October 21/2013: Entering a TimeTravel Portal


KIN 251 Blue Self Existing Monkey

27/365 "Everything is happening simultaneously within one vast radial matrix of intersecting time waves."

                                                                                      Cosmic History Chronicles

According to Western astrology, October 21st marks the passage of the Sun from Libra to Scorpio... Today Mercury also enters its in-famous "retrograde" aspect, inviting us to pay attention to possible communication challenges... And last but not least, we are also just coming out from the Lunar Eclipse 2 days ago (and feeling its strong trans-formative energies). So this has been indeed a powerful time portal for anyone paying attention to the cosmic energies affecting our daily lives...


Through the 13:20 time lens we can see even deeper aspects of these cosmic time-windows: The past Lunar eclipse marked the entrance to the Self Existing Owl Moon of Form and the start of the last wavespell of this Galactic Spin: The Star wavespell of Elegance.  One of the unique attributes of the Law of Time and the Synchronic Order is precisely its simple, elegant and harmonic exactitude. On days like today, if we put attention and decide to dive into the ocean of time, we can appreciate amazing multidimensional waves of synchronicitiy arriving to the shores of our consciousness... Inviting us to jump on our surfboards, "ride the Zuvuya" and travel back and forward in time through these etheric time-wave tunnels...

This morning, while I was journaling and meditating on the oracle for KIN 251- Blue SelfExisting Monkey, I noticed several important events associated with the energies of the day, so I decided to write a small post on it and share it here to hear some feedback and continue the dialogue...


KIN 251- Blue Self Existing Monkey holds several powerful aspects:

  • It is the Galactic Signature of 9-11-01 "The inevitable event" 
  • It is Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan's KIN Equivalent within the Synchronotron System...
  • Its Analog Power is 4Star - KIN 108 (GM108X - Shield of Arcturus)


These combined aspects make of today a very spacial time-window or time-portal. This unique quality was signaled also from the day before through the occult power of the Spectral Monkey, KIN 11 (Valum Votan), guarding the 4th watch of yesterday's oracle and the entrance to the time domain of KIN 108, the first watch of KIN 251. To understand better the heightened energetic attributes of today I considered relevant to revisit this excerpt taken from "Intergalactic Bulletin #5 - Synchronotron: A path back to the stars":

"VV departed this planet on Spectral Moon, solar seal 9, tone 11. His book Time and the Technosphere (2001) was written as a response to 9-11, 2001 which he declared as the beginning of the end of artificial 12:60 time.

[...}, in the 441 kin equivalent of VV’s birth TFI is Kin 251 (4 Monkey), and RQ’s birth TFI kin equivalent is Kin 11 (11 Monkey). These kin numbers are the first and last Monkey magician signs in the harmonic module. They also code the 9-11 as the Twin Towers were dedicated on Kin 11 (1973) and destroyed 28 years later on Kin 251 (2001), symbolizing the destruction of artificial time and assertion of the 13:20 time.

 In Time and the Technosphere, JA/VV writes: “The collapse of the twin towers represents the limits of artificial time. So the new paradigm must rest on the redefinition of time altogether. The successful completion of the biosphere-noosphere transition is the triumph of the synchronic order, the conscious elevation of earth into a cosmic frequency of fourth-dimensional time.”

[...] "Synchronotron is a living transmission. We look at number and receive feedback . We are always operation in a higher system of telepathic frequency waves that are mathematically coded. Someone is trying to reach us and communicate. The noosphere is always being saturated with frequencies from higher councils. These frequencies are being consciously directed to our planet with different types of information which are actually instructions for preparation for 2012-2013."   -Valum Votan

TRAVELING FORWARD IN TIME: October 21, 4772: Return date of Pacal Votan (?)

On a day like today (10.21 - Self Existing Moon 4) in the year 4772, 2759 years in the future, is when Pacal Votan is supposed to return to Earth! Note that 2759 = 31 x 89 (VV died in his Kin 31 year, on Kin 89! Hat tip to Jacob 6Dragon! )

This excerpt taken from an article by JA/VV ("1000 Days to 2012 – 7 Baktuns of Timeship Earth 2013") also gives us more insights on this mysterious future date:

"It is interesting that recent decodings of the hieroglyphs at Palenque, which are understood to have been made during the reign of Pacal the Great, refer to dates beyond the end of the Long Count calendar. On the Tablet of the Inscriptions at Palenque a date of 5 Lamat 1 Mol can be inferred – otherwise known as 21 October 4772, almost 3000 years in the future. Perhaps we can deduce from this that Pacal himself believed that the end of the fifth age did not represent the end of time or of the Earth, and that his name would be still mentioned in the sixth age.

