Nine Lords of Time

Nine Lords of Time descend into the Tomb of Time9.13 the numbers of the dedication of the TombTelektonon!Excalibur!Now the time has comeTo awaken the Nine Lords of TimeNine Lords of the RingNine Solar Rings – Thirteen Moons per orbitSacred number code 9.13The Tomb of Time reopenedOne Lord of Time awakened as the power of the Solar RingEach Solar Ring Thirteen Moons in passingNine Solar RingsNine Lords of Time AwakenedNine Great Lha of ShambhalaNine Lords of TimeNine Lords of the RingBlue Crystal Storm 2004The Nine Lords begin their turn in timeThirteen Moons the noospheric time to turnTelektononTen sacred lettersExcaliburNine sacred letters moreNineteen sacred letters in allTwo sacred soundsKnown to those well-versed in the Magic of TimeNow guard you well your knowledgeThis is the Harrowing of HellWrapped in the cloak of the Synchronic OrderWalk the sacred tunnel between the WorldsSipapuEarth Spirit Speaking Tube as wellIn this passage of the End of TimeSeven Seers fulfill the Seven Years of ProphecyWhen the Seventh Seer has laid his final treasureSipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of TimeWhite Spectral MirrorIf you can pass through this spectralized gateInvisible to all but those who know the TimeThen Blue Crystal Storm will announce to youThe resplendent sound of the First Lord of the RingThe First Lord of Time, Luminous White AThen seek the treasure laid by the Seventh SeerThrough his messenger of Treasuresthe Glorious Lotus BornPass through the Ring of TimeAnd find the treasure known by nameExcaliburNine sacred letters inscribedIn the last Nine steps of the Cube of the LawExcalibur“Call Bolon Ik out from UR!”“E” and “X”The First Two Lords connect the two sides of the Planetary ManitouThe next three Lords make the Call –Then inside the Sacred Wisdom SourceThe Mystic Altar of the Mystery of the StoneThe last Four Lords inspire the Mother of the WorldTo make the sacred mantric soundTel Ek Ton On!Bolon Ik – Ik BolonThe letters I and BComplete the Mystery of the StoneTwo letters moreInscribe the signs of sacred URAnnouncingNew Jerusalem Shambhala TollanSacred Order of the Heavenly SourceReturned to Earth at last!O you lovers of Riddles and Mysteries!Look carefully at the Magic Square of NineNested within the Oxlahuntikufrom Millenniums end to 2013The final nine years are in truth Nine RingsInscribe therein EXCALIBUROne letter each for each of the Nine RingsThen look carefully again and findPerfect Axis of the Storm E-R-LBalanced by the Moons diagonal C-BJoined by the Wizards poles A-UMade Straight by the Seed X-INine Rings in All, ExcaliburEach Ring a Lord of TimeEach Lord the memory of One NET DayEarth Awakened Ring by RingNine NET DaysThirteen NET Hours per dayBlue Crystal Storm the Count beginsThe Star Seed makes the SpaceDraw you now your treasure mapThe Wisdom hoard is openingThe Memory is yoursFor the takingIf only you can take the Time to knowNine Lords of TimeNine Lords of the RingShambhala New Jerusalem TollanUR returnedAll beings ONENo longer just a dreamBut a weaving of realityThirteen Moons in the MakingMake this riddle your ownAnd you will be a championOf the Mystery of the StoneExcalibur!Telektonon
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