Just awhile ago, High in the, hills carrying wood gathering Water, Amply provided via showers. I assumed the Turtle position under the remanents of a quarter sheet of plywood, Left in a Massive Sty by Target Practicers. All alone aginst the wall in a Dead end Rock Quarry With a Real target on my Back. Oblivious to the Constant Chatter of "Practice" in the next valley over Absorbed in working the stones, Disappointed in the condition of Such Wonderous surroundings,softly A foot step,To my right as if working together, stood Cyoyote. Eye to eye like we were concerned about a leash ticket. Ever see a jumping Turtle? Red-faced.I tried to make amends for my reaction, Cyo however did not care pups to feed just stopped fer weird guy dancing under Target alone in woods. It was a big day for Cubes, Biospheres, And Cyoyote I hope the rubber Mallet Brings Joy to your Pups, Pilamaya for the Worry stones. Say hello to that Scorpion Guarding the Water fall, I Appreciate your Hospitality and your quiet House. 

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