David Douglas, p. 133, The Mayan Prophecy 2012 (2009)

This is a most significant piece of information. It indicates that 8 days after the end of the 20th baktun ( that Pacal Votan will return. If October 21 (Self-existing Moon 4), 4772 is, then October 13, Electric Moon 24, would be the precise completion of the 20 baktun cycle begun on 13 August 3113.

Even more profoundly is the fact that this 20 baktun inscription demonstrates the complete power of the numbers 13 and 20 with the occulted interval of 7: 13 baktuns, encompass the great cycle of history, but 7 baktuns more define the great cycle of the sixth sun of the noosphere. 20 is the Mayan number of totality – meaning that the conclusion of 20 baktuns will mark a complete cycle of totality of the planet Earth – from the unconscious 13-baktun cycle of history, to the cosmic conscious 7-baktun cycle of the noosphere.

If 5125 years of operating by inharmonious and mechanistic standards of time produced the disaster of global civilization, what will 2760 years of operating by harmonic cycles of synchronization produce? Will this not be the true golden age of an enlightened humanity at one with the cosmos, at home and forever free on Timeship Earth 2013?

Also after running the Synchronotron numbers for today (Self Existing 4) we can also notice that the Cumulative Harmonic Frequency (sum of Master Coordinating Frequencies for previous days of the week) BMU is 60. KIN 60 is Galactic Sun - Pacal Votan's Galactic Signature... A confirmation of the intrinsic frequency resonance between Pacal Votan and Valum Votan.

This portal continues tomorrow on KIN 252 (251+1!). 252 is another very powerful frequency rich in harmonic numerological elegance. Excerpt from 441 Number Dictionary:

252   21 x 12, 36 x 7, 36th order of 7, 9th order of 28, 252³ = interval of cosmic creation = 288³ – 2808² = 252³ or 144 x 12 x 21 x 441), V4 H11, fourth gate right hand unity, coordinating unit fifth time dimension, fifth mental sphere, superconscious, vigesimal code, 12.12

Note that 252 corresponds to Coordinates V4H11 on the 441 Base Matrix, while Kin 251 is Tone 4 Seal 11 and this year coincides with the 4th day of the 4th Moon (4x11=44) Magic 44 on Magic Turtle Day!

Galactic Synchronization Energies are still arriving as BIG Time Beam Waves and this is a great opportunity to ride the winds of planetary transformation and allow them to carry us gently into the heavenly shores of the Noosphere...!




READ 2ND PART OF THIS ARTICLE @ http://galacticspacebook.com/profiles/blogs/october-27-2013-the-time-portal-continues-prophecy-gregorian

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  • And here I am on Monkey 4, July 8, 2014, with this article brought to mind once again. 

  • "VV departed this planet on Spectral Moon, solar seal 9, tone 11. His book Time and the Technosphere (2001) was written as a response to 9-11, 2001 which he declared as the beginning of the end of artificial 12:60 time." Actually departure day was Solar Moon Day 17.... or 9.17

  • Thanks everyone for comments and contributions! It is great to see through them other pieces of the cosmic puzzle coming together enhancing and complementing the ideas presented! Keep them coming!

  • Well done Ruben! Thank you for sharing. In Germany we have a saying: Der Mai macht alles neu. Which means something like: May makes all new. But right now it feels that Oktober makes everything new. If you would continou to count the 7 Mysic Moons we would bee in the 11th Mystic Moon of liberation now. This all happens 10/11 Spins (28 day cycles)  after 12.21. Also note on Kin 259 one spin ago the Pope Kin 133 announced his stepping down from the Throne. And on Galactic Karmic Earth Kin 247, the US Shuttdown was running out. (17.Okt.) 247 =13x19  And over all is 19 ! In lak ech Jannis 189

  • Hi RuBen, this is Adrian kin 177 from Argentina.

    The same day you wrote this post, i did one in a new facebook group i created called "Galactic Human Design".

    Human Design was revealed to Ra Uru Hu (kin 251!) on January 3, 1987, the day of the Supernova SN1987A

    He started teaching it in 1992 while Jose was entering the Telektonon Prophecy years.

