Good morning! It is the first watch of Blue Resonant Eagle, kin 215. The Analog Seal is always the Seal associated with the same planet as the Daily Seal, which for today is the Yellow Resonant Seed, kin 124. The Analog Seal is also the Seal that, once added to the Destiny Seal, totals to 19, minus 20 if the total is above 20. So the Destiny Oracle First Watch Codespell for today is I Channel in order to Target, Inspiring Awareness. I seal the Input of Flowering with the Resonant tone of Attunement. I am guided by the power of Free Will.

During this Watch I have made an important discovery that I believe will change how one looks at the Destiny Oracle, because it gives each kin a personal take on the day. I call this discovery the Personal Daily Oracle.

To demonstrate how this works, I will provide my kin's Destiny Oracle and show you how to add it to the Daily Destiny Oracle.

My kin is 16 Yellow Electric Warrior. My Analog is 3 Blue Electric Night. My Guide is 120 Yellow Electric Sun. My Antipode is 146 White Electric Worldbridger. My Occult is 245 Red Spectral Serpent.

As mentioned earlier, the Analog kin for today is 124. To find your Personal Daily Analog kin, add your personal Analog kin to the Daily Analog kin. For me this is 3 plus 124, or 127 Blue Planetary Hand. Meditate on the Codespell you find. Today my Personal Daily Analog Codespell says: I Perfect in order to Know, Producing Healing, I seal the Store of Accomplishment with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am Guided by the Power of Vision. This Codespell is the key to understanding your personal contribution to the First Watch, from midnight to sunrise. If you are sleeping during this Watch, pay attention to your dreams and your Personal Daily Analog kin will help enlighten you to the messages you receive.

Continue on to the Second Watch, or the Guide. Today's guide power is Abundance, so the Guide is Blue Resonant Night, kin 163. Add your Personal Guide kin to the Daily Guide kin, and you will get your Personal Daily Guide kin. For me this is 120 plus 163, or 283. Minus 260, and I get 23, Blue Planetary Night. Once again, meditate on the Codespell for your Personal Daily Guide, and you should have a deeper connection to the Law of Time, to the cosmos, and to everyone else in general. My Personal Daily Guide Codespell for today says: I Perfect in order to Dream, Producing Intuition, I seal the Input of Abundance with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am Guided by the Power of MagicThe Second Watch, which lasts from sunrise to noon, is the beginning of daylight. It is the perfect time to shine and bring about the joy of existing in the now. Let your Personal Daily Guide guide your day during this time.

Now let's look at the Third Watch. To find the Daily Antipode Seal either subtract the Analog Seal from 9/29 or add 10 to the Destiny Seal and subtract 20 if the total is over 20. Today's Third Watch is Red Resonant Serpent, kin 85. Add your Personal Antipode kin to the daily Antipode kin, and you get the Personal Daily Antipode kin. For me this is 146 plus 85, or 231 Blue Planetary Monkey. Important Note: The Personal Daily Antipode kin is always the same as the Personal Daily Destiny kin, which I will discuss further. Meditate upon the Codespell for your Personal Daily Antipode kin. Mine says: I Perfect in order to Play, Producing Illusion, I seal the Process of Magic with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am Guided by the Power of Self-Generation. Your Personal Daily Antipode kin is your Challenging/Strengthening factor, but it is also your Personal Destiny for the day. Therefore, the Personal Destiny Oracle is a practice designed to Challenge/Strengthen the individual in her/his daily walk. This power is manifested most strongly from noon to sunset, yet it is present throughout the entire day.

Now we arrive at the Fourth Watch, the Occult kin. The Occult Seal and the Destiny Seal always add up to 21. Today's Fourth Watch kin is White Resonant Worldbridger, kin 46. Add your Personal Occult kin to the daily Occult kin to find out your Personal Daily Occult kin. For me this is 245 plus 46, or 291. Minus 260, and my Personal Daily Occult kin is 31, Blue Overtone Monkey. Important Note: The tone of your Personal Daily Occult kin is always 15 minus the tone of the other four Personal Daily kin. Meditate on the Codespell for your Personal Daily Occult kin. Mine says: I Empower in order to Play, Commanding Illusion, I seal the Process of Magic with the Overtone tone of Radiance. I am guided by the power of Self-GenerationThe Personal Daily Occult kin is your Hidden Power of the day and becomes apparent from sunset to midnight. Usually this is the subtle energy that doesn't reveal itself until the end of the day. I find that Occult kin tend to make themselves appear through my subconscious. Being aware of your Personal Daily Occult kin is a good way to understand your experiences of the day of which you may not have been fully aware. It is best to study this kin after the day is mostly passed, though there is nothing wrong with studying it first thing in the morning to prepare one's psyche for what is to come!

