365-day years there are exactly 1460 days, but in that time there is one accumulated day, hence 1461 days!  This is why Sirius presents the logical galactic time marker." (http://www.lawoftime.org/thirteenmoonfaq.html#q1)

Magnetic Moon 3 & 4 (July 28-29th, 2013) window marks the Heliacal Rising of Sirius at Mekka Latitude (21° N) synchronizing in a very elegant and powerful way with the Grand Sextile Alignment occurring within the Solar System on Magnetic 4, July 29th. (Our dear Earth Wizard  Randy Bruner / Cosmic Hand presented last week a detailed and fascinating article "This Is The Big One We've All Been Waiting For : The Grand Sextile"). As Above, so Below. This parallel of celestial events can be interpreted then as an expression of greater mathematical, sacred geometrical ratio coherence patterns between planetary, stellar, interstellar and galactic levels / time-cycles. A "Cosmic Harmonic Convergence" is taking place now either the world is noticing it or not.

9676471074?profile=originalThis can be interpreted as a perfect Sacred-Geometrical Stargate Opening: The Merkaba in Heaven interlocks the Cube on Earth, "docking" the New Galactic Beam and unlocking all dormant Life potential DNA programs on the Planet. Time to bring Heaven on Earth!!! Literally...



As part of the amazing cosmic events ushering this moment, there has been "precursors" or indicators of the karmic swirling energy moving around this ancient land that is considered the "Cradle" or "Origin of Civilization". The 7 Mystic Moons of 2013 marked a period of intense Karma clearing at the "Dragon Zone" of the Planetary Holon. Right where the Ka'bah is located, at he Golden Mean "assemblage" point location of Planet Earth:


As we have been witnessing all year long, countries like Syria, Israel, Palestine and Egypt have been since the beginning of 2013 under extremely intense upheaval. It was just a couple of weeks ago on July 3rd, 2013, kin 141 Red Spectral Dragon, (a double Dragon Day: Daily kin + Warrior's Cube Day) when approximate 20 million people from Egypt turned to the streets and ousted Muhamed Morsi from power, in what has been considered the largest public demonstration in history. (Note: Morsi is kin 167, 11Hand, the date of Grand Sextile alignment) Not only that, but this event happened during another powerful cosmic portal window, when Earth aligned with the Sun and Sirius. While Egyptians celebrated the Victory and Freedom of The People, in the US millions celebrated Independence Day and the birth of the United States of America, Land of the Free... Fractal History in the making.




While I finish this post it is already the first watch of KIN 160 4Sun (4Ahaw: Long Count Date for December 21st 2012) and it's Noosphere Day! Today we celebrate the emergence of the New Earth: The Noosphere!  The Wavespell of Synchronicity is one more time a perfect window to celebrate this "Planetary Rite of Passage" as a whole organism to navigate the new energetic waves of Evolution carried by The New Galactic Beam!

9676473898?profile=originalToday is also Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, and many groups around the world celebrate the Re-membrance of the Divine Femenine Principle represented in the figure of Mary Magdalene, the incarnation of the Sacred Woman at Jesus's side. The "redeemed Eve"!

“You are not separate from me, though you may think that you are. Your mind and mine, the mind of the Earth, are one and the same mind. This one mind is called the Noosphere – wrapped like an invisible mantle over the whole of my body, it penetrates every living thing, endowing each with a ray from the spectrum of living consciousness that spreads from the center of the galaxy to our sun, to me and to all of you who dwell on my surface. For those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that know from within, the time has come for you to hear my manifesto for the Noosphere. Listen, and recite with me: I am one with the Earth. The Earth and my self are one mind.”

Jose Arguelles - Valum Votan Manifesto for the Noosphere


"Synchronizing ourselves in ever-greater circles of harmony, we will become a new species -- Homo noosphericus. Creative peace will be inherent in our new self-perception and developing awareness of the universe in which we find ourselves. The problems we face today will dissolve in the light of a consciousness operating according to a unified planetary program. Spiritually interconnected and acting with a truly planetary and galactic perspective, we will dance to the greater rhythms of the cosmic Supermind. Art will become our way of life."                        
                                                                         Jose Arguelles - Valum Votan

We are living truly amazing times! Let's focus all our highest intentions in celebration, prayer and meditation during the coming days in perfect alignment and flow with these powerful and transformative Cosmic energies.!