    Human Design system is A-MAZING and just as the Law of Time is all about Time and Mind, Human Design is all about Body and Space, The Law of Time and Human Design, Harmonic Celestials meet Maia Mechanics, its the perfect opposite complementary streams of knowledge providing each other with the missing piece. Everything is binary, this is a Binary Universe or as Ra used to call it a Bi-verse. The Law of Time and Human Design, along with their messages, are twin pages of the same book unfolding, and we are the fortunate readers!

    When Osho died, many of his followers travelled Ibiza where they met Ra Uru Hu. If you see this Selfexistent Moon's 28 day matrix you'll find the Ra's kin  4 Monkey on top of the Kali Column and Osho's 12 Human down below, on gregorian 11.11 and right one day after VV kin 11 !!!!

    This is only the top of the Iceberg here, Ra Uru Hu departed this world just 11 days before Valum Votan, on kin 78 , 6 x 13, a Martian key code for Pakal Votan's Sarcouphagous lid.

    The Human Design system is an astonishing combination of Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra System, Aura, Quantum Physics, Genetics, and who knows what more... it was revealed to Ra by a Voice, so he said.

    Human Design provides an amazingly accurate description of the mechanics by wich we operate, relate, make decissions and what we are here to do or how we experience the world, ecc.

    Studyin for example Jose's and Stephanie's Design brings a lot of understanding on their role and of the information they brought as well. You can start to unveil this on this fbook group i created with the purpose of writing some kind of open diary about this stage on my personal journey and open and intended to share with others : Galactic Human Design: https://www.facebook.com/groups/427311210714054/

    The Human Design main site is this: http://jovianarchive.com/

    You can watch here the introduction to Human Design : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrChJPUYyi4

    and you can watch here Ra talking about the encounter with the voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88EC8LTz9Rk

    Afcourse that these statements always come confirmed with our personal lives synchronic codes.

    I have a 2yr old daughter born on Feb 28, 2011, kin 66 (number of books in the bible)

    Her mother was born on Jan 23 1983 (her birthdate is one day before Valum votan)

    And i was Born on Apr 10, 1977 (my birthdate is one day after Ra Uru Hu )

    This is just the sign that shows me where my path is leading, and since i am on my Red Overtone Earth transit this year, commanding synchronicity, and a key PV's sign, i do declare, by the power of prophecy "Time Travellers, get your design unveiled and start operating according to your aura! strategy and authority is all that you need to get with your own personal mythology, and dont forget to bring your Galactic Passport as well!!! We are actually getting somewhere!!!!!!"

  • on a roll, so ill keep going, just thort i would add out kin together, 113 and 107 is 220.. yellow crystal sun.. it reads i dedicate in order to enlighten, but my eyes read it as ' decode in order to enlighten, .. i had to look twice, and realised it was dedicate, but decode i think is what i was shown.. at bottom of page is 'when you mind is in the fourth dimension, the possibilities are endless.. so apt ;) timeless , endless, infinite.

  • and a bit more, as i read down the links i clicked on and opened while studying your post.

               .'Closer of the Cycle as a Code

    In the radial telepathic frequencies no numbers exist in isolation, they are always in radiant relation with other numbers, which always establish harmonic frequencies of varying orders. This is the nature of telepathy. The 441 matrices will teach you to the degree that you understand this principle.   –Valum Votan'

    guess that's my answer to the 'closer clue " love the confirmation given .. always.

  • umm just blew myself out of the water, with the synchronicity... I was wondering why I was multiplying 12x21 as its my number sequence as I was reading your post, ,...252 had just written it down as a notation, and felt I would get an answer..aha, yep, ..thankyou., plus many more.

    Figuring that VV'JA is showing me a continuation of things, I must be getting closer..hmm closer..c l o s e r,? the closer, reminding me of the crime show...solving the puzzle, ..riddle ? unfolding into a spiral of galactic time, the altitude remains high, but my feet are hovering  just above the earth now, so skywalker, thankyou for lifting me into the no i sphere a little more... in Lakech,.. and bless <3

    um now why ? I wish I was perhaps a little closer with 3 mths to just listen and learn , the ''sponge' in me just wants to take it all in, and understand.

  • and thankyou I just learned about working the time watches and how days proceed into the next etc...ahaaaaaaa, more learning now for this electric hand.. the hands of time, proceed forward , can move backward, or just remain motionless, .. infinite time <3

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