Star Being Invocation & Unifying Frequency 432hz

Aloha Planetary Kin:

This blog is in response to a discussion I've had with Stephanie South, the Red Queen. She suggested that we utilize a unifying frequency for our activities and to invoke the manifestation of communication between us and the Star Beings who are our benefactors in this process. She asked me to post this information in a blog to give everyone a chance to include these unifying activities in their Day Out of Time and New Years Celebrations. Please pass this along to those kin you know who do not have access to Spacebook.

In Lakéch

Randy Cosmichand


Star Being Invocation & Unifying Frequency 432hz

As I write this it is the Full Moon of the Crystal Moon of Cooperation. This is the Full Moon where we reach out to group consciousness. It is also the crossing over of the very center of the Tzolkin. From White Cosmic Dog, the power of cosmic love, we take magic flight into Blue Magnetic Monkey, “I unify in order to play.” This inspires me to suggest methods of cooperation through which our unified play during the New Year activities this year can help us attune and raise our vibrations to access higher vibrational communication through the Stargate of the Grand Sextile sacred geometry in Space. This is a great opportunity to reach out for communion and communication with the Star Beings of Love waiting to assist us in our process.

"A" tuned to 432hz can be used as a unifying frequency. It produces a sound that many have described as nourishing and uplifting. 432hz is the Cosmic Octave of Love. This is the ancient tuning involved in the original discovery of music. The standard tuning has been changed and raised many times over the years for many different reasons. It is currently A at 440 Hz.

I discovered 432hz thru the Tibetan bowls I have and were playing for group meditations. I wanted to record space music to go along with them. So, I recorded the bowls and went to record keyboards along with them and I discovered that the keyboards were not in tune with the bowls. Then I tuned the keyboards down to be in tune with the bowls and discovered that they were tuned to 432.

I researched the 432 music and found lots of other info about it. There are tuning forks tuned to A at 432 Hz. There are also musical resources on the Internet with music tuned to 432 Hz. My suggestion is that our groups use this tone, A@432 Hz, to unify ourselves vibrationally. If we can access that tone through our voices and or musical instruments it will create a unifying field of love around us and the planet.

After playing the Tibetan bowls and tuning into their vibration, I realized that they were helping me to raise my own frequency. Soon after that I began accessing the Cosmic Gold vibration. This is a vibration that is easily accessible to everyone who can raise their vibration slightly to come into tune with it. This is not a great stretch. It is fairly easily accomplished by anyone with true desire, pure intention and dedicated participation. Tuning to A 432 really helps this process.

The Cosmic Gold vibration is a ray readily available from the Cosmos. It is also an open communication line to Star Beings who operate in tune with the Cosmic Gold. These are Beings of Love who are already there waiting for us to raise our frequency enough to be able to communicate with them.

This information was made clear to me long ago through my own communications. It is my hope that through our celebrations of the Day Out of Time, the New Year, and the Grand Sextile that all of us will actualize the opportunity to raise our vibration to the Cosmic Gold level and access the communication and manifestation of the Star Beings operating on that level.

To that end, I have crafted an Invocation to be included after the Prayer of the 7 Galactic Directions at all our ceremonies from the Full Moon through the Grand Sextile. This of course includes the Day Out of Time and the New Year. As I stated in my earlier article on the Grand Sextile, I feel it is an opening of a Stargate. This is the best opportunity for the type of communication and manifestation that we seek with our Star Being benefactors.

Star Being Invocation 2013:

From Hunab Ku to Me and You

We are open to receive

Star Beings of the highest vibration 

We are able to conceive

We open ourselves from deep within

The way you've showed us how

Star Beings of the Cosmic Gold vibration

Manifest yourselves to us


Peace & In Lakéch

Randy Cosmic Hand

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  • a year back i started tuning to A=432 hz with Pythagorean tuning  as it is best suited for indian classical.. it certainly woke me up to reality.. 

    thank u for the article Randy Cosmichand

  • Thank You Nathan! for sharing Universal Wisdom!  really appreciate the Simplicity  You express !

  • beautiful!

  • Enlaces en español de los reportes enviados por Randy Mano Cósmica para el Día Fuera del Tiempo y Año Nuevo

    Thank you Randy


  • Cosmic love to you Randy! This is a great idea! A 432hz is an amazing frequency of connection, I love this tuning, it makes you hear the music deep within your skin: I don't find a better way to describe it. So, if we all tune with this frequency we will connect us from within, the center. The Star Being invocation and your work on the sextile stargate is incredible and wonderful, thank you for your inspiring guide!

    Daniele, another-your-self-existing skywalker

  • MUCH LOVE RANDY COSMIC HAND! We honor your work and offering and will tune our instruments and our bodies to this Love Frequency! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome information. I can't wait to explore it more deeply. I will let you know how it goes. We will be honoring your work, your offering and your invocation on all the days of the Grand Sextile and into the future. In Lak'ech My Brother, Doug Yellow Resonant Warrior

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