Let's proclaim together the advent of the Noosphere with Peace through Culture activities all around the world on the Day Out of Time & Galactic Synchronization as we complete the 26 Year Cycle of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, a fractal of the 26,000 year Renewal of the Galactic Life Cycle!

It's time to welcome together the New Galactic Beam and the Great Shift into the Psychozoic Era of the Dawning Sixth Sun of Solar Consciousness, as we birth a new Planetary Culture of Time As Art and Universal Peace! All aboard for the launching of TimeShip Earth 2013!

We are giving birth to the most magical collective dream of all: We are Bringing Heaven on Earth!

13:20 Love Revolution

(A few last words taken from 13:20 Blog by Stephanie South)

This is a call to ACTIVATE the NEW CYCLE by creating a Global 13:20 Love Revolution based on Art, Synchronicity and Imagination!

The Day out of Time is the last day of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar, a day which is no day of the week or month at all, but a day to celebrate our galactic heritage and creative unification! It is up to us to co-create the world that we would like to see.

Synchronized events are the KEY to lighting up the Noosphere, the mind of the Earth! Let’s create LIVING TZOLKINs all over the planet, igniting the Rainbow Bridge!

“But we come from Heaven through Water by dreams.”
–Australian Aborigine

Let’s dive deep into the ocean of Time and synchronize our festivals with Global Water Blessing ceremonies on behalf of World Water Appreciation Day (25 July) put forth by Water Messenger Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Honor the Mother (Earth)
Honor the Water that came from the Mother
And everything will go well

One Time; One Earth; One People; One Ocean; One Blood

People who can gather 10 people, gather 10 people.
People who can gather 100 people, gather 100 people.
People who can gather 1,000 people, gather 1,000 people.

Galactic Synchronization (26 July) is the climax of the 26-year Harmonic Convergence. This is a call to create worldwide ceremonies for Planetary Resurrection! and the Launching of Timeship Earth 2013! Unified intention is everything.

Create a prayer or ceremony in your community in reverence and gratitude to the Earth, Creator, all ancestors, prophets, sages, messengers and seers who have walked before us. Let’s Open the Rainbow Portal and become the Realization of the Highest Dream of all ancient and future civilizations – Let’s become a Living Galactic Prayer made manifest!

“Resurrection indicates the elevation of consciousness from lower to higher states –especially from cosmic identification to superconsciousness, Christ consciousness.” –Yogananda.

[Blue Resonant Night]Day out of Time: Kin 163, Blue Resonant Night

I channel in order to dream
Inspiring intuition
I seal the input of abundance
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of vision

[Yellow Galactic Seed]Galactic Synchronization: Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed

I harmonize in order to target
Modeling awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of elegance

Let us harness the magick of this energy as a unified collective force and channel it into a globally synchronized celebration of Time is Art and ceremonies of Planetary Resurrection!

Send your Day out of Time and Galactic Synchronization event flyers and info to info@lawoftime.org. You can also register your event with www.unify.org to synchronize with the Harmonic Convergence of 2013/Day out of Time at Stonehenge and Mt. Shasta. (Harmonic Convergence 2013 on Facebook.)

[Dr. Masaru Emoto with Stephanie South/Red Queen]
Stephanie South presents Dr. Masuro Emoto with Banner of Peace on behalf of his tireless mission as Water Messenger (and on behalf of the continuance of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan as Time Messenger). Galactic Moon 5 – White Overtone Mirror (2 March) Hilo, Hawaii.

[Dr. Jose Arguelles receives Banner of Peace
José Argüelles receives the highest award of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace, Non-governmental Organization of the United Nations: The Nicholas Roerich Medal (2010)

[Biospheric Rights]

*   *   *   *   *


"This Is The Big One We've All Been Waiting For : The Grand Sextile"

To expand more on some of the subjects presented above
please read CHC6 "Book of Transcendence"
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