 You may look at the entire day as a whole when you study your Personal Daily Destiny kin, which is always the same as your Personal Daily Antipode kin. This is because the Destiny kin and the Antipode kin for the daily Destiny Oracle are always 10 seals apart, which means that when you add your Destiny kin and Antipode kin to the daily kin the gap becomes 20 and creates the same seal. This means that from noon to sunset, your Personal Daily Destiny kin is magnified, so this practice of the Personal Daily Oracle is best observed during that time. For me the Personal Daily Destiny kin for today is 231, Blue Planetary Monkey. Meditate upon this Codespell throughout the day. Mine is: I Perfect in order to Play, Producing Illusion, I seal the Process of Magic with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am Guided by the Power of Self-GenerationKeep in mind that you can always find your Personal Daily Oracle simply by adding your personal Oracle tones to the daily Oracle tones and your personal Oracle seals to the daily Oracle seals. The mathematics I provide are an in-depth look into the internal relationships between the kin numbers, but finding the Personal Daily Oracle is incredibly simple.

You will notice that today all of my Personal Daily kin are blue. This means that today my day is characterized by Transformation. The Personal Daily Oracle is very special. Each person will have a unique readout each day, and several different patterns may occur within the continuation of the practice. If your Personal Daily kin are mostly red, your day will be characterized by Initiation. If they are white, your focus is Refinement. Blue is Transformation. And yellow kin tell you that your day is a day of Ripening!

One pattern that occurs every 20 days for every kin is the Triple Moon. If your kin is the White Wizard, today your day is a Triple Moon. Each seal has another seal whose Analog and Antipode seals are mirror images of each other's. Also, each seal's Analog and Antipode seals always add together to 9/29. For my seal, the Yellow Warrior, the Triple Moon occurs on Red Skywalker days. For me this means that Red Skywalker days are days in which my focus is on Purification and Flow. For someone with Red Skywalker as her/his kin, the Triple Moon occurs on Yellow Warrior days. As a result, the Warrior seal and the Skywalker seal have a Lunar Relationship. Here is a list of the seals and their Lunar Kin:

Red Dragon :: Yellow Star

White Wind :: Blue Hand

Blue Night :: White Worldbridger

Yellow Seed :: Red Serpent

Red Moon :: Yellow Sun

White Dog :: Blue Storm

Blue Monkey :: White Mirror

Yellow Human :: Red Earth

Red Skywalker :: Yellow Warrior

White Wizard :: Blue Eagle

The Personal Daily Oracle is a way to familiarize yourself with the Destiny Oracle while actively finding your personal essence throughout the day! I encourage you to try it out for yourself and to keep a journal of your experiences. I highly recommend purchasing the Star Traveler's Almanac as all of the information to help you find your Personal Daily Oracle is readily available at the flip of a page. Please share this information, and I hope it proves useful!

In Lak'ech,

16 Yellow Electric Warrior

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Comment by Radu Marin Deac on June 6, 2014 at 7:16am


hey Paul, thanks for the reply :D

I'm also micromanaging since forever :D sometimes I like to stop :D managing....but I have to say that I like it :P and that I also find it very suitable for soul and mind alike :D

It wouldn't be far fetched to say that even this conversation happens as part of the skywalker-wizard-eagle-warrior connection :D (and micromanagement "abillities" :P) but it is funny to "see" my brain trying to block this connection...(gregg braden has a video from a 2007 conference in milano talking about the fact that we humans always try to sabotage the connection between us and with it the inherent power within each of us)

this is also exactly in line with the concept of the sense that it explains perfectly why separation causes dis-ease....

what would a poor seal or kin be without it's color, tone and antipode, occult, guiding etc relationships... :)))...(just seeing this!!!) exactly like humans :)))))) but obviously my analogy works in virtue of an existing holographic world :D (which has been proven and of which all ancient wisdom talks about) :D

so yes I would very much like to continue our conversation :D


In my circles I'm the only one following the Cosmic Time...I am sharing this with friends, but they are not always interested or do not have time =))

I'm already changing that even if they don't know it :P it's good for me to see them enjoy themselves, but they're not really up for explanations (for now :P)


If u would like to continue this conversation I will have to start off with the usual baby steps, so I am only asking you to have a "half of wavespell's worth of patience" :) sounds nice :P

so just to get us started a bit .... (online) :)))

Have  a wonderful day!

And always, the truth:

"In the All we live and move and have our being"



Comment by Paul David Mabbitt on June 5, 2014 at 5:25pm

In addition to the personal daily oracle, we can find the relationship potential of two people by adding up their personal destiny oracles together... this thought came to me afterward, but I was reading a book on Relationships according to Astrology today before getting on to my computer...

I will be working on Relationship Oracles as well, but if it makes sense to anyone feel free to use any and all information as you please... after all, that is how I stumbled upon this... ^~^

In Lak'ech

Comment by Paul David Mabbitt on June 5, 2014 at 5:10pm

Dear Radu,

The answer is YES! Since I began keeping track of the Personal Dailies, not only have synchronicities been pouring in, but the personal daily kins have been explaining my days in very thorough ways!!! I work in customer service at a GameStop and the day I went to work after meditating on my personal daily codespells for that day, EVERY CUSTOMER who came in had a special interaction with me, including one lady named Paula whose name I asked after already checking her out, and she asked my name, and we had a moment of synchronicity there, then she filled out a customer service survey for me on the spot with an iPad we were using to play Disney movies on Netflix for the patrons...

But that's just one instance...

Keeping track of personal dailies is opening my eyes to the Destiny Oracle, and I'm noticing many patterns... Also, it's giving me the drive to push forward with my studies, and it's overflowing out into my Facebook where I have many friends who need this information... so all in all it's a wonderful experience and I fully intend to continue because it's a crystal clear path for me... and as you know I am the Pathfinder...

That being said it is almost sunset and my personal daily occult kin today is number 28, the same as my mom's kin, the same as the kin Red Queen discussed in her last blog post and the same as the CVC code on the back of my bank card I got two days ago (288, 144 x 2)...

Yes, I micromanage, but I've always been comfortable doing so because my memory banks are pretty deep, and the relieving thing about the Law of Time is that with so many connections it becomes easier and easier to remember things without having to search my brain, and eventually I hope that it becomes second nature to me to figure out anyone's galactic signature, destiny oracle, and personal daily oracle!

I am on my way, and thank you for your interest in this information... ^_^

I just want to say, I found one pattern that is extremely interesting... personal dailies will go through a cycle of all-red (initiation), white-and-yellow (refinement and ripening), all-blue (transformation), and yellow-and-white (ripening and refinement)...

Also, in addition to Triple Red Moon days in which personal daily analog and antipode kins are both Red Moon, there are certain days when both the personal daily antipode and occult kins are Blue Monkey, although the tones are different, adding up to 15. As I am typing this I am realizing that when the destiny kin is your kin's occult, the personal daily destiny, antipode, and occult will all be Red Dragon, creating a similar configuration to the Triple Blue Monkey. Also, the Triple Blue Monkey days are always Supported by Blue Hand, and Triple Red Dragon days are always Supported by Red Earth. Triple Red Moon days always have the Red Skywalker as their Hidden Power. There are also Triple Blue Storm days in which the personal daily analog and antipode kins are Blue Storm. Those are always Occulted by the Blue Night. These repeating patterns, in addition to the changing Guides everyday, will sometimes create Quadruple Red Dragons, Red Moons, Blue Monkeys, and Blue Storms, strong indicators of the energies for those days. :) I am only one week into the calculations and already I have been inundated with tons of wisdom from many different sources!

