Nümi's Ark #1

Inspired by the awakening of my spirit to the synchronic order, I feel compelled and guided to build a 3-D synchronometer.

Here's what I know for sure at this moment:

* It will be called Nümi's Ark.
* It will serve as my Galactic Timeship Interface Pod for the purpose of amplifying awareness.
* Encoded within all aspects of its shape and form will be the insights and memories revealed to me through my study of the Law Of Time.
* It will allow me to place my body in the "space" of MindTime.
* It will be constructed outdoors.
* It will be a sacred space of mindful reflection and synchronistic contemplation.

(Originally posted synchronistically on Magnetic Moon Dali 1, Kin 219, Blue Spectral Storm at 13:20 EST)

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