Multiverses within the Illusion of Time

My favorite bath time is laying in the bath water and making soft rhythmic movements so that I feel the gentle caress of the water as it moves against my skin… and then back again…  I will lay there and do this over and over, slowly pulsing within the water to feel it’s soft caress..   As I do this I will drift away and find myself merging with the Earth in some location next to the water’s edge to feel how it feels to be there..  sometimes I am lost in the dance of the seaweed..  sometimes I am the gentle curve inside the mouth of a cave..

Drifting on I begin to think of time..  of the dance of the Moon and the Water, and stop to reflect on the length of time those two have been dancing together.  Breathing together in their ever sensual dance..  through time…..  through thousands upon thousands upon thousand of years never once breaking the motion of their breathing together..  in and out, and up and down, lapping waves caressing our body..

I think, “Time to them is not what we think of as time.  We think of time as little movements, ticking away as seconds upon a clock, and work to schedule this and that between the ticking seconds every day for a span of some 80 years.Ancient One

Time is not the same to everyone living on this planet.  When we look at a tree that has held its roots here for some 2000 years, what must we look like to them?  Little blurbs passing by in quick motion like automobiles upon a freeway?

Or time to the clouds, what must that look like?  to circle the Earth again and again in every changing forms, while these little tiny specks, called humans, make a continuous stream of movements from one fashion to another, one vehicle to another… one dwelling place to another..skyhorsesandunicorns

I was thinking Time is not really how we think it is.  It is just the illusion, the limitation we have placed upon ourselves..

Even in my own life I can see that Time is divided into different sectors of timelessness.  The vision of my youth happened in the span of looking into the face of a flower.  It also happened in the span of 18 years, time spent watching the vision, and then onto stepping-stones through time that took place inside dreams and visions.. Grandmother wrapping me in her cloak, showing me through Time and bloodline the one who came to guide me. .  Again to pass through the seconds of our imaginary clock, to call out to Great Spirit in prayer, “Do you exist?”  Then the Eagle appears there..goddess29

Again the seconds tick by in our imaginary clock, the Earth trying to tell me where to walk while I refused to do her bidding, but finding that life just kept getting more and more difficult I finally surrendered to do what she asked..  Then like a flower unfolding in but one short day, I found my life unfolding within a span of 13 years.  One tender movement leading to the next, feathers falling, Crow showing up, Council of Elders (Indians) showing up in my dreams to map out the journey ahead, sending me to a newrainbowmother01 location while telling me to sing..  The world I had known changing before my eyes, pathways opening, messengers arriving with messages meant to trigger memories of Her, the one who came to guide me in my teens..

and Dreams and Dreams,

showing me that Time is just not what it seems

and is only relevant to who is experiencing it..

and when…



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Comment by María Teresa Rodríguez on April 14, 2013 at 10:54am

Gracias por compartir.

Comment by Luke Nemy on March 13, 2013 at 10:38pm

that's beautiful :) I'm definitely going to try that out very soon!!

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