i'll quote a liddul more first ... pay attention to the last line


Canticum, Turicum

http://vimeo.com/11877507 = 22 minutes .. he begins reading the Zurich poem  at 5m .. the whole thing ..

(Charlemagne allegory about 3 shifting centers, methods, and depths of depravity 'necessary', planned, scripted and/or feverdreamt - female choice robbingly and fabulatorily fearfondled? - in order to get whitie to bow, buckle and become instrumental in the brutality games  everybody is out to spare themselves and their own from)

William Irwin Thompson at Ross 2010 Poetry Week
from Ross Institute -- 3 years ago /

Blue Jade from the Morning Star: An Essay and a Cycle of Poems on Quetzalcoatl. New York: Lindisfarne Books, 1983.
Still Travels: Three Long Poems. New Jersey: Wild River Books, 2009.

William Irwin Thompson is a poet and cultural historian.

http://vimeo.com/rossinstitute/videos = 308 pieces

1 month old

152 vids at their youtube account called www.youtube.com/user/theRossInstitute

other people citing WIT, starting with a particularly funny one, although i wouldn't put a little dry dusty pazuzu like qualities past the 'Gray' Eminencies .... yall try to spiritually innoculate against

Acorns: Windows High-Tide Foghat - Scribd
04.02.2013 - Peter and Betty Ross, New York: Harper and Row, 1973). ...... Celtic Cernunnos sits cross-legged “surrounded by forest animals and rules ...... William Irwin Thompson considered the Grays as analogous to anaerobic bacteria.

volume IV (over a 1000 pages), $4
Joshua Morris 2013 iuniverse.com (bookseller)
the passage is a oneliner amidst many others ... attached to the chapter
with many diagram .. on Arthur Young (as listed in the TOC)
eeeeevrybuddy sells it .... yet no hits on blogs?????

hey, you think that cannot be beat sizewise?

watch this just the letter C is a meg:

     The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature .. the letter C
     2005 published in Bristol
     the entry before the one called 'Caves' is on the Cathedral of St John
     the Divine (Lindisfarne was an offshoot) and mentions WIT

  might as well paste the rest of yesterday's WIT related notes:

-the mother goddess figurine thumbs grace all 11 vids of the JDE series
macro / micro .. 'decantation'

William Irwin Thompson Lecture 1/11
TThe John David Ebert Channe l ·215 videos -- 2,365
744 views - Uploaded on Jun 13, 2011
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Excerpted from CIIS lectures circa 1994
For more lectures by Thompson go to photosynthesis.com

wish the quality was better
old style tape seller ... and prolly lacks the images referred to

1:36 long vid

The Geometric Mentality
theRossInstitute · 152 videos
319 views  Uploaded on Feb 9, 2011
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William Irwin Thompson, author of Ross School's Evolution of Consciousness Spiral Curriculum, describes the Geometric Mentality.

it's all downhill after you suffer the lack of a climbing tree rack .... some trunkery situated upside down ... my treethinning fantasies have not been incorporated into any 'game' yet i take it? I use the Qmarks cause it's far from a game and losing it there leads to armed confrontations. Can we force them weirdo poor poor semite brothers to put 'their' money towards permaculture a la John Liu and Geoff Lawton? I mean these people are alive, willing and capable. Does this not deserve discussing in the UN???????? Them DueDevils blocking every hint in this direction 'with ease' still??????? i just did a more elaborate look at WIT (by no means exhaustive) here:

4th minute of 11:44 total for 7/11 (hour long lecture by WIT)

penis is a clitoris that suffers delusions of grandeur

6th minute refs gender trubbuls also

in the last of 11 he compares china's outlook with the small countries like Holland (i added this 2m long conclusion - before questions - to my Nl playlist) that nevertheless acted on imperialist ambitions .... this has to be seen in the light of this though:

Jews and the Opium Wars

Herman Esser - die juedische weltpest
45thou since 09 on a 1 vid account ... gentle tune 'into dust' (Mazzy Star)
11/11 - 2 minute long vid
WIT's assertions - comparing China w small eu countries that went imperial have to be viewed on the light of this: 'Jews and the Opium Wars'
45thou since 09 on a 1 vid account ... gentle tune 'into dust' (Mazzy Star).
the pressures of supremacy affliction did perhaps center the SinoSapiens but caused vulnerabilities (to extreme sedation) due to inherent violence which hadn't been bent into the force for fertility direction as soil builders did, which jesus went and prophesied about glowingly enough as soon as he got home from his little study trip .. to no avail .. no instant micro profitsee desirable in the earth and aeon powning' peoples.
Chinese tensions were vastly more profitably 'dealt' with, doctored, 'ameliorated', assuaged, lindered, palliated ... in a word, exploited via poppies. Yes wars for izzitreal extend to afghanistan ... pleger and verpleger are accomplices as the phononymity helpfully indicates. Nowadays, pollution in china will soon obliterate all chances of reviving stuff written about by King (hattip Steve Solomon):
Agriculture Library Index - Soil and Health Library
King, F.H. Farmers of Forty Centuries: or Traditional Agriculture in China, ..

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