Today was my White Cosmic Wizard personal day, Supported by Yellow Cosmic Seed, Guided by White Cosmic Worldbridger, Challenged by White Cosmic Wizard, and Occulted by Yellow Lunar Star. As this Oracle emphasizes Challenge, it is only appropriate that tonight would be a Lunar Occult, and as an interesting sidenote with the same kin as my mom's, who is invested in me emotionally and mentally and spiritually.

Responding to you on this subject has helped me to Refine the data, and it will very soon be Ripening within. :)

Much love and light, and I look forward to more conversations...

In Lak'ech,

Paul 16 Yellow Electric Warrior

Comment by Radu Marin Deac on June 5, 2014 at 8:36am

haha :) nice "synchronics" :D

I have to say that I do not pay much attention to the personal daily kins ... for now...

but as long as u can make sense out of it + see the synchronicities in the now => it's all good :D

i don't really think that there is too much to talk about...

except maybe be careful not to become too fond of micro-management :)) but I know that won't be a problem :)) (as it - micro-management -  is a result of not being aware :P -generally speaking-)

reading  ur post and while writing the first words of this reply, I have come to realize something...maybe u can confirm it...

we have: the daily kin (general) and we have the world (general)

we can choose to live in this context


we have: the daily personal kin and we have the personal world

(please consider all the other -occult, antipode, analog, destiny- as part of the daily personal)

we are our personal daily kin (each day we are different from yesterday in one way or the other) that creates our personal world

from a 1st person perspective, our personal world exists only because we opened our eyes and discovered that we are our personal daily kin - which is pretty much true, although this explanation does not take in count the fact that the daily personal kin is actually the personal kin in relation to the daily kin - aka  the personal day is created by the "personal" and the "day" 

so in both our cases:

1. we started learning about the cosmic calendar

2. we started living by the cosmic calendar

already in this phase we started noticing the synchronicities (it's the same for everybody that follows the cosmic calendar)

- we also started paying attention to the daily kins (as they are)

=> more observed synchronicities (don't get me started on how I "numb'd-up" :D when I saw the rainbow on the most sunniest day of may, 1st of may that is :P )

 now, what I would like to know is if u feel a stronger connection to and have a better understanding of the cosmic cycles since u started to trace ur personal daily kin (on a daily basis :P)  in comparison with the period when u were just following the basics...

maybe my whole reply is a bit confusing :P sry:P

thank u :D bless!


And always, the truth:

"In the All we live and move and have our being"







Comment by Paul David Mabbitt on June 3, 2014 at 7:21pm

If anyone needs help figuring out their Personal Destiny Oracle, or Personal Daily Oracle, please let me know, and I will gladly help! I may not know everything about the Law of Time, but I do know that the Personal Daily Oracle is something I can cultivate in myself and in others!!!

That being said, three days ago on Crystal 2, kin 213, Red Overtone Skywalker, I had a Triple Moon day! I was at a pool party, so the connection to Universal Water is very real, and I was in the pool with my new friend Courtney when my friend Miguel (kin 209, Red Magnetic Moon, whose wavespell we are currently in) appeared at the side of the pool. And I said, Hey, Miguel, your galactic birthday was a week or so ago (out of the blue because I had never talked to him about the Law of Time or galactic birthdays before) and he said, Oh, did you get me a present? And I said, Well, you have the cosmos and the universe! And as I said that, the sun came out from behind the clouds! I didn't really pay attention to that, though, but Courtney said immediately, I don't know if you guys noticed but as soon as you said that the sun came out... and I said, things like that happen all the time now!!! And she definitely saw that as a sign!!!

And then two days later early in the first watch I was working on the Destiny Oracle (in the BATH) and the idea to add Personal Destiny Oracle to Daily Destiny Oracle hit me, and as I went back a few days, I noticed that on 213 I had three Red Galactic Moons in my Personal Daily Oracle, and I remembered my friend Miguel the Red Magnetic Moon!!!!!

As excited as I am about this new discovery, I really need some feedback from you all. Tell me what you think! Please. ^_^

Thank you for listening, and I really, really hope this helps everyone!!

In Lak'ech,

16 Yellow Electric Warrior

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