See shells

Our thoughts are like waves crashing on the cosmic beach.Our minds can be prisons through which truth can leech.We must endeavor to sift out the broken shells from the sands of time.And see the beauty in the dawning of morning's first light.
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  • This place IS Magic!! Synchronicity everywhere...hard to breath at times, but only because learning to live in space is a transition <3 Welcome to the Tribe Numi

    Chief Kanan my orBro I Love U, we are both NU 2

  • Skywalker/WorldBridger join the columns of Heaven and Earth.

  • Damian and I are orBros both with Shells for Wifes. AtuL has shown us Evolution thru the Shells....Seems we A -ll stand as A's and columns ll. The Meta4 of the 4:4 is revealed2064252891?profile=RESIZE_480x480

  • Thank you for sharing your profound observation of synchronicity. It has strengthened my belief and increased my awareness of the truth and value of the law of time!

  • My wife named Shell, born 4 years, 4 days 4 hours apart you post at 4:44 speaking of shells, I live on the beach, have been collecting the shells...only whole and empty...I SEE BEAUTY

    I SEE YOU <3 Thank